Happy Saturday, OMmies!

Welcome to the weekend and our latest effort to bring enhanced information about your articles to the forefront. We are asking that everyone begin placing a brief abstract/description on each article. This will help provide added insight, a snapshot if you will, about your piece. Keywords, of course, would be very helpful, but we do not want to just see a list of words. Reduce your message down to a few important sentences, please. The editors will be prompting everyone to provide these as we review, since we know it will take time for us all to [remember to] include it.

All the editors ask that if you see comments from them asking for revisions that you respond promptly. It is best to write directly to the editor and let them know to find your changes. This way, we are not left wondering or having to follow up only to find things have "been done." 

Newer members (and you know who you are--), I have been leaving many messages about embedded links. OMTimes articles are not paid endorsements. Members come on board with the understanding that any articles we do CAN have references but they must be aboveboard. No hidden links to some scheme or other outside company. If you are promoting your own website or business, it can be done in a tactful way. This is why we ask for bio paragraphs where readers can find out more. 

Speaking of bios, remember your BIO paragraphs - we are seeing quite a few without them. If you want your audience to get in touch, be sure to include your website, please! 

If you are doing a linked reference, kindly mark it as such below your work. They do not have to be footnoted.

We also want to remind everyone we are writing ahead for the spring season, so rebirth/renewal are usually strong topics. Many people are getting their planting and garden supplies, so looking toward the growing season, earth, and greater light are good focus areas.

If you have been providing steady content we appreciate your diligence and hope that you continue to enlighten us, since we all benefit from experiencing you. If you are new, we are happy to have you aboard (the more, the merrier!) and please let us know if you have any submission questions.

Sending fond Valentine's Day wishes for this week to all of our LOVEly contributors!  Thank you for being part of the OMTimes community! 

Enjoy your weekend and the week ahead. ~ Blessings! 

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Thanks for the guidance, Kathy! What's the word limit on the abstract?

That would be helpful, right? Figure 60 to 100 words, please and thank you!  ~ Blessings! 

Diane Wing said:

Thanks for the guidance, Kathy! What's the word limit on the abstract?

Hi kathy..happy velentine's to you! where does the abstract go? I'm not sure I'm understanding. Blessings, debbie

Hi, Debbie -just add it to the very beginning after the title, please. That should be fine for now - and thanks for asking! ~ Blessings! :)

Debbie Peluso said:

Hi kathy..happy velentine's to you! where does the abstract go? I'm not sure I'm understanding. Blessings, debbie

Sounds good. Have a peaceful Sunday!

Thanks - you, too! 

Diane Wing said:

Sounds good. Have a peaceful Sunday!

Hi Kathy

I understand why OM does not want hidden links under words or phrases. I also understand why we are not to promote ours or anyone else's businesses. I also understand that we can put our website and Facebook links under our bios.

What I am wanting clarity on is what the following sentence means: "If you are doing a linked reference, kindly mark it as such below your work. They do not have to be footnoted."  What is a "linked reference"? Is it when we quote someone? Not sure how this sentence fits in with not adding links to articles. I have a feeling it is obvious, and the dots are not connecting in my brain about it.



Many websites actively use hyperlinks where readers can click right to wherever the word references. Rather than do that, we ask that everyone place the linked references they may want to cite below the article, so people can access them directly and see where the link takes them. It can be used if you want to refer to a quote, sure, or any other source material or passages you may include. We do not need to have every sentence with a footnote, though. No need to be that specific. We are not presenting scholarly papers that need to be fully footnoted in that fashion; these are articles. Our references go below our work, that's all.

Hope this answers your question? Thanks ~ Blessings! 


One more thing with intent for full clarity...

I love giving credit to the people I quote, learn from or  books I read. I'm wondering if adding links might ever be considered  "promoting" other people? Where does it cross the line between honoring or promoting? I'm assuming the answer is how I use the link with  my intent to honor, not promote.

All thoughts from anyone welcome!


Sure, your intention is key to how honorable the link you mention is, Crystal. We encourage every writer to be cognizant of source material. You must realize that we are here to help YOU promote YOUR work, not to feature the works of other entities who may or may not even know their name/company is being mentioned in OMTimes. We have an agreement with YOU, not with them.

This is why it is important to be cautious as to whether a particular link might be misconstrued as [unpaid] advertising. This other entity may not even wish to be associated in this way. We also do not want to have a number of links "just mentioned" that readers may not want to click to. If they want to find out more, that is why Google, Bing, and other search engines exist.

Two key things to help you identify what might be considered promotional material as opposed to more reverent references:
(1) If you are receiving monetary or some other form of restitution or stature by providing the link. Are you associated in any way with the website being linked, such as a patron or relative? We all like to do favors for friends, but there are limits; and this is one of them.

(2) As a general rule, if you have taken a substantial quotation or are citing a form of reference, general quality and copyright 'netiquette' standards strongly urge proper attribution. On the flip side, use of another website's material could have an adverse effect on your own writing being found on the Internet, so that is another reason to be cautious. We have dedicated instructions on copyright limitations throughout our pages of standards here on the OMTimes website.

Also, you may fully choose to link your material as much as you wish on your own website. In fact, you may wish to suggest readers read the full version there, as opposed to what you place here in the community. You are dealing with one article; we are dealing with multiple articles, so we do this in an effort to be consistent and fair with everyone.

All for your consideration ~ Blessings! 

Great response Kathy, thanks. 

I totally get what you are saying. I feel the same way about it all and understand why you want to keep it this way... and happy you do!

With clarity,


Hi, Kim - Welcome and thanks for reaching out. See our submission guidelines for details. Yes, many of the groups listed pertain to older versions of the community that are no longer operating.

Yes, you post articles as an {+ Add} on your {My Writings/articles} member page. No need to add images, but be sure to include the abstract/summary mentioned above, along with your bio paragraph.

Our editors visit the community and review articles, leaving word as to whether they are being forwarded to the publishers, or to let you know if there are questions or suggested improvements. If you need additional assistance, please let me know. ~ Blessings! 

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