Oh mind,my biggest teacher of pain,
how I fought you every day,
it did not stop you from returning,
always there,to show me the way,
oh mind, you paralysed me with fear,
how I fought you, with all of my might,
it did not stop you from returning,
every day and every night

The Lady, who was always singing,
had no more words, just pain,
her throat dry and constricted,
time and time again,
she shied away from everyone,
not wanting to walk outside her door,
for fear of meeting others,
her eyes, always focussed on the floor

She was ashamed, to show herself,
she could not understand,
why her world, was turning upside down,
her Gold, turning into sand,
the mask, for sure it was cracking,
the one she had worn for so long,
the mask of, I can do it all.
for, I am of course, so strong

The mask it crumbled and cracked,
as others stood in fear,
for now, the lady whom appeared,
was not afraid, to show her tears,
she was no longer afraid to ask,
for the help, so desperately needed,
for the call of her Heart was heard
and this time, by her, it was heeded

 So many sad years followed,

trying to find out, whom she truly is,
around her, misunderstandings rife,
only anger,no Happiness nor Bliss,
as tears ran down her cheeks,
her world collapsing before her eyes,
as again, she was not understood,
so many assumptions made and lies

Day by day, she always worked,
at more opening of her Heart,
she knew, how precious this Gift was,
her New Life in Freedom, to start,
oh there were times, I do assure,
that she was on her knees,
times when she has felt so alone,
times when her tears, did not cease

She had to learn not to judge,
for we are all, Sisters and Brothers,
she had to learn to never to assume.
herself and no others,
she had to learn to find her truth
in everything, she heard and read,
not always to listen to her mind
but to her Heart, instead

She had to learn to Love herself,
and this without condition
and to sometimes, walk alone,
on this, her Journey and her mission
and so she walked, sometimes ran,
always, always learning,
that Love, is the one true Source,
a Heart afire and burning

The fear stopped her going into her Heart,
her mind saw Pandora s box,
it saw her kneeling , as a little child,
in a lovely dress and white socks,
then, taking a deep breath, she opened it,
there were jewels, butterflies, all from beauty,
she couldn’t believe these Gifts were hers,
rewards for her Earthly duty

It was not easy to keep to the Path of Love
though did it, I can proudly say,
as I now stand tall, proud and happy,
still learning every day,
of the Blessings that are given to us,
of The Joy that we can make
with open arms and open Heart,
Our Blessed New Life, we can take.

To be continued ;O)
I LOVE YOU pssssssssssssst pass it on HeartToHeart

©BeV Stratton-Proemper 2013

©Bev Stratton-Proemper 2011

acrylic on cardboard

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Replies to This Discussion

Thank you dear Nitya,  thank you, one of the Learnings and a very important one, was to release what is within, therefore anytime something shows itself that needs to released, I am Blessed to be able to close,clear, with a poem or painting, first going deep within to bring it out, which in turn triggers others... the Universal balance is held.

Nitya Bansal said:

I must say, the poem describes the spiritual journey quite aptly. Beautiful poem indeed!

If I can help in anyway  please contact me ,, I do use my artwork page on fb and also my bev stratton-proemper page to help others ,,  muchLove and happy releasing   Bev

Nitya Bansal said:

That is a very nice practice indeed. I and many others are still struggling with ways or methods to release or clear repressed emotions.Love.


Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing your deep personal journey. Isn't it amazing we all reach to same conclusion of self love?


  thank you Trevor

Trevor Taylor said:

its so wonderful to feel dear Shervin ,, just no words to feel the coming together of us all ..muchLove Bev
Shervin Hojat said:


Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing your deep personal journey. Isn't it amazing we all reach to same conclusion of self love?


Beautifully expressed.  I so resonated with this. Lovely!


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