Cathartic Music

I composed The Healing Flower Symphonies  to increase positive emotional values in people. Each flower radiates unique positive energy, such as trust, patience or sincerity. For example, a rose emulates beauty and the daisy feels cheerful. Feelings are contagious, and we can harness flower energy to personally develop positive feelings. To cure the doldrums, pick daisies. To enhance feelings of beauty, listen to the roses.

The frequency of each flower is an octave of the frequency of an emotion; energy transfers between these two levels. This resonance enables flower energy to entrain our emotional energies.

From ancient times and primitive tribes to modern visionaries such as Dr. Edmund Bach,  people have received powerful benefits from ingesting the flower essences.  Each flower addresses an important primary positive emotion common to everyone, such as impatience, doubt, demanding love….  Each track of The Healing Flower Symphonies provides the healing potential of the associated flower.

It is widely accepted by researchers and practitioners of sound healing or vibratory medicine that physical substances have an energy or frequency counterpart.  Furthermore, listening to the frequency of the item involved, can bestow the same benefits as ingesting the physical substance.  For example, if you listen to the frequency of niacin your face will flush, as if you had ingested niacin! Listening to the frequencies of the flowers is a vibrational pathway to the blessings that flowers offer.

In addition to the actual frequencies of twelve flower essences, each track offers powerful, emotionally healing music. The net effect is the wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience coupled with a complex musical composition – together resolving the emotional challenge involved and strengthening the desirable emotional health of the listener.

Each Healing Flower Symphony supports the transformation from a negative emotion to the mastery of it, like impatience to patience, or panic to courage.

At first I questioned if sad music made people sadder, only accumulating negativity. Initially it seemed counterintuitive to musically mimic the negative emotion that each flower was to remedy. I was curious about musical catharsis due to the ancient Greek’s success with this idea. To replicate the effect similar to the ancient Greek’s emotive music, I experimented with cathartic music. Later, I observed people who repeatedly listened to melancholy and sad music. They discarded negative emotional baggage. This enabled them to open up to positive feelings. The idea of catharsis was anything but flawed.

I gained this important insight as I played violin for elderly people in a supported living home over the course of a year. People in their wheelchairs were a captive audience. My music received their full attention as nothing else competed for their focus. Their complete attention made the music potent.

The residents requested that I play music that was popular when they were young, but mostly sad songs. When one is depressed, joyful music is irritating. Their depression needed to be released before they could enjoy upbeat music.

I watched patients who appeared frozen sit in cradled positions with never a glance or say a word to anyone else. Two months into my visits a gentleman fell flat on his face on the floor. Anxiously I ran to help him and noticed that no one else even gazed his way. After playing violin for three months the residents had not spoken a word to me. No one so much as glanced at me or at each other.

This group was able to speak, but chose not to communicate. I wondered why all the people had retreated so deeply. I reflected that after years of pain people are hesitant to be vulnerable and open, lest they get hurt again. Invisible yet insidious pain, gathered after years of life’s trials, weighed them down and eventually created emotional stagnation. They were spending their final years in a “home,” where their isolation grew.

After four months of performing a small change occurred – a few talked to me. At first, I attributed this to them warming up to me. Interestingly, several months later they started talking to one another. Soon they regularly engaged in social chatting. Now I was certain; the music played a vital role in their healthy emotional improvement. The music stirred old pain, bringing it to the surface. It enabled them to reconnect with feelings that they had long ignored, leading to an emotional catharsis. With sad music they loosened the grip of the old, stored pain and let it go. Releasing this storehouse of dark energy allowed them to reach out and include the lonely person next to them in their lives. It also allowed them to enjoy happy music and lighter feelings. It was amazing that when they were regularly exposed to sad emotional, live music for a year that it had such a positive impact on their behavior.

The Healing Flower Symphonies creatively take you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience to patience) as a cathartic release – cleansing emotional baggage. Whatever is repressed has power over us; we have been trained since our earliest years to repress negative emotions. These do not vanish, but show up as an outward negative energy, such as anger or aggression, or an inward force manifesting as depression, insecurity or illness.

The antidote is to feel your pain – it allows a release. This is why grieving works. This isn’t as frightening or as painful as you think. It will not destroy you. Within a surprisingly brief time the pain will dissipate. Simply listen to music and let it help you feel free.

People overwhelmingly report the release of unpleasant emotional baggage, while listening to The Healing Flower Symphonies. Many experienced negative emotions pass out of their energy fields while listening. This is not a pleasant moment. The Healing Flower Symphonies are not for “pansies.”  Others were not aware of their energy fields, but disliked the cathartic music for a brief time.

The negative energy people released varied each time they played The Healing Flower Symphonies. For example, one time a person released impatience and the next time released fear. The body subconsciously releases what it wants to - when it is ready. Repeated listening is like peeling an onion – layer after layer of negative energy is removed.  

To develop a positive attribute, such happiness, it is not enough to maintain the feeling of happiness. It won’t habitually stick, unless you first discharge sadness. We need catharsis.

Listening to violin music triggered right brain usage, which gave people access to their subconscious emotions. They bypassed painful memories as the right brain does not process identifying information. The residents felt sad emotions expressed through a violin solo, without remembering who hurt them. Just feeling the sorrowful emotion over and over again was enough to gradually release it.

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 i agree, too, jill, about melancholy music being healing, as well as literature, movies, etc. (have been said to be melancholy in temperament, but i think that melancholy is more poetic and also, makes for good art).. i am a fan of frederic chopin, john keats, and greta garbo (camille was the saddest one, to me, but queen christina is my favorite). tears are followed by smiles, one has to finish before the other can arrive (or maybe both at the same time)... something like the sunshine after the rain (sometimes, there are sun showers, but those are rare)...

i have featured this article, so that liane will know that i think it is good to add for the magazine. she makes the further decisions, though. 

it is amazing story about the older people and how they changed over time... a very interesting experience for you and them... thank you for sharing! (i might also share this story on the blogs, if you do not mind). :)

many hugs & much love to you, 


Sweet music to you! And I love you sharing these thoughts. I am grateful! J


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