Hi, Jakki - as mentioned in the message I sent you, I took the liberty of copying these two articles and revising them into a form that would be more likely forwarded to the publishers. Take note to the change of wording (many "I," "my," or "you" words are "our" or "we.") Capitalize only those words that are proper nouns; even though we may show respect for the greater universe or higher spirit of oneness, unless we are dedicating a piece to that, we generally get by with regular text. Watch your use of elipses (...) between words, too. Commas often serve well enough to form pauses--while dashes may add a little attention.

Try not to use very many contractions in your work. See if you may be able to amend your other offerings. If you are writing work that you wish to keep just as a blog post, keeping contractions makes writing more conversational and less formal, and that is fine for blogs. If you are offering work especially for the website or magazine, then it ought to be as ready and readable as possible before an editor selects it.

Best wishes to you and hope you are feeling better than the other day!! Message me if you have any questions, okay? ~ Blessings!

Psychic or Psychotic?
Posted by Jakki Trieber on January 21, 2014 at 2:39am

How many of us grew up thinking there was something wrong with us? Strange occurrences seemed to happen only to us. Seeing 'people' that you know really are not there. Knowing the answers to questions even before they were asked, and all the while thinking it is so unbelievable! --Sound familiar?

Such is the life of a young intuitive. At a tender age, we think everyone experiences the same things we do: people standing in the middle of a room above or below the floor; hearing voices no one else does; seeing family members that have crossed over; knowing things that are going to happen before they do--and keeping it all a big secret.

Years ago, there may have been few people to talk to about our 'gifts.' Although they were never called that back then, to say the least. To make matters worse, when “The Exorcist” came out, it scared the bejesus out of absolutely everyone. It was not a good time to come out of the proverbial 'spiritual closet.'

Those graced with a gift or two back then may have thought green soup was going to come out of your mouth and your head was going to rotate 360 degrees. We all saw what happened to that poor girl. No thanks! High school was hell enough!

If you were smart and you ever wanted to date...ever...you ignored what made you you, and worked at having a "normal" life. The universe had other ideas. Suppressing your genetic makeup was never a good idea. At times, it tended to "float to the top," like it or not.

Why did "unusual" things always happen around you...and why didn't anyone ever believe you when you said you saw them?!

It is not a journey for the weak or faint of heart.

When a spirit tries to get your attention and cannot, it will go to great lengths to let you know it is there, in the room with you. Hitting the bed like a bulldozer a few times will definitely get your attention.

You cannot miss your spirit guide, when he is sitting next to you. The top of your head may not be up to his shoulder. With long black shiny hair, chopped at the bottom, and an enormous bear claw necklace around his neck. If he was not see-through, he could be anyone sitting there!

Then there are ghosts--wavy, gaseous little creatures that appear for a few moments, just long enough to make your hair stand on end and seem like they are trying to tell you something before they disappear. It could be fog rolling into your room from the outside, even though the windows are closed, ...or not.

Then there are the true gifts from the universe. Often, we need answers to questions that keep reoccurring; while the universe chooses it own unique way of answering those questions. It does so with what might be called "past life regression sex." This can feel more like the "big gun" of spiritual answers.

Imagine coming home after a lovely dinner out, with wine, candles, and soft music, and making love with your significant other. Everything is going beautifully, when suddenly your lover changes shape right before your eyes--not to mention while he's in your arms! He has gone from a lean, handsome, soccer player to an enormous palace guard four times larger than the man in your embrace just seconds before.

Not only does this person change shape and size, he also has very bronzed skin, an enormous chest plate made out of gold and long, stunning black hair. Also unsettling is when the image changes shape after a few moments, morphing back and forth a few times.

As if all of the above was not incredible enough, one might also see, with remarkable clarity, what everyday life was like from a completely diffrrent period of time. Perhaps, being a princess of some sort and the man was a lover who worked at the palace. Some hidden danger behind the meeting warning us, "We are not supposed to be doing any of this! We will be in big trouble if we are caught...."

Without realizing, we find ourselves saying confirming words like, "I have finally found you...," over and over again, and crying with relief: "I finally found you! I finally found you!!"

Ask yourself--illusion or delusion? Psychic or psychotic? Must we label it at all?

As long as we can live and function as a somewhat normal person, how about a vote for psychic? Namaste!

Tap into the Universe
Posted by Jakki Trieber on January 25, 2014 at 7:44pm

As you know, gratitude is the universal energy that allows us to connect with spirit. Being in a state of gratitude raises our vibrational level. When we are able to feel gratitude for the smallest things, we tap into a higher plane. As we can sustain that level of joyous gratitude, the farther up the vibrational scale we rise.

We may notice things happening when taking a spiritual class or workshop. In essence, we set our intention to connect "up." The universe acts, in kind, in the most incredible ways. Things may move away from our grasp and slide in another direction. We may pay greater mindfulness to words we say in our head before they exit our mouth!

After meditating, we may have conversations with family and friends who are no longer with us on the earth plane! The vibration of meditation and being in the "spiritual zone" may even raise our vibrational level up high enough to see and work with the angels and other spirit guides.

Contemplate the spiritual connections we have in life, such as our kids, pets, and partners. Feel the joy well up in inside the heart and throughout the body. Realize how lucky we are to have them in our lives.

Welcome to the state of gratitude, and connecting with the universe--where the sky is not the limit!

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