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If you are an OM Times Artist or Poet – then we’ve got a gift for YOU! 

As an additional service to our community of artists and poets and for a limited time, OM Times Media  & deZengoDESIGNED  will be offering a FREE mini-Artist Media Package for the selected Artist of the Month.  In addition, we will offer coaching and recommendations on alternative ways to generate income with your art and how to maximize the impact and association with OM Times Media and the free promotion.  

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ARTISTS with OM - Taking Applications Beginning April 1, 2012

Artist with OM - The Designer Collection

Applications Available Beginning April 1, 2012


If you are an OM Times Artist or Poet – then we’ve got a gift for YOU! 


As an additional service to our community of artists and poets and for a limited time, OM Times Media  & deZengoDESIGNED  will be offering a FREE mini-Artist Media Package for selected participating Artists.  In addition to the media blitz,  a 30 minute FREE phone consultation & business coaching, packed full of recommendations on alternative ways to generate income with your art.  Our intention is to help you maximize the impact and association with OM Times Media and this incredible free promotional opportunity.   


We are currently using  Zazzle & Cafepress as our initial venues to generate income for the Art Community and awareness for  those who support, collaborate  and build with us.  We appreciate everything you do and here’s one way – we can give thanks back to you!   

Zazzle is fast becoming the leader in personalized online products & merchandising, membership there continues to increase and expand.  Although there is no way to make substantial money using those type of services - due to their overhead and the cost they charge for the product, it is a good way to establish our ART community with peers and consumers! The exposure and brand recognition that it helps to build is priceless! 

Entering is FREE and there is NO obligation to participate!  However, for those ready to build your business brand, promote your work, find the conscious, spiritual and artistic loving community - Our team is ready & waiting! 


Don’t want to participate?  No problem!   

Simply complete the “opt out” portion and your information will be updated accordingly.


Step by step instructions for the submitting your piece : [ Click Here]

To enter your work :  [ Click HERE]


This promotion is for OM Times Community ONLY and the Form is password protected.  

Password -->  OM Artist_PROMO


Applications Available Beginning April 1, 2012

Each Month or as Space Permits

In 2012, we are giving away one mini-marketing package for our community Artists & Poets.The promotional event is free and open to the OM Times Writers (and Artist) Community. 

For our premium services and private consultation - $50 non refundable deposit is required.  Someone from our staff will contact you shortly with additional information.

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We are offering a FREE package to selected featured artists, as well as the option to pay and have the OM Times Media & deZengoDESIGNED work with you to promote and support your work, art and dream!

Discussion Forum

How to Submit

Started by deZengo. Last reply by deZengo Apr 5, 2012. 21 Replies

READ COMPLETELYPrior to Submission!Before you click on theButton Below with the word<  CLICK HERE  >(1)  You NEED the PASSWORD (below)( 2 ) Copy or Write the Password Down( 3 ) Follow the Instructions in RED to the BOTTOM of the pagevvvOM…Continue

ARTIST with OM Promo - What You'll Get

Started by deZengo. Last reply by deZengo Mar 13, 2012. 10 Replies

If graphic in nature, your artwork will behighlighted on our Zazzle eCommerce page.   A one page layout highlighting the artist and work.…Continue

ARTIST with OM March 2012

Started by deZengo. Last reply by deZengo Mar 8, 2012. 2 Replies

 ARTISTwith OMMarch 2012Visionary artist, energy healer/reader, telepath, empath, author, channel, medium, Oracle card reader, psychic, spiritual intuitive, poet,…Continue

Tags: healing, love, namaspirittn, wellness, hope

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Comment by Jill Mattson on January 28, 2013 at 11:54am

Thank YOU!  Hugs Jill

Comment by Jill Mattson on January 28, 2013 at 11:53am

Comment by deZengo on January 28, 2013 at 11:38am

Can 't wait to get back in the "groove" ... awesome reminder of why I created this group and why we are all hear!  Thx for sharing Jill!

Love & Endless Joyful Adventures,


Comment by Jill Mattson on January 28, 2013 at 11:36am

Comment by deZengo on April 5, 2012 at 3:41pm

Two new submissions received - will announce the next promo and pieces selected.

Thx Deb Graves for assistance with the contract - typos / wrong word etc... An additional set of eyes helps so much!

Dependent on how things go / we have have to re-arrange the schedule and artwork - but I'll keep everyone posted here and in the facebook group. 

Hope you each are having a blessed day and doing good things!

Love & Light,


Comment by deZengo on March 19, 2012 at 8:07pm

Hope everyone is having a great week (it's still early). LOL

Welcome Debby Rosenburg! Debby is a poet and her work was selected by the OM Admin.   She is a poet, but the layout that Ms. Phillips < Wolfwilllow Design> did for the poem we believe will make a great addition to the ARTIST with OM Family.


another minor update:

I am going to add checkboxes in the form for those who with to be contacted about : seasonal artwork to be used for layout / and if you wish to work to create personalized artwork to accompany our authors.  NO worries, just letting you know possibilities.

