7 Mind, Body & Spirit Tips You Can Start Right Now !

by Gia Dalton DOM AP.Dipl. Ac 

Do you want to live a balanced Mind, Body & Spirit Life ? A life where you feel lighter, happier, and more joyful?

Incorporate these 7 tips and you will witness a miraculous transformation. Your continued effort will led to a bright new perspective. Begin right now, from where ever you are, with a hopeful, happy and joyful heart.

1. Meditate

AM- Before you even get out of bed, as soon as you open your eyes.... meditate. Meditating or praying first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to set tone for the day. Be thankful. Practice gratitude, Take a few deep cleansing breaths. Count your blessings. It's a brand new beautiful day filled with many wonderful experiences, possibilities and opportunities to learn, grow and love. Put your hand on your beating heart. There is a roof over your head. Be thankful for that. Think about how you would like your day to go. Play it out in your mind. Surround yourself, family and friends with light, love and the heavenly Angels. Just 15 minutes will do the trick.

PM- Take a few deep, relaxing. cleansing breaths. Bathe every cell in your body by visually infusing them with healing love and light. Express gratitude. Bless family and friends. Be thankful for your job if you have one. Even  if it is not the position you would like to have forever, you can still be grateful. Recall highlights of your day.  Moments where  you felt pure exhilaration, love and joy. Let go of any stress or uneasiness. Tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to start again. Don't beat yourself up if something did not go as planned. One you know better, you can do better. Bless the day a success and sleep peacefully.

2. Get Enough Rest

Sleep is very important. Your body heals and rejuvenates while you sleep.  Start your day feeling refreshed, not exhausted and tired. Plan for sleep. Your bedroom should be cozy and inviting. Soft lighting, pillows and bedding. Remove all clutter, dust, and technology. Create a soothing environment for sleep. Please do not fall asleep listening to the local news...you are infusing your mind all night with what you are hearing.  If you need to listen to something buy a meditation CD. You can set it on a timer for approximately 30-40 minutes. It will automatically shut off, and you will ease into a peaceful, restful sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil  can be used to further facilitate sleep as its aroma is soothing. Just place a drop on each wrist and massage five drops on the bottom of each foot.  If you are feeling stressed you can also place two drops on the nape of your neck or your brow.  Shut down your mind early. Do not use any technology after 7 pm. It is time to wind down and ease gently into a peaceful place.

Tip: Close the shades or curtains at night in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a comfortable, relaxing and sacred space. This is a Fund Shui tip to keep the good Qi ( Chi) Life Force in and negative energies out Open the curtains in the morning and welcome the new day. Hang crystals in the windows or over doorways to attract good Qi and repel low level energies. Crystals also attract abundance.

3. Nutritious Foods

Eating healthy nutritious foods that are not laden with chemicals, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, pesticides and GMOs is vitally important. You are fueling and infusing your body with the energetic properties of the food and drink you are ingesting.  Take care of yourself by being mindful of what you put in your body. This begins at breakfast.  If you are grabbing a pop tart or a bowl of sugar coated cereal,  running out the door you are hardly nourishing your body. SLOOOOOOW DOWN....You may need to get up a half hour earlier and get to bed a half hour earlier.  So be it. It is important to take care of yourself by preparing and eating healthy nutritious meals. Your body is your temple. Do not desecrate it.

Over the weekend visit local organic markets and stock up on what you will need for the week. Think about what you would like to prepare for lunch and dinners. Do some research about food choices and what might best benefit you. Keep it simple and keep it healthy. The more colorful your fruit and veggie choices the better. As your body will be receiving a variety of vitamins, as well as medicinal benefit. While you are shopping remind yourself that you are doing something that will make you feel better. You deserve it.  The foods you choose will  keep your body functioning optimally. You will have more energy and greater vitality.

In a traditional grocery store, stay away from the center isles. That is where you will find the most processed foods. On Sunday designate some time to slice and dice your veggies. Put them in small containers in the refrigerator.  That way they are washed, ready to eat and incorporate in your meals. Steam veggies and rice in advance.  That way you will always have a quick and easy dinner starter.  If you are like me, when I get home from work, I need to have quick meal choices ready to go, Remember to choose a wide variety of  fruits and veggies. Mix it up weekly and try new things.

Don't eat at the counter standing up. Sit down, give yourself a few minutes. Thank God and the Universe for the food you are about to enjoy. Think about  how it will nourish and replenish your body. If you are inspired to become Vegan, then take steps in that direction. As you evolve to a higher spiritual consciousness you may decide to give up certain foods.

4. Exercise

Walking briskly just a half  hour each day will do your body good! Even modest amounts of walking can add years to your life. Regular exercise has been helpful in preventing heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Walking helps  control your weight. It strengthens the muscles and bones, decreasing the risk or arthritis and osteoporosis. You may even be inspired to do a little more.

