I have been thinking a lot about the unwise choices that I made in my past, and the missed opportunities that they resulted in. I’m sure you have some too. We all do. The blessing is that a our Divine Creator blesses us with an alternative path or situation that can be just as wonderful.

If we so choose, that is. What do I mean by that? Well, the universe is always supporting us to create life affirming choices, but we must do our part, when it comes down to it, we must make the choice ourselves.

For example, I often see people make the choice not to love, or open their heart because of fear. I’m sure you know people like that. You may be in love with someone like that, or lost a relationship because of this, or this may be you. Fear of another failed relationship, fear of being hurt, fear of being vulnerable. There are many reasons. But it’s always about fear. At all times we are either in fear or we are in love. We are either open or we are closed. Expansive or contracted.

Some examples of how we can do this to ourselves are the choice of not going to that event. Not making the phone call. Saying no instead of saying yes. Not completing the project. Dropping out of the group.  Not showing up. Canceling the gig. Making unhealthy choices for our bodies.  So many choices due to fear. And that fear creates choices that can really derail our best intentions. Those fears can be there for many reasons, but they are usually based on “I’m not good enough” “I’m not ready.”“Everyone else is better than me.” “I don’t belong.” “I don’t have what it takes.”

Those are some of the reasons we make poor choices, but how do we get over the choices that we made that weren't so great? All those missed opportunities to love or success? Forgiveness! We must forgive ourselves make peace with our past. Forgive and make peace with our choices and to do that you must see the gift that came with the choice. 

Even with the best intentions, sometimes we are less sure, less confident. Doubt creeps in. Sometimes we don’t have the life skills or inner tools to be able to process them and continue to move forward. The talents God gave us are a ship on a stormy sea, being hit by waves of self doubt. 

So, how do we make peace with our choices when we feel we let ourselves or others down? First of all, life is a process of learning and we are all works in progress, and allow yourself to find the gold in your choices. We must see the good it has given us. I will give you an example. Here is the “gold” from those choices I made: I would not be doing what I am today, which is being of service to others. I also would not be the person I am  today, with all the blessings I have experienced. 

Think about the gold in yours. What are the good things that came from them? What did it teach you about yourself? What nugget of wisdom did you get from it? How did it help the evolution of your soul? .

We have to find the good, we have to find the good in the choices of our past in order to be at peace with them and be at peace with ourselves. To forgive our past we have to find the gold within it. We can also do the inner work so we can make conscious choices rather than unconscious choices. The key is making choices based on what are divinely inspired purpose is, and not based on the “I’m not good enough.” We begin to make inspired choices that bring us toward our vision of a better life instead of away from it.

Walk in grace and may peace and beauty be on your path,


Eileen Anglin is a energy healing master, angelic energy artist, and writer and facilitator of archangel empowerment. She was a popular angel columnist forAbout.com Eileen was nominated by About.com "Readers Choice Favorite Angel Intuitive 2012 & 2013." She founded The Path of the White Rose, her website in 1998 with Angelic Energy Art, Guided angel meditations, prayers, affirmations, Angelic Light Ray Healing and archangel empowerment. Her website blog about angels, healing and empowerment is read worldwide.

Eileen’s life’s work is to create art, audio tools and meditations that help guide others to connect to the Divine in their daily life and to strengthen their connection to the archangels. Her energy art work reflects the power of transformation, healing and inspiration from our connection to Divine Source and our spiritual connection to Nature and animals. 

Her motto is “heal yourself, heal the world” and with the help of the archangels, is on a mission to help to awaken our evolving humanity on this blue jewel called Earth that we live on.

Website: http://eileenanglin.com


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