Article (and video) Submission: Are you spiritual enough to have a perfect life?

Highly awake people tend to be ultra-conscious, which often translates into being overly critical of everything they do, and even who they are. In spite of pure intentions, good deeds and spiritual striving, the weight of self-criticism can bog the spiritual seeker down in Earthy mud and muck! No matter how hard those chakra wheels spin, there is little traction to get unstuck. A belief rises to the surface:

If I were only spiritual enough, everything in my life would fall into place.

Is this conviction keeping your contentment hostage? Are you constantly trying to “change negative thinking” or “process fears” or perfect your spiritual practices? Are you really sure you are doing everything RIGHT?

Perhaps you should learn to meditate in that Earthly mud… or better yet, just play in it!

Yes, dear seeker, this moment – as you recognize just how inadequate you are and how many more miles there are to walk on your spiritual journey – is the perfect time to take a long, deep, loving breath and exhale gratitude with a heart-felt “OM.” Put that soft Buddha smile back on your face before you read on.

Like any good, spiritual enthusiast, you likely did as instructed… and perhaps you feel better… or not. The question is, Do you believe there is an ever-evading perfect life waiting for you to ascend to it?

Rather than process your beliefs about this one, or give you some affirmations to repeat for the next 21 days, here are some essential truths for your heart to behold:

  • You are inherently worthy. Nothing you do, say, believe or reject will change this fact. In human form, you may experience hardships or make misaligned choices, but your worthiness never waivers.
  • You do not create your reality alone. As a collective consciousness, we have agreed to come to the planet together and have co-created the parameters in which to experience life. Your perceptions, actions and feelings are your own, but you are part of a greater collective of perceivers, actors and feelers. What others do is out of your control, though you can influence the world.
  • You always have choices. Whether or not you created a particular incident in your life doesn’t mean that you have to feel powerless about it. Empowerment comes from owning your actions (like recognizing the choices you made) and deciding how to experience life’s situations.
  • You may have something to gain in disharmony. You can choose to call them lessons - and believe you still have much to learn - or you can accept the ebb of life just as you welcome the flow. You can realize the value in movement, tension and variety. You can discover the richness in compost.
  • You – and life – are Perfect now. As much as this may trigger your sense of righteousness with a hearty “NO!” there is a Perfection to All That Is… and you and your life are part of the All That Is. You can fight it, or surrender to it. It takes courage and trust to surrender to the unknown. 

Maybe, wise one, you are already evolved and your only “lesson” is to embrace your Perfection now? Perhaps it is time to stop taking it all so seriously (as you are oh-so-beautifully conscious that you actually know you are always emanating your best anyway). It’s time to have a bit of fun for a change!

Need ideas about what to do at recess, spiritual student?

  • Play in the mud! Put on those boots and go for a messy splash! Or, let your toes squish around in it. Find a worm, make a mud-cake, or smear it all over your face. The Earth’s elements are rich and nourishing to the human body. Take her in.
  • Enjoy your friends. Play a game, toss a ball, laugh, tell a joke, make up rhymes, climb a tree, laugh some more, and use your imagination to pretend to be what you wish to be. Good doses of fun friend time are necessary to cultivate joy.
  • Listen to or tell a story. Stories move us. From villains to heroes to hardships and accomplishments, immerse yourself in folk, fairy-tales or fantasy. Feel your heart sink with chronicles of defeat. Let your soul soar with the tales of triumph! 
  • Snack and rest. An ascending spirit cannot carry a weary body alone. Regardless of the “correct” foods that a spiritual devotee “should” eat, listen to your body and be sure to give it what it needs. It’s difficult to learn or play without proper nutrients and rest. Enjoy eating and resting without guilt.

Life is an amazing unfoldment of the All That Is, ever-changing, ever-Perfect, ever-mysterious. As we awaken further to our higher spiritual consciousness, we will discover what we perceive to be obstacles along the way. Are they obstacles? Did we create them? Perhaps. 

Allowing your Perfection is remembering that you are absolutely spiritual enough, your life is a Divine reflection of your expanding soul, and the present moment is where you get to embrace it… mud, muck and ascension.

Veronica Lee is a Spiritual Mentor and Mystic. She has shared her insights and wisdom with thousands around the globe, directing people to align with their essence, harness their gifts and cultivate empowered, joyful lives. She offers practical tools to support your spiritual evolution. Visit her website to access a free eBook and meditative audio at:

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Great article, Veronica!! Thank you!!

Thanks, Shannon! The complimentary video JUST uploaded after about 12 hours! I first uploaded the unedited version by mistake, which took many hours, but the second try with the edited version took even longer as my internet was super slow with all the activity. Glad you enjoyed it... and perhaps the video now that it's up. 

Hi, Veronica.  I'm forwarding to the publishers for the magazine.  I have just one question.  I love the "play in the mud" phrase,.  Is there any way to add it to the title to capture reader attention?  Maybe something like, "Playing in the Mud: Are You Spiritual Enough to.....?"

Hi Lisa,

I don't focus too much on this one aspect in the article; it's more of an offering amongst other ideas to help us lighten up a bit and although it resonated with you, it seems like a stretch to add one of the tips as part of the title. 

Then again, I don't know what "hooks" people in titles, so I will trust the editors to make this call.

This really came from my experience of spiritual people believing that if they just got things "right" spiritually then everything would be perfect in their lives... money, relationships, emotions, health, etc. Thanks for passing it on!

Also, I'll be submitting the audio recording of the article by tomorrow.  




Great phrase, though


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