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Hello all,

I am only 2 weeks old to the community and am still working through the guidelines and establishing a goodly number of articles, that flow and can be used in secession, as I build my presence here.  During this time I have seen 3 covers for the magazine and I want to actually comment and share my feelings and confusion over them.  The discussion I put forth, is operating under the assumption, that Om Times Magazine has a core mission, to foster new paradigm consciousness and wellness, among its viewers and community.

A qualifying statement, I will put forward in this discussion here, is that I am in no way intending to discredit or judge, the individual components of the system or those who have woven them together.  I am merely pointing out, the larger psychology and presence contradictions I am seeing.  And this is mainly, from covers and their psychological messages.

Now that I have hopefully established a base premise, I will dig in.  Most recently and as of right now, I would like to shine a light upon, what is already available to for all of us to see and that is the core image, on the cover of Om Times Magazine and its psychological message.  What we see, is a highly attractive and sexy image of a blonde woman.  The caption states her name and Bikini Body Detox.  I have been taught in the traditional sense, the psychology of advertisement and all the aspects that goes along with that and on an experiential level, have observed and witnessed, the methods traditional media use as an attractor and the affect and effect they have.  First and foremost, I am going to put the idea out there, that this current cover and its message, is very traditional and old school.

The 2 predominate models, of mainstream media and specifically magazines, pretty much fall into 2 psychological categories, when we are speaking of presentation and attraction.  On one hand, we have the allure method, which incorporates the you are not good enough tactic.  And on another hand, we have the inverse, which usually occurs in tabloid magazines and that is the I am better than you tactic, which often involves the belittling or demonizing of a celebrity figure.

Both of these modalities or marketing/advertising structures, are focusing on the support of beta frequency mind states and lower ego form.  They persuade, by either drawing in through a message of lack or they draw in through a message of dominance.  Neither, I would consider conscious or enlightened methods, to engage with human beings.

Now, let us return to the cover of the current Om Times magazine. I, would place it in a category of persuasion, using a lack or scarcity model.  It portrays a stereotypical beautiful women and then claims to give a solution, that will allow other women, to have better bikini bodies.  In my opinion, women already have far too many unachievable standards, placed upon them, by the mainstream media.  As a consciously endowed messenger (magazine), I believe it is a responsibility, to not support those methodologies or old school, ego driven, persuasion techniques.

I have noticed since I joined, 3 different covers, all with celebrity figures on them.  This, at the core, simply reinforces the already mainstream system, of because they are celebrities or have tight bodies, they have greater value, in expression and presence.  I believe, this is an ill concieved route to take, if we are aiming to move towards consciousness, equality and harmony in general.

Another qualifier I want to put forward, is that I am speaking directly to the overall image of the magazine, as it is represented to the public, in the from of its cover and message.  I am not speaking about the internal content.  I also, am not attacking or directly criticizing, the person or persons that helped put the art and design together, nor am I criticizing on a personal level, the individual/individuals, who appear on the cover.

My discussion point is simple and it correlates directly to whether we as a conscious magazine, are wanting to copy/replicate old school models of presentation, that in my opinion, serve to create separation and bolster the negative aspects of the ego?  In a way, it is very longstanding question.  If the core or purpose is good, can we wrap this purpose in something that does not match our root values, since in the long run, it has the potential, to benefit a lot of people?

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Hi Mikheal,

I acknowledge your thoughts and concerns.  

Here is the problem.  There are many very good magazines out there that exist in relative obscurity.  One of our goals is to help up and coming writers transition to a higher level of exposure and we have been quite successful with that.

Our covers, and the headlines we put on them, are one of our tools to do that. There are a variety of factors that go into choosing our covers.  One of them is the recognition of who the cover is.  And yes, it may be old school thinking, but it works.  But people actually stay and read the articles on OMTimes - they are not just looking at the pictures   The statistics show readers staying on our site an average of 16 minutes verses other magazines at less than 3 minutes.

As far as Danette's cover, we had a lot of bikini pictures we could have used if we were fully old school. 

We have chosen a strategy that tries to balance new and old school, in order to be able to create a bigger impact.  Our overall strategy does seem to be working - both Jeff Bridges and Malala's PR people came to us for promotion and we are very Grateful that they did.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Much Metta,

Christopher Buck

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