Love : Light : Endless Joyful Adventures,


Comment by deZengo on March 16, 2012 at 7:33am
Good eye! It's been changed. It's time to get up and start the day over again - however, since I haven't slept yet, I think I will take a time out.

All the groups (I think) are ready to go!

Thanks again Victoria - have a great day / weekend.
Comment by deZengo on March 15, 2012 at 7:18pm
Thanks Victoria for asking.

We offer a paid service - that's a given, we are a business and we do this to sustain life. However, for our artists who we are giving the packages to FREE - we are asking them to get involved and help "us" help them. We are trying to build a community with like minded people who also wish to "make a living, doing what they love" creating love & light using the gifts they were blessed with.

We are NOT forcing anyone to take any social media classes - I was donating that to the community as a service. Most of us realize, building our business is a partnership. A fantastic marketing agency can NOT create instant success, but we can help you build your brand, sell your art, poetry etc..

This group is more or less focused on "art" visual and poetry if put to a visual layout or done with creative typographical effects.

-So the classes / podcasts / or even live calls are something we will offer because we are trying to take our business opportunities to the next level.
NO one is obligated - it's our gift to teach those who are not familiar with marketing techniques using this fast paced social media.

We expect that everyone who is selected to participate in the ARTIST with OM FREE mini-Art pkgs to also support the project. That would include tweeting / sharing on any social mediums that you use... we'll have a button or banner for you your site as an "ARTIST with OM" winner!

Basically, in a nut shell ... and I type this on the fly (these donated projects seem to eat time & money) so again, I keep trying to make this easy / simple / understandable.

In order for us to support you / your work - we need you to also support us / the network. Most of you give and do naturally, so I don't think there will be any problem - this is just to ensure there is an equal exchange of energy. There is no complaints - this was something we have been working on for a while - but I have already spent quiet a bit of money getting it up & running as well as many many hours! All of which I gladly did, so no complaints. I am just letting you each know that we are not trying to complicate this. I am trying to get it simple. There is no incentive to work with our artists (not you ladies) who do not also support the community who does not give support back.

For me, and Liane knows, as she has worked with to cut out situations and people who are black holes and there will never be an equal exchange of energy. It's hard to do, because I love everything and everyone who is out here trying to create change and do good things. But sometimes, we have to have discernment and boundaries and chose the people we want to build and work with.

I hope this has clarified and not caused more confusion. If need be, we will have a skype conference call to clarify all details of confusion or ambiguity?

Again, sorry I am unable to concisely formulate the words to express this and clarify all details. I hope that once we get it up and running it will be smooth sailing. ;-)

Thanks again for asking Victoria.

Comment by deZengo on March 15, 2012 at 1:42pm

One more thought ... when we do begin, we need each of our "art" members / team - and hopefully the entire community will also lend support to this program as move forward into the uncharted waters!  Each step that OM Times takes with syndication and other behind the scene updates / upgrades etc... it is to help each one of us -- manifest our dreams that work in harmony with sustainability, healing, wellness etc..

( I can dream can't I - don't bust my bubble yet!  I am visualizing a community that actually wants to help each of our members out and is willing to work with us and collaborate!)  shhhh.. don't wake me yet!)

I am going to open a facebook group just for the OM ARTISTS / a Twitter feed so each of us can promote & support this! 

I am trying to make it user friendly, as there are some who are still a little shaky with social media and how it is best utilized.  :-)  Without sounding (think think think) caddy... since I donate my time & money to get this up and running (and OM donates time & money month keep this going) we will be working with people who collaborate and give back.  That's the bottom line! 

When you are a paying customer, it is still beneficial to all parties to link back and cross promote & support - so no doubt, it would only be "appropriate / considerate / respectful / kind / thoughtful / appreciated / needed" for those who are receiving the benefits of extreme gorilla marketing on your side - it's expected. 

Now, with that said - not everyone understands how this works, so we are going to have some Q & A lectures available soon.  Some will be call in and ask your question, others will just be addressing a specific issue that it would take too much time to type and try to explain in this manner.

If you know of any artists who you think would like to participate and could benefit from this type of exposure - we can begin sending people to the group so they can get acquainted.

IF you have questions, post them here - or as a discussion. 

Great Weekend - I can't promise I won't be back.  LOL


Comment by deZengo on March 15, 2012 at 11:43am

Darlene- I've gone through and tried to read your feedback and implement what I could. 

Next time - we will just have one space to keep feedback and comments about a project, so it's a bit easier to keep up with.  Learning as we go.  ;-) 

Please let me know what you think and what ways we can improve.   Your feedback and support is valued and appreciated.  I realize it's been a bit chaotic as we continue to push forward, but by golly we are getting there!

So please (all our artists who are here) Other than going through the form itself (not open again till 4/1/12) ... does everything make sense?  Understandable?  etc...



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Discussion Forum

How to Submit

Started by deZengo. Last reply by deZengo Apr 5, 2012. 21 Replies

Facebook & Twitter pages Up

Started by deZengo. Last reply by 214ii0f8sjfee Mar 16, 2012. 1 Reply

ARTIST with OM Promo - What You'll Get

Started by deZengo. Last reply by deZengo Mar 13, 2012. 10 Replies

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