FEATURED POET – December 2010


Getting to Know:   deZengo  (a.k.a.  deNise Moore)



Before responding, I do want to thank the DIVINE LOVING force of nature that not only exists – continues to manifest wonderful opportunities for growth in all areas of my life, despite me feeling the need to try all 2000 wrong ways to create “me” before I handed the reign over and just work on enjoying the ride!


1:  What kinds of emotions/images/objects/animals inspire you most?

As for inspiration – EVERYTHING inspires me!  When you begin to truly see divineness in all forms of creation, it’s easy to get tickled on the inside!  I think one of our greatest challenges is to learn how to navigate our thoughts to automatically seek out and give gratitude for everything we experience as it occurs, with the faith “nothing” can take our BLISS away!   So you are asking a child what she enjoys most out of all the things that bring joy beyond waking up each morning.   Everything that is done with love inspires me.  People who lead by example!  Those who give self-lessly and teach compassion through ACTion.  Others who take their pain and frustration and create something positive from the experience.  Animals who share their own wisdoms & show compassion to us or those who guide us in non-comprehendible ways.  Everything is magical when you are tuned into the right frequency!


2:  Do you have a favorite author, book or movie to recommend?

I don’t have just one as there is always a new one that is coming into my RadaR, so my favorites rotate as I am learning and expanding my own universe.  I would recommend reading as many books as you can.  At whatever stage “you” are at – I would listen to the recommendations of others who have just recently gone through and made it to the other side!  I think the most important book any of us will EVER read is the one we write ourselves!  It is cleansing to go through your own self as an independent observer and see yourself (strengths / weaknesses / goals) and then begin taking control of your chapters versus giving it all over to someone else to write for you.  I believe in looking at our own life and seeing how our struggles can benefit us in the future and also benefit others!  Then, whe you begin writing your book you will have to become a bit of an investigative reporter.  Why do you think this / say that / do some action?  How would you like to become?  For me a huge … HUGE section would be on Health & Wellness because I discovered without the body, our actual physical form, life is a little more difficult.  I suggest not having to hit rock bottom before the willingness to look for additional data to manifest positive change.  So, GO write your BOOK!


3:  What jobs or projects are you involved with outside of OM Times?

I consider myself a gypsy activist.   My educational background is in Advertising & Graphic Design and I had a taste of corporate America only briefly.  It does not take long to catch employers in lies, cheating, and generally having business practices that I did NOT approve of and would NOT stand by.   I felt dirty and I knew that money was not a motivator in my life.  I am in a position in my life that I decided I would not use my gifts for anything I did not believe in.  That is limiting!  However, I have been blessed so that I can select the type of people and organizations I want to work with, such as:

The American Cancer Society : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dezengo/sets/72157622695975518/

After going through advanced breast cancer, a simultaneous divorce, bankruptcy, single parenting, everything from the bottom was a step up and forward.  ;-D  I have spent a lot of time volunteering in the community that accepted me and helped me feel loved and welcome while I went through some tremendous change.  I volunteered and wanted to learn everything I could about the disease and how to fight it via PREVENTION not Treatment.  Thus a campaign that requested the American Cancer Society begin allocating more money to the prevention of a disease that is preventable versus treatments that allow many to profit of our sick and diseased bodies.  In truth, the fundraisers in our community make more money on candy or baked goods than on a 5k run.  It’s challenging to know how to help others – when the answers lie within!  This year, I will continue to donate graphic design services for several of their events, but will not actively participate in the fundraising events I do not support.  IN the meantime, my long term wellness goal is PREVENTION not Treatment! 

The Natural Answer Wellness Center:   http://naturalanswerhc.com/

My biggest hope for survival in an extremely rural community was a wellness center just a few miles away.  In the years I have known and worked with the folks at the Natural Answer, I have seen what a group of determined women can do when they put their minds together!  The closure of the “Coffee Shop” meant the opening of the yoga & fitness side of the house.  Currently, our pilot yoga studio, SACREDspace, shares studio space there.  We have been working with the Natural Answer to have a socially responsible movie night, hosting nights for activists who come through the area and want a place to share their concerns and causes.  In the future we would like to add cooking classes and highlight meals for possible submission into the Healing Cuisine Section of OM Times.  These folks have also been supporting local artists with FREE space to show their pieces in the historical part of downtown Sparta.  The pottery and hand-dyed meditation silk work of Andrea Fackler & Kabir are showing now.  Eventually I would like to have an ‘ARTISTS of OM’ traveling show, and of course the artists are welcome to stop there any time along their journey. 