If it is too hot or cold for a walk outdoors, you might consider investing in a treadmill or perhaps joining a gym. Take Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong classes. Join a hiking or kayaking group. Regular exercise contributes to developing a healthy life style. Get up and move. Get physical ! It is the secret to health and longevity.

5. Let it go. Let it go...

" In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things nor meant for you. "  Buddha

Do you want to heal emotionally...physically ? You've got to learn to let things go. Whatever it is that is holding you in bondage.,..let it go. Whatever happened in the past has no power over you in the present moment. Stop talking about it. Nothing that has happened can ever define you. The moment you release whatever or who ever is causing you pain and suffering your body will begin to heal.

Let go and let God. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. God knows what you are going to do before you even do it. He forgives you. Forgive yourself. People are doing the best they can with what they have,  from where they are. We all make mistakes. No two people are alike. Do not make comparisons. Comparisons only separates people.  Stop gossiping! Mind your own business. Take care of you. Be the best you can be,

Give up your need to be right.  It really doesn't matter. People are not meeting you where you are. They are meeting you from where they are. Some are more evolved than others. That being said you would not argue with a child. Why would you argue with an adult who is clearly not at the same place spiritually. Now... do not be a spiritual snob. Keep in mind that someone may be more evolved than you. No judgement... it is what it is. Being right is not always the path of least resistance and often is the path of most resistance. Do you want to be happy? Or do you want to be right?

Give up the need to control. People can barely control themselves all of time. Do you really think attempting to control others is wise? They are going to do what they want anyway .Are you being a bully?  Are you attempting to scare someone into submission? Control is for the weak. A strong person knows he or she can not control anyone. People come to terms with things when they are ready. Boundaries are a better way to protect yourself. Establish and set boundaries. This is healthy. If someone chooses not to abide by the boundaries you have established, let them go. You may be a catalyst for change.

Give up the need to judge. Be an observer. Being an observer means you witness something and do not judge it as good or bad. It is what it is nothing more. If you catch yourself feeling a certain way, remember that you are an observer... what you see or hear is providing contrast. Knowing what you do not want,  helps to clarify what you do want.

Negative people at work. Every stick has two ends. At one end of the stick you see what you do not want which is to be around negativity. On the other end of the stick you desire a positive, peaceful, cooperative work place. If you think you are going to hear negativity, you will. Situations will present themselves to you to further confirm your thinking. Let go of that mindset. Practice positivity anyway. People who are not aligned with your energy will slowly move out of your circles naturally and on their own. That is the Law of Attraction.

There are a few ways you can avoid negativity at work. Steer clear of people who are continually negative. If you are at a meeting stay focused on the topic. Do not be distracted by the "That's the way its always been done" mentality, or negative comments. That is not about you. People often attempt to mask weaknesses by being overly defensive, aggressive, negative or arrogant.

Observe and listen but do not react. You can respond, but do not react. Be deliberate with your intention. When you are centered and grounded nothing can disturb your peace. Speak deliberately with intention, and without emotion. Then let it go. Again it is best to define boundaries with difficult people if you can.

Graciously excuse yourself, when the conversation shifts to petty complaints, grievances, or gossip. Take care of you. You can't control what others say or do but you can control how you react. You have control of your personal space.The rest...let it go !

6. Have Fun  "The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy."  Proverb

Life was meant to be enjoyed. It was meant to be fun. Have some fun. Fly a kite. Go to an amusement park or on a hay ride. Play a game. Be silly and spontaneous. The best medicine for healing is play. When you are playing you are not focused on sickness, or problems. In that moment your body finds relief. In relief your body immediately knows what to do to heal itself. Emotionally, physically and spirituality, play provides relief.

Sometimes your mind just needs a break...again relief. Watch a comedy. Go see an improvisation group or comedian. Laugh out loud. Giggle. Tell a funny joke. Draw silly pics. Write a comedy.

Find joy. Discover and infuse a sense of joy in all that you do. Be present and in the moment. Acknowledge how you feel when you are happy. How does your body feel.  Whistle. Hum a happy tune. Be joyful. This is "The Joy of Living". Your spirit will soar with joy.

7. LOVE Do everything with love. Infuse your life with love. When you live a love realized life your life will always be happy. Love the process. Love the journey. Love yourself and love one another.

Incorporate the suggestions hat you feel most aligned with. For every question there is an answer waiting to be found. Always trust your intuition and know that you can never get it wrong. You are a powerful creator of your experience and perception. You are exactly where you were meant to be at this moment. It is part of your journey. Happy Mind, Body & Spirit Connection.


Passionate about health and spirituality, teaching, the arts, and living spherically, Gia's journey has infused her writing and books with edgy, compassionate, inspiring, uplifting, poignant, motivational stories, health tips and spiritual practices with a creative and witty flare.
" I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, teacher, visionary writer, author, speaker, coach andintuitive life strategist. My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love."


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