Getting to Know:  CG Walters (a.k.a.  kathmandau)


1: What kinds of emotions/images/objects/animals inspire you most?

I am inspired by the looks lovers give each other, by spirits, animals, stones, plants -- all things -- found in the mountains, by concepts that set the spirit resonating higher (the heart becoming more joyful).


2: Do you have a favorite author, book or movie to recommend?

I am not so good at defining a single (or few) favorite(s) -- 24 years ago, I became certain of my most favorite-est(!) girl in the world and I am still head-over-heels with her ...

I love the instant familiarity that Jonathan Carroll delivers with his characters. I love the magic that flows from Charles DeLint. Coelho has entertained several times. Currently I am enjoying books by Alberto Villoldo and Sandra Ingerman. I love reading different translations of the Tao Te Ching.

A really good book (besides Sacred Vow by CG Walters?) would be "A Joseph Campbell Companion" by Diane K. Osbon. I love Joseph's work, especially when someone can subdue his genius into easy reading.

Now, I know I cannot manage a single favorite movie (maybe I could try the ones I’ve seen the most times). How about Shrek, Last of the Mohicans, The Matrix, Shakespeare in Love, Branagh's Hamlet and Henry V, Hook, A Walk in the Clouds, yada yada yada …


3: What jobs or projects are you involved with outside of OM Times?

I spend most of my days working construction. It started a few years ago as a way to pick up a little money while publishing my novel, Sacred Vow. It seems that the Universe did not get my memo on the timeframe for that.

I have Sacred Vow's sister novels on hold, and spend more of my creative work in videos these days.

I study aspects of shamanism as I have time, expecting that when I go back on the road with my writing, the presentation will be a cross between a shamanic drumming and a book reading -- yes sounds peculiar, but I feel it in my heart, and see it in my mind.

Though I have not been up the mountain in a while, until recently, I spent long hours walking the mountains, visiting with the various spirits. I will be back there again soon.


4: Do you have a favorite plant, tree or flower?

Favorite? I’m particularly fascinated with them all. I do, however, feel a particular closeness to certain individuals. I take great pleasure when wild animals stop and respond when I talk with them. On occasion, I will find myself unintentionally wandering through the forest and come upon the same tree time after time--even though I could not lead you to it if I tried. I feel close then.

I cherish the songbirds -- and am sometimes led out of the thickets by them. I take great joy from the grand rock formations in the mountain forests.


5: What is your favorite food?

On food, health issues moved me to being a bit of a health nut -- organic, etc. I like hot food -- capsicum (from peppers) have a lot of health benefits, too. I like colorful meals, organic, strongly leaning to (but not exclusively) vegetarian.

My wife is a wonderful cook (and big into healthy), so I always feast.

I like red wine and dark chocolate (snuggling with Kathy, my wife) at the end of the day -- last meal?


6: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Back on the health issue, I do not eat ice cream very often, but when I must, only Starbuck's Java Chip Frappuccino will do.


7: What is your message to the world?


Truth is but a resting place until the next revelation.

~Strike a Chord of Silence


As you believe, as you speak, so it is ...


Before you speak, ask yourself,
is it kind, is it necessary,
is it true,
does it improve on the silence? ~Sai Baba


Celebrate What's Right in the World!


I believe that the intelligence great enough to create a tree or your body cannot be confined within the limits of either/or. All things are true, false, both true and false, neither, and all of the above –simultaneously. The distinction exists only in the one perceiving -- you! As in Quantum mechanics, there exists a field of infinite possibility until you define your belief. In believing, your reality/perception materializes as a specific.


When you create your reality, you may have some impact on mine -- if you and I are in some agreement (beyond that of the conscious mind). But your reality cannot exclusively define mine. Even if our realities seem to be complete opposites (by logical mind), both exist and neither is diminished by the 'truth' of the other. For you and I never exist in precisely the same plane of existence, but overlapping subsets of the Absolute reality.


People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they have gotten lost. ~Dalai Lama



You can visit CG *HERE* Drop by his page and have a look around.


CG, thank you for sharing your Self, and your life with us!



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Congratulation.  I am glad to know more about you.


Thank you, Shervin.



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