A Calling To Be More

by Gia Dalton 

There are times throughout our lives when we experience a sense of certainty. A feeling that is bigger than we are. A force that compels us to follow. A calling to be more...to move forward into a divinely designed destiny. Often we are challenged. Put to a test. Change or be changed.

If you are feeling a sense of certainty regarding something you aspire to achieve, or be... you have a calling to be more. A calling telling you that there is more waiting for you. It can be such a profound calling that you can no longer do anything else. It is always tugging on you, hanging around. It is the still small whisper in the night. The light that shines in the day. Signs begin to manifest everywhere and you become acutely aware.

It begins with a sudden burst of motivation born from an idea. Inspired thinking, turning to action. There is no interference, other than what you create. If you  become distracted, side tracked, lazy it is because the ego is saying you can’t. "Who do you think you are?", "That will never happen." But it can. And it will, if you follow.

Any thought to the contrary is a lie, born from fear.  If you believe that you and God, the Universe, Source Energy, are one, and that with God all things are possible, you’d inevitability flow directly to your life purpose and destiny. Your life would be God realized. You would move always in the direction of your calling.

So what is this personal power? Are we born with it ? Do each us have a divine calling to be more? Why do some follow, and others shy away?

The moment we enter this world we are welcomed with a sense of awareness. From our first breath and cry, we are aware. What are we aware of? The light? The cool air?  Could we spend our entire lives trying to remember who we already are ? Who are as a soul ?

Should we accept  the thought that perhaps life begins only in death? As in death we return ? Is life just like public school? Will God suddenly announce over the loud speaker ” Hello, this is GOD, you were born into this reality to learn all about who you really are. To learn about Love. Life School is now in session. If you feel a calling to be more...please see an Administrator now. See you in 100 years when you emerge back to pure consciousness. I hope your stay on Earth brings you clarity. I have given you free choice to experience contrast. Good Luck. I love you  xoxo.”

Let's get this straight....If we are indeed eternal beings, there is only alive…and alive. There is no death. Which existence is real? The one we are in now, at this moment, or after death? Or are they equally real? 

The ego is a false sense of self. There is no ego in death which is why some people believe that  “real life” can only begin at death. The moment in which we reemerge into pure light and love. What a glorious feeling that must be. What a glorious feeling that WILL BE.

But as souls with a human shell, we often get caught up in the belief that who we are is what we accomplish. This is a very foolish mistake, and so far from the “truth". As a calling to be more does not mean to accumulate more. This is not about material possessions. 

A keen sense of awareness happens after we've endured the wrath of others, The wrath sometimes of ourselves. Ultimately we muster up the  courage to peer into another dimension of self. It’s as if an inward door suddenly begins to open. Peeking inside, into the intriguing sweetness of the unknown we step through the doorway eager to unravel the “truths” we have learned, change them, and discover our own. To move gracefully into our calling. 

How will you begin your incarnation? Are you willing to see things differently? Are you willing to change?  Can you be the change you would like to see in others? Do you know what you are want?  Do you feel a calling? What have you come to accept as true? How will you get to know yourself? In what ways can you move towards your calling? 

Here is your mission: Live and demonstrate that you are not entirely ego. The ego is just a fragmented part…a tiny part of the beautiful divine being that you are. ” A ripple hails itself as an ocean.”. You are who you came from: God, that invisible, divine, magnificent, intelligent, masterful, brilliant creator.  Live like you are not separate from God. Listen to your calling. It is a calling to be more. A calling to be who your soul already knows you are. 

What is real? That which never changes.

Gia Dalton 


Passionate about health and spirituality, teaching, the arts, and living spherically, Gia's journey has infused her writing and books with edgy, compassionate, inspiring, uplifting, poignant, motivational stories, health tips and spiritual practices with a creative and witty flare.

I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, teacher, visionary writer, author, speaker, coach and intuitive life strategist. My mission is to motivate.empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love. 


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Gia, sorry it's taken a while to give you feedback on this one. --And I know you have done another article since. You pose a lot of interesting questions. I liked where you were going with this...especially in urging the reader to move beyond ego. The ultimate urging at the end, however, appears to negate what you have presented beforehand. It leaves me confused and would feel contradictory...and I can appreciate coming at the subject from both sides. 

Truths encourage us to grow and change; to not get stuck in the ego--as you've mentioned. Weigh the forward movement of that against "That which never changes." 

P.S. Your second article about Being the Magic does speak more from that forward and positive stance. Again, it asks a lot of questions that will hopefully get readers to think. It is being recommended to the publishers. Looking forward to additional contributions!  ~ Blessings! 


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