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“If I heal my ankle I won’t have to worry about it again.” Is that true? When you read about others healing process it makes it seem that the healing is permanent. We don’t believe so. Healing is an ongoing process.  


When you catch a cold or break a ligament you must go through some form of healing. The purpose of these circumstances in which call for you to “heal” is because you aren’t taking care of yourself. You come across these circumstances in order for you to reflect and be aware of your “inner world”. For example, when you catch a cold you allow yourself to get rest and eat healthier foods. When you heal from your sickness how many times have you reverted back to your old paradigm that allowed you to get the sickness in the first place? The point in healing is for you to be aware of your inner world in relation to your outer world. This is something that you will be doing for the rest your time on the physical plane making healing an ongoing process.


When you go through healing it’s uncomfortable. It forces you to really analyze how well you have taken care of yourself and how you self-care has gotten you to the point of where you are now. In many cases, healing has become a negative word because many think it means that something is wrong with you. That can further from the truth. Healing is apart of your learning process. It is apart of how you move toward expansion in this world. It’s an opportunity to transmute any “negative” circumstance into something that benefits your personal growth. The truth is that everyone has experienced a “negative” or traumatic experience. Everyone in this world needs healing. To truly embark on your journey of healing you have to be honest with yourself which many in the collective can’t come terms with.


The good news is that you don’t have to embark on this healing journey alone. There are many ways you can find support on and offline. The best thing you can do is connect yourself with like-minded individuals online or offline in a community. If you have any family or friends in your life who aren’t on a similar journey chances are they may not resonate with you. A common theme in the collective is that many want to stay in the “victim” mindset and not come to terms with their circumstances. They find it easier to blame it on others and “move” on. Ironically what happens is those events and emotions will keep circulating in their life until it’s addressed. The truth is that every event and circumstance you have attracted in some way consciously or subconsciously. You needed that particular event to teach you something that is valuable on your journey. In order for you to learn the lessons needed on the physical plane, you must take accountability for what you attract. Below are the tips to keep in mind when on your healing journey.

Healing: The Ongoing Process Tips


  1. Be patient: This is a hard one but something you must learn when on any journey. As mentioned above this is an ongoing process so you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to “get” through certain events quickly or suppress any emotions.


  1. You won’t have all the answers.: When you start on your journey you don’t need to have all the answers. If you are willing to show up the answers will come to you.


  1. Utilize on and offline communities.: If you want to seek a different set of eyes or perspective discuss with someone or find someone that is an expert in what you are searching for guidance.


  1. Be creative. : It may be helpful to express the emotions and lessons on your healing journey in a creative way. Journaling, painting, and poetry are great ways to release your emotions and turn them into something creatively meaningful.


At the end of the day, healing is a personal choice. No one else can do the work for you but yourself. No one can hold you accountable but yourself. If you choose or have chosen to embark on this journey that alone is a big step in your own personal transformation and should be celebrated.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda Bogere

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