deKombucha Heatlh Tea:  http://dekombucha.health.officelive.com/

I do not have the words to say so that I could reach your heart & your mind on the significance of this drink.  Rather than boring you with facts and details … I suggest you invest 30 minutes and just research the word ‘kombucha’, and see what you think.  Talk to almost anyone in the health & wellness community and find out for yourself.  The government has already started to get involved, so it it’s just starting to get fun.  I would give it away FREE before I let them take that away from people!  *Steps down from soapbox now … afraid of heights and all!* 

Getting Back to NATURE(al) Weekend Retreat:  http://wyldethymefarm.com/

Fall Creek Falls has the perfect setting for nature retreats and doing yoga in those mountains with the sounds of nature around – it is nothing less than majestic. 

The Friends of Fall Creek Falls State Park:  http://www.fallcreekfalls.org/

While I worked for the Friends, I saw first-hand the challenges that our state parks are going through, and how the non-profits are one way to raise funding for current and future projects for improvement and even maintenance.  While working for the friends, I learned the ins & outs of a non-profit.  I donated graphic design services for branding them and moving them to the next level of marketing themselves.   I knew I would not be able to work there for an extended period once I saw the “big picture.”   I knew I could not reach my full potential there and I also knew we could not get the support we needed with given circumstances.  An incredible amount of experience and political experience learned in the confines of a small non-profit org.  It truly takes the commitment and work of many volunteering men and women to produce the changes that need to take place.  I continue to support in the ways I can those who do seek to preserve and protect what “nature” we have left.

The Van Buren Chamber of Commerce:  http://www.vanburenchamber.com/

I am a dot connector, so I do what I must do to connect dots to one another.  While working with the Commerce, the ACS and the Friends of Fall Creek Falls – a group of us forged the relationships that needed to be established so that our rural community could begin to spread its wings and lead by example.    The Chamber is now involved with our Relay For Life Activities and participates in clean-up activities at the park.  It has been an honor to see such change and growth in such a short amount of time.  I am really proud of what these folks do when they pull their resources together!  I donated the web design and a friend / colleague donated the time to implement the designs into workable html pages. 

Sweetwater Sustainable Institute:  http://www.urbancentury.org/pages/SWSI.shtml

 I work with the team of visionaries and volunteers who are bringing this to TN.  I have stopped asking how or why me and just look for the opportunities when I may “BE” in the right space-time!  I keep my eyes open for ways to create change and connect people doing good things to other people doing equally wonderful things.  When both parties benefit equally from the connection and they begin to collaborate and co-creating, well – it makes me teary eyed!  It is like bearing witness to magic as it happens to us daily!   A friend from Facebook connected me with Tricia Baehr who had begun working on manifesting her dream and it coincided with exactly what I was doing in my own life;  becoming responsible for my health and well-being and learning how to become self-sustainable.  Each step of my own healing physical / mental / spiritual journey I have been exposed to exactly what I needed.  Many times without my knowledge, meeting this Team has been another à this moment brought to you courtesy of the “Divine Universal Creative Force” that pulls us together to collaborate and co-create. 

Authentic Self Designs ::  http://authenticselfdesigns.spruz.com/blog.htm  and   https://authenticselfdesigns.wordpress.com   

This is one of my most passionate projects, and the one does not progress no matter how hard I try to push forward – it just does not fall into place.  I am not discouraged for the delays because I have come to believe the universe does have my back, and all I have been tasked with is to do my best at whatever tasks I am given.  To create opportunity to show love when/where ever I can and to trust that everything will and does fall into place.  Always a story - we believe that breast cancer should not be hidden so society does not SEE what is actually happening.  Women are losing their breast(s) to cancer and many of these women do not, for whatever the reason, opt to have the additional surgeries and expenses to “fit in” to our current standard for beauty.  One embarrassing yoga pose for me made it apparent that wearing prosthesis could never work if I wanted to continue an active lifestyle, and that is NOT an option for me – so I realized there was a NEED and that I was not alone in this.  As a matter of fact, after I did the research - the numbers were astonishing.  If the numbers continue to go as they are (hello hello!!!) it will not be that many years till having both breasts is a thing of the past.  Of course we could PREVENT this, but that would require everyone to become responsible for their health care and take an active interest in their well-being.   I pray that we work and put this part of the business out of business, but while the need exists I want every woman to feel as beautiful being her AUTHENTIC self as possible.  WE want to create designs that work with what a woman has and highlight with a new perspective of beauty and empowerment.  Right now we are waiting for the right yoga / athletic / hand-made / naturally dyed clothing designer and/or manufacturer to realize the potential to work on a project that could have social impact on future generations of clothing designs!

BioVerde Health Teas ::  www.BioVerde.net

Kabir, a yoga connection through Orange Carbon Studio, brought me into a more conscious state of drinking tea.  I worked with the BioVerde Tea Folks for a while as my own intentions to create change began emerging.   I am aware and comprehend the extent of our power in creating change through our purchasing dollars!  How we spend our money and what type of companies and products we support.  This tea costs more and many will not take the time to understand that even when we purchase a product at a convenience store – it does not benefit us as much as we believe.  Once you begin to question the process and why things are so cheap and how it can be made that cheaply and why – then you will begin to see the big picture.  What we “value” and consider important is how we spend our time / energy / money.  If we value quantity over quality our choices will demonstrate that.  I began using Bio Verde Teas for our specialty deKomucha recipes being sampled at the Natural Answer Wellness Center in Sparta TN.   We share the tea with any gypsy spirit that passes through our neighborhood and share the stories of the monks and yoga studios who share a common intent to create peace in our SACREDspace.  That temple we carry with us everywhere à our body!  We use the tea to teach people to think about purchases and how to use their choices to create change.  Another thing that impresses me is the end result in any product that is made with love and attention to the laws of nature – the product is always healthier and it feels vibrationally different.  I cannot quantify that for you, but there are studies available that have researched this topic extensively.  The problem is that we want cheap products and you just can’t have it both ways.  There is no perfect solution, but try to be conscious of everything / thought / action you do, and of course buy local when possible!


4:  Do you have a favorite plant, tree or flower?

No.  I love them All!  But I do have a special place for fluffy white exotic clouds – Carolina blue skies and trees I can do yoga on.


5:  What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Chocolate!  But truthfully, I try to work with my own personal addictions to food, especially sugar because I know that it is much of the food that I consumed that contributes to the disease I already battled and won.  Knowing that most of the food I can purchase / afford has chemicals and other toxins that are not in any way good for me, lessens my ability to look at food the same way I did.  The foods I PASSIONATELY dislike – are fast food / carbonated drinks.  Again, if people did everything in moderation the results may not be as dramatic as they are.


6:  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Daquiri Ice!  If stepping outside my “chocolate-box”! 


7:  What is your message to the world?

Now is the time to start living  - what are you waiting for?  Write a poem, and then a book.  Feel the early morning dew.  Watch a sunrise!  Hear nature’s symphony.  So many things to do and experience, and for most of them you will need the body.  So, I beseech you please, please, please be kind to yours!  Take good care of it!  Love the body - love thy self!  The sooner you learn to be gentle with yourself, the sooner you can be gentle with others.  The first step in change is… (drum roll please) …wanting change - setting your intention.  Perhaps a bit of honest reflection is necessary?  Wherever you are is the perfect place to be.  Start exactly at that point without judgment and determine where you hope to go.   Don’t let someone else cloud your ability to dream and see beauty in life.  If you are around people that constantly put you down, one of the first things I would recommend is to remove yourself from those types of situations when possible.  Yet, it is through those same struggles that we learn things about ourselves as well.  Ultimately, our goal is to realize that “bliss” is an inside JOB!  It lives within and unless we give someone the permission to take it away, they cannot. 

I pray that we hold our policy makers responsible for some of the legislature that allows for toxic chemicals to be put into our food & drinking supply.  I urge everyone interested in “skipping that whole fast track to a life threatening disease” lane – begin to take action.  You should be able to demand changes that impact your health!  Even though a lot of money will be made off of you, and your sickness supports so many fine people in the health care industry – wouldn’t it just make more sense to NOT get sick? Just saying…   I am a child of the universe, everything interests me!  I do not see anything beyond our reach – but I do believe we have to have a unified vibrational voice.  It is suggested that the 528Hz sound is the resonance of LOVE.  Perhaps we are all part of a cosmic seed about to explode and spread a blanket of love around all of existence.  I know it’s there … I’ve been nudged and thumped enough times to believe and have limitless amounts of faith.   However, that does not mean we do not have a responsibility to stand up for human rights & protection of home planet.  I have said it before, but “LOVE” without ACTion is just Intent!  I believe that intention is the first step, and then we (the people whom most of this will be effecting very soon) need to start thinking of solutions.  It is only through our shared voice and thinking minds that anything will ever change.

Amongst all this activism, please don’t take yourself too seriously!  The universe has a handle on things - we are just here to get the experience of helping her!  Make good choices and see what a warm fuzzy you get.   If you’re lucky, the editor will have chopped this down a bit – because I blame my fingers for talking your eyes off!

Much love and endless light to All!  Thanks for sharing a little of my world.




You can visit deZengo *here*.   Drop by her page and have a look around.


deZengo, thank you for sharing your Self, and your life with us!




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DeNise... Yay!

I knew you would make it!
Thank goodness for the "luck of the draw!"

I know there are better poets out there, but I appreciate her allowing me to be part of this. It is an honor to share this SACREDspace with each of you. < sniff > seriously!!!

This is how I feel about you crazy do-gooders ::
BEing FULL of Thanks III

Love & Light,
deLIGHTful deZengo!!! what a pleasure to hear all about your various 'soap boxes' and ACTive life... SHINE on beautiful soul... not too afraid of heights doing yoga in trees... really must try that one myself :D

thank you SO MUCH for sharing (((deNise))) ~J ^o^
I feel like I am an open book as it is and since you are my familia - it's no fear in opening up and sharing what I am into and supporting. So many of the people I love and support I have met right here or on HHN.

As always . . . Love : Light : Endless Joyful Adventures!

oneat1 said:
deLIGHTful deZengo!!! what a pleasure to hear all about your various 'soap boxes' and ACTive life... SHINE on beautiful soul... not too afraid of heights doing yoga in trees... really must try that one myself :D

thank you SO MUCH for sharing (((deNise))) ~J ^o^
Bill - a constant source of inspiration and hope. I have nothing but love and respect for you mister!

BEing FULL of Thanks II


Bill said:

wonderful you . . . .

blessings to you my Friend
all love
Thank goodness for random acts of kindness! I love you both (as sorta come as a package deal-ee-0) and thank you for everything you do on the networks / and in person. GREAT people ... great network - I love being h(OM)e!


Humanity Healing said:
DeNise... Yay!

I knew you would make it!
wow...how amazing is your journey! nice to meet you!

Hey Debby. I felt so honored to be considered - since I really don't contribute that often. I get a bit intimidated about my own writing, as it is "NOT" formal and is just a collection of thoughts from the heart. One day when my "divine" editor withIN steps up to the plate - I hope to contribute more. For now, I was sincerely amazed that the universe & a young child ... pulled "me" out of a hat. LOL

Thanks for stopping by to share a moment in my life. These are some of the projects and people I am involved with. Each one holds a special place in my heart.

Love & Endless Light!


Into the Night : Final
I just finished a series for a local resident (Asheville) who is standing up for the rights of citizens who have lost their access to affordable housing.
I just did the Art series and post it around ...

Affordable Housing :: City of Asheville

You are so silly!  You have no idea how painful it is.  Proper "English" not first language!  Commas ... they are for other people!  LOL  Thanks One Light for stopping by and sharing  some love with me.  I don't have friends here - but I appreciate everyone sharing their SACREDspace with me. 


Love to you Missy!





One Light said:


If you ever tell me you don't know how to write again, I'm going to personally slap you upside the head! LOL

Kudos, sista - write on! :)

congratulations, you look like a busy lady

Thank taking the time to share a moment in time:space with me.   I think when you hit the bottom and then you realize that it truly is a process. UPs :: DOWNs.  A constant flux of change, but through out it all - we can use those situations to create opportunity.  I do stay busy, but it's not something I set out to do.  I just am in a constant state of "trying to do what needs to be done" where ever I am. 


The opportunities to connect and unite our voice.  To heal SELF (*which is how I ended up here) and then to share with others. 


Much Love & Eternal Light!



Mandy Leng said:

congratulations, you look like a busy lady

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