by Gia Dalton 

Are you feeling weighed down because of the load you’ve been carrying? Do you have a desire to travel light? Are your shoulders tight and your mind full? Have you been covering your hurts with band-aids?

It’s time to leave the baggage behind and remove those band-aids. You didn’t get here over night. Your life has been years in the making, a series of slow and steady steps. You may be asking, “Why would I participate in the creation of a life contrary to my hearts desire?

Many times it’s a quick fix. You put a band-aid over something or a situation for relief. However, the relief doesn’t last very long. Soon you need another band-aide and another. Before you know it you’re covered in band-aids.

But over time the band-aids became something much more. They may have initially covered a fear of failure, that has now turned into “ I am not worthy”, “ I am not good enough”, “I can’t do this on my own”. You may have covered a hurt, that is too painful to face.

If you woke up  thinking “How did I get here?” “How did I get covered with so many band-aids, and what’s with this baggage I am lugging around? It is time to let it go.  

The band-aids were placed over the situations that may have felt too challenging, and difficult to face. Perhaps it was easier to cover your truth, than it was to defend it. The band-aids covered fears, hurts, and disappointments.

The suitcases are filled with everything you’ve told yourself, that keeps you covered with band-aids, and continuing to carry baggage. They are filled with old recordings, and feelings of unworthiness. They are filled with the mistakes you think you have made, along with all the mistakes that others have told you, you’ve made. The suitcases contain untruths. They contain every negative word anyone has ever spoken to you, every hurt, every fear, and every lie. They even contain nonsense that has been handed down from generation to generation, old dogmas, and ideology that doesn’t belong to you.

While the image of you covered in band-aids struggling with baggage may be amusing at best; the harsh reality is you don’t know how to make a change. Where do you start? How do you let go of the baggage and remove the band-aids

The simplest way of course would be to put down the suitcases. Drop them where they are, and keep on walking. Leave the baggage behind. While you are at it, start removing all those silly band-aids. But first you need to understand why you have them in the first place.

The suitcases represent much more than what they contain, making them difficult to put down. They are filled with attachments that have somehow turned into a false sense of security. Who would you be without them? They have become part of a mistaken identity. They can be pretentious. You need to be transparent.

So here you are, lugging around suitcases, refusing to put them down. On top of everything else, you’re worried about what others might think and say, if you did.  The people around you have become accustomed to the way you are. Some are comfortable with your band-aids, and baggage.  If you didn’t care what people think or say, you’d quit carrying the suitcases, and tear off the bandages immediately. You would begin manifesting, an authentic life. Somehow the consequences of your actions are not nearly as important as what others might think and say. Why do you need their validation?

You might have married to feel validated. You may divorce because of it.  Dating is often based on validation. What will your parents say?  What might your sister say? You stay in a job you are no longer aligned with, because someone told you it was a worthy profession. It is what you are supposed to do. You want social status, so you compromise. Slowly and steadily you have accumulated more and more baggage, suitcases filled with attachments, covered in band-aids, loosing yourself completely.

The life you are living could be identical to your parents. I’m referring to negative life style choices, addictions, and aspects that are detrimental. They can be passed down from generation to generation. You may have inherited some suitcases from your parents, or their parents. That was their baggage and not yours to carry. You can break that cycle right now.

Without the baggage and the band-aids you are enough. You are complete. You were created exactly the way you were meant to be. It’s okay for you to choose a path simply because it makes you happy. You are aspiring to be the best version of you, based on what you think is “best” for you.

If you can muster up the courage, and I know you can, to face hurts, fears, and false attachments, kicking the suitcases to the curb, you won’t need anyone’s validation. It won’t matter anymore. You will emerge stronger, happier, and a whole lot lighter! You have been adding for years, accumulating baggage. It’s time to do a little subtracting, by letting go of everything that does not serve you. You will be of better service to yourself and others as a result.

Today marks a turning point. It is time to evaluate what is working and what is not. It’s time to release old thought patterns, conditioning and false attachments. It’s time to leave the baggage behind and remove those band-aids once and for all.

Validate yourself by allowing how you feel to dictate what you choose to keep. You are entitled to change your mind; it is for your highest good, and the highest good of those around you.

Are you ready? Imagine yourself walking down a country road, carrying your suitcases. You’re struggling as the suitcases are heavy, and twisting. The dirt road is uneven and bumpy. Feeling exhausted you finally stop. Taking a deep breath, you look around and realize you are walking past a beautiful field of wild flowers. The air is fragrant and sweet. You hear the sound of birds chirping, and the wind rustling through the trees. You can feel the breeze on your face, gently cooling the sweat dripping from your brow, and blowing your hair away from your face. You sigh deeply, putting down the suitcases. Looking first to the right , then the left, and without a second thought, you continue walking down the beautiful country road, leaving the baggage behind. You are smiling, happy, and finally free.

Whatever you left behind is no longer a part of you. You are released from the baggage you've been carrying. The band-aids are gone too. You are worthy. You are important. You are enough. 

Long before anyone told you who you could be, before all the adding, you knew who you were. Today you were called to remember.


Gia Dalton is a Visionary Writer, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Intuitive Life Strategist. “My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love.”



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Hi Gia,  Nice article!  Can you please make one modification?  Band-Aid(r) is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson.  While we have come to use it as a generic term, such as Kleenex (a.k.a. facial tissues), which is also a trademarked name, we must honor the trademark.  Can you please select another term (adhesive bandage, bandage) or capitalize Band-Aid(r) and use the registered trademark symbol (an "r" with a circle around it) to use throughout the article?  Then please send it to me for submission.  Thanks!

Hi Diane,

 Absolutely, I am on it! I will send it to your email as soon as I have made the modifications. Thank you again for selecting and taking the time to work with me. :) 

Have a great night.



I edited the article on this page and will send you the word doc first thing in the morning. Thanks again. 

Gia :) 


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