by GIa Dalton

 Do you feel a sense of “knowing” that there is something greater than you, at work in your life? Are you compelled to follow? When you realize that life is expressing itself signs, clues and hints begin to appear everywhere.

When destiny calls your name, you become aware. You are being pulled, towards an invisible, divinely designed destination. Often you feel challenged. Put to a test.  

It can be such a profound calling, that you can no longer do anything else. It’s always tugging on you, hanging around, reminding you. You are consumed, by its presence.

 It’s the still small whisper in the night. It’s the light that shines through the window. Perhaps, it’s a breath, a sigh, or a magical moment. You experience a sudden burst of energy and motivation. Your imagination, and creativity are magnified. You excel in self-expression. Soon you are taking inspired action. If you hesitate, procrastinate, or resist, it is because your ego is saying you can’t. But you can, and deep inside, you know that you will.

If you believe that you, and God, the Universe, Source Energy, Spirit, are one, and that with God, all things are possible; you’d inevitability flow directly to your life purpose and destiny. Your life would be God realized. You would always move in the direction of your calling.  You would not be afraid to unlock the door to your own potential.

 What is this personal power?  Does it require an impeccable sense of resolve and fortitude? Are you born with these attributes?  Does everyone have a calling? Why do some courageously follow, and others resist?

 When you took your first breath, awareness came rushing in. The outside world introduced itself to you. The cool air touched your skin. Your eyes, barely open, witnessed light. Something had changed. You accepted this new reality, knowing that there is something more. There were discoveries to be made,

 Is life calling you, to remember?  Is the goal in life to unite with your higher consciousness in the end? Is that state like heaven? What is heaven?  Is heaven attached to the heart? Is earth where you learn about the ego?  Here you are, straddled, somewhere between, heaven and earth. What shall you do?

 Can “real” life begin only in death? Is this, the unforgettable conclusion, you are called towards?  As in death, you return to an existence you know well? Is life like school?  Will God suddenly make an announcement over the loud speaker?

 ” Hello, this is GOD.  You were born into this reality to learn all about who you really are. You were born to love and be loved. You are destined for greatness.  Life School is now in session.  If destiny is calling your name, please continue to do your best. I will see you in 100 years, when you emerge back to pure consciousness. I hope your stay on Earth brings you clarity. I have given you free choice to experience contrast. Good Luck. I love you.”

 Let's get this straight.... If you are an eternal being, there is only alive, and alive. There is no death. Which existence is real? The one you are in now, at this moment, or after death? Or, are they equally real? 

 The ego is a false sense of self. There is no ego in death, which is why some people believe that  “real life” can only begin at death. The moment in which you reemerge into pure light and love.

 However, being a soul with a human body, you often get caught up in the belief that who you are is attached to what you own. This is a very foolish mistake, and so far from the “truth". As a calling to be more does not mean accumulating more. It is not about material possessions. It is about fulfilling your destiny in life. Living purposefully. Evolving to a higher state of consciousness. Deciding how you spend your time. Discovering your passion.

 After you’ve endured the wrath of others, and often times yourself, you muster up the courage to peer into another dimension of self. It’s as if an inward door suddenly begins to open. Peeking inside, into the intriguing sweetness of the unknown, you step through the doorway, eager to unravel the “truths” you have learned, change them, and discover your own. Finally, you move gracefully into your calling, and destiny. You heard the call, and made the decision to follow.

 How will you begin your incarnation? Here is your mission, should you decide to accept. It. Live and demonstrate that you are not entirely ego. The ego is just a fragmented part of the beautiful, divine being that you are. It is just a part of who you are destined to become. You are, who you have always been.

 You and the creator are not separate. God, that invisible, divine, magnificent, intelligent, masterful, brilliant creator, flows through your veins. Live like you are not separate from God. Listen to your calling. Move towards your destiny. You could be an explorer, an inventor, a diplomat, or a peacemaker. Perhaps you excel in the arts, theatre, public speaking, writing, technology or science. Destiny is calling for you. All you need to do is follow.

What is real? Real is that, which never changes.


Gia Dalton is a Visionary Writer, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Intuitive Life Strategist.

“My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love.”



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