The Last 12 months have seen a plethora of new words added to the English Language and major English dictionaries.

Social terms, for instance, include...

...bezzie, boyf, deets, First World problem, and stressy whilst technology brings us chatbot, forumite, Godwin’s law, and the recently launched LTE and 4G mobile networks.

The continuing impact of the financial world can be seen in the addition of...

...debt trap, payday loan, and payday lender.

Contemporary culture has introduced new words like ...

...ridic, group hug, vote (someone or something) off the island, and date night.

The world of technology also remains a major influence on the English language, with innovative advances reflected in new entries including...

...ethical hacker, 3D printing, and e-learning. Social media also continues to shape language evolution: tweeps, video chat,lifecasting, and hat tip are among the latest words to make their English Dictionary debut, while acronyms regularly used online (from lulz to DW and UX) have also been recognized.

Look at Superfly (stylish), boo (boyfriend), and skookum house (prison)

A variety of new words have been added to the dictionary, from (A to Z) aptonym to whatevs. Whether you are a sports fan who hopes to one day win the scudetto, or a fashionista debating whether to buy a onesie or a bandage dress, you are sure to find something to interest you.

Also added are words from the world of finance and banking...

...Robin Hood tax, debt ceiling, sovereign debt), computing (ransomware, geodata), and the environment (green technology, eco-driving, water footprint) ensure you always have the most current definitions at your fingertips.

Gaming also plays a big role in the latest update, with...

...gamification, ludology, and social gaming all featuring. Or perhaps you prefer to step away from the computer screen and indulge in some LARPing, cyberchondriac to scratchiti,.

And from flame war and bloggy to slacktivism and crowdfunding, a whole host of barbecue-stoppers have been added to the dictionary.

Influences in current English dictionaries include this year's momentous events, such as...

....Arab Spring and phone hacking, as well as the ongoing concern for the environment (carbon debt, precycling, and eco-activist).

And with new hobbies and activities, such as...

...wild swimming and cage diving, also featuring, there should be something for everyone in the new additions.

Whether you are indulging in a caprese, grilled meat with chimichurri, or gado gado, you’ll be pleased to hear that all of these food words have made it into mainsteam English.

You can wash these delicious dishes down with a long black – unless a fat tax is introduced on any of these, which might make becoming a junketeer a more attractive option… Or if instead you want to become a social entrepreneur and solve problems such as water poverty, make sure you don’t make any fat finger mistakes when you are doing your e-banking, or you will find yourself doing a facepalm.

Do manage to spare a few femtoseconds in your busy schedule to look at some schmick new words.. Whether you enjoy crafting, free running, or just surfing the Internet on your lappy, you're sure to find something to interest you amongst the new additions to the English Language.

The world of computers and social networking continues to be a major influence on the English language, with the introduction of badware, and social graph into the dictionary. Fashion and relationships also play an important role with bridezilla, mani-pedi, and bestie all being added in this update.

Lots of bloggable words were also added to the dictionary from babycino (milk and cappuccino's for children) to silent disco.

There are plenty of words for onliners, with clickjacking, cybersecurity, and bounce rate included in the new additions. Foodies are also