For most people, one day becomes the next and life slips by unremarkable. We’re jarred awake by an alarm, drink our coffee, pull on our coat and head out the door for work. Or we may stay in with our children or carpool them to school and activities. We rush through our life in a state of auto-pilot, often unaware of the miracles happening around us; unconscious of the blessings in each moment.

What is it that moves our lives from ordinary to extraordinary? Why is it that some people seem to walk in Grace while others struggle daily with hardships? What is it we can do to more fully participate in the wonders of life?

Our perspective on life and subsequent quality of our day-to-day living will naturally begin to shift when our faith settles into our bones and runs deep into the core of our being. Things stop happening to us and begin happening for us. Even when it appears everything is in total chaos, there is a peaceful trust in a divine plan.

Deep faith comes from the belief that everything is for our highest good and growth. Changing our perspectives to reflect this belief is essential in order to fully embody it. The lived experience then becomes one of finding Grace in everything that happens.

How this happens doesn’t have to be a great mystery. Simply put, faith settles into our bones when we shift our perspective. As we do so, the way we live and move in the world changes. This experience, however, requires considerable awareness, dedication and commitment.

Finding the blessing in the difficulties and tragedies of our life isn’t easy. Although we may learn to have acceptance in the moment, discovering anything even remotely good about these situations usually doesn’t happen without the gift of time. Looking back over our lives, we can often see the ending of a relationship or job resulted in something better. At the time, however, we felt lost and betrayed.

Having the experience of a time perspective can assist us in knowing there is a greater picture being painted than we can see in the moment. In our day-to-day living we can also increase our recognition of our blessings through paying attention to our thoughts and feelings. When we observe how we are making meaning of the world, we can change unconscious reactions.

Paying attention to our thoughts may initially make us feel a little crazy as we hear our internal monologue. It can be a bit disconcerting the first time we observe ourselves “speak” to ourselves by name or in second person (i.e. “you shouldn’t have said that …”). It is enlightening, however, to recognize when our thoughts are not in alignment with our trust and beliefs.

For example, we may consider ourselves to be loving and non-judgmental, however find ourselves looking at someone and having thoughts that are quite the opposite. Someone cuts us off in traffic and we mentally curse them. We miss our plane and get angry at the airline company. Our lack of love and trust runs unconscious until we start paying attention.

Changing those thoughts isn’t possible without being aware of them. Once aware, discerning which part of us is talking and the origin of our thoughts is useful in choosing a perspective that supports our faith. Acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others begins with understanding.

Each moment, each thought offers a choice. Being able to make that choice from a place of love requires observing our thoughts without judgment. We gently ask ourselves: “whose thought is this? Where did the thought originate? What part of me is speaking?”

By holding our thoughts and feelings with loving compassion, we are able to identify which thoughts serve us and which do not. It is through this recognition we can then begin to make choices in perspective, language and action. In this way we more fully live in alignment with our spiritual ideals.

Our lives move from ordinary to extraordinary as we make choices and see things from a soul perspective. It has been said the more we are grateful for our blessings, the more blessings we are given. Seeing the wonder in every day starts with the simple step of BRINGING the wonder to each day. This step then becomes the path and journey to an embodied faith and life of grace.


Shannon Crane is a writer, speaker and coach passionate about sharing how one's focus, feelings and perspective influence the quality of life. She is currently developing A New Life Perspective course and retreat program to help individuals break free from disappointment, discover their power to create and see things from a soul perspective. You can join her Facebook community or connect with her at

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