Greetings, Fellow OMies--

Sharing a word to discuss the tone and voice of the vision with which we write. This is offered with the hope it will be accepted as especially helpful for newer writers (and maybe some of our seasoned veterans).

As we are composing our articles (remember, sizeable passages offered here in the writer's community are considered "articles," and have reasonable expectation that they will be distributed on the website and the multimedia form), our treatment of our audience ("customer service," if you will) is very important.

Speaking from a strictly personal space, I know how I feel when "others tell me what to do." How about you? What sort of feelings arise in your own body when 'people talk at you,' and you encounter words (spoken or written) that someone imposes upon you? Compare the difference in energy flow of words that say "you should" with words that say "we can." It is a difference between demanding a pointed limitation and offering wider possibilities, even though we may be talking about a narrow focus. We offer ourselves and, yes, even our 'expert' experience as more of a team player ("we're all in this together"), coach, and teacher.

We walk a delicate line of balance as writers, getting people to see our perspective and appreciate our experience, while not grabbing them forcibly by the eyeballs to read how our experience will benefit their lives. I jest, but seriously, we cannot 'tell' others what to do. We can suggest, we can offer, we can explain, we can relate and facilitate--getting the vibration found on our path to match up with something similar to their own experience.

We have talked before about moving less from the "I" perspective (which is the tone of blogging) into the "we" of articles that engage the reading audience and broaden their horizons as a whole, on any subject. When we use words that are examples of a wider lens than our 'own little me,' we open our vision for everyone to see and appreciate. It is like the aperture of a camera, that lets in the light and reflects the visionary image we seek to communicate.

I am grateful that many of the writers here know and have the experience of expressing themselves in positive ways. It is what makes being here at OMTimes such a unique, blossoming, and creative place to be. There is nothing like our writing community anywhere else! I am thankful every day to have the privilege, as an editor, to read the many perspectives we share.

So, let us always, please, be mindful of how we address our audience in our work. When we speak with 
them in terms that embody our generous, inclusive, and mindful nature, change flows that much more smoothly. For me, as an editor, it takes a lot less critical work on my part to think, "Is this how I would want to be addressed?" Each of us writes from our own unique perspective, granted. It takes a little bit of work to get in the flow of writing with a mindful eye to our "customers," so they keep coming back for more.
Okay, gentle rant over...back to reading more great stuff. ~ Blessings!

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Hi Kathy,

Me too has updated my websites with all my published articles on OM Times;

so everyone who visits my site get to visit OM times under Media tab ...:)

Good to know, Sunanda--thanks for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your weekend ~ Blessings! 
Sunanda Sharma said:

Hi Kathy,

Me too has updated my websites with all my published articles on OM Times;

so everyone who visits my site get to visit OM times under Media tab ...:)

I appreciate the information and perspective! 

Thank you, Jeanmarie! 

Thank you Kathy !

I am totally enjoying this process. As a writer I have used the "I" perspective often.  Using "we" feels very empowering as it reaches a much broader audience.  I'm very excited to share with the collective consciousness.  

Should I post my articles to this page as well? I am hoping to get feed back regarding my work and aspire to have my work published in OM Times. 

Have a Blessed Day !

Gia Dalton DOM AP Dipl. Ac 

Hi, Gia - placing your work right on your own page is fine. Members may choose to leave comments as they are so moved. If you are writing something and have questions or would like something reviewed before it is in its final form for general consumption, this is the place for that type of back-and-forth to happen.

We also have a 'time-sensitive' group for those items that may need to be brought to our attention that have a particular time focus to them, and you'll see them among the community--things such as messages, readings, or forecasts for a particular time portal.

Also, if YOU happen to see writings done by any other contributors that you feel are noteworthy, feel free to "like" them or send me a message flagging your interest. We are at a point where we need more eyes among us who are willing to recommend not only personal work, but that of others. It is how the creme de la creme rises to the top. ;) Enjoy your day ~ Blessings! 

Sounds great ! I will keep those suggestions in mind. 

Thank you. :) 


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