Understanding This Pivotal Moment in TIme + the Coming Transition

   All my life I've sought to understand life's deepest mysteries. Perhaps it started with a near-death experience at age 9 in the mid '60s. What followed was a lifetime of revealing journeys and amazing synchronicities. Along with this were constant profound experiences and crossing paths with people who had in-depth information. Out of all of this I've come to realize that the detailed information that has come my way is meant to be shared. 

   In 1973 a series of "coincidences" led me to discover a rare and invaluable center for Higher Learning. I was led to find the Waldorf Teacher Training Institute which at that time was in Detroit. It was truly a center for Higher Learning in the very deepest sense. The science and findings of the gifted clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner were taught. Steiner developed Anthroposophy, which is spiritual science of life as seen through profound clairvoyance. 

   Our classes were made all the more fascinating because we also had a very gifted clairvoyant professor named Werner Glas. All of Werner's classes were amazing, but I'm narrowing this article to the classes that revealed our point in time and what is coming. Werner started one class with a provocative and enigmatic statement.

   "We are living at a time of Noah."  His deep voice with the dramatic British accent filled the room with a sense of mystery.  Werner had the profile of Alfred Hitchcock and the most intensely deep dark eyes I've ever seen. They were eyes that could literally see into your very soul. Werner was also a master of the dramatic pause and we were all left hanging, wondering what in the world he meant by this statement!

   He then projected an image of a Wheel of Ages, and explained that it was first drawn up by ancient Hindu and Tibetan seers. It was proven accurate by other clairvoyants.

(insert first jpg graphic)

   Werner went on to explain that this is the overlapping of two Wheels. Along the outer edge are the terms used by the Hindus & Tibetans. They call each age a Yuga, and both the upper and lower half are divided into 4 Yugas which mirror each other, making eight Yugas in all. Along the inner rim are twelve divisions by the Greek zodiac names. Each of these ages lasts roughly 2,000 years. The wheel is 25,920 years total and represents how long it takes our solar system to cycle through the constellations. This matches the 26,000 year cycle that others, including scientists and astronomers, have talked about.

   At either end of this wheel it was explained that throughout history a major cataclysm has happened, and that we are now approaching the next one which will be in our lifetimes. I was intrigued and asked, "What happened 13,000 years ago?!"

   "It was the Great Flood," Werner answered. Most fascinating was what he said next. He went on to say that the Great Flood was actually the inundation of Atlantis. Every ancient civilization has their own Flood story, but he said that the Babylonian account of Gilgamesh is the most accurate. He also said that the figure we've come to know as Noah was an Atlantean.

   In this fascinating series of classes we learned that throughout history at these points most of humanity would die and the few remaining would have to start over from a much more primitive level. All technologies and histories would be lost and would remain only as legends.

   This time however will be different from all others. It is a major point of destiny, and many other reliable sources have affirmed that it is important that most of humanity makes this shift alive this time. Although I know this may sound very sci-fi, my findings show that this shift will be an inter-dimensional one this time. We will be moving both into the future as well as into a more etheric and slightly less physical level. I will give more details on this in future articles, as I'm afraid this one is getting too long. The bottom line is that there is nothing to fear. Transitions have happened before, and this one is well-planned. Most important is that most of us will be making this shift and going through this great adventure alive and well. We've all planned to be here for this.

   As I see it, this whole New Age movement has been readying us for this. Its purpose has been to raise awareness and frequencies in as much of the world's population as possible, so that many more than the 144,000 spoken of in the Bible will be making this major Transition. To further our own readiness, mantra meditation is one very effective tool. 

   See ExploringSacredSpace.com for more details.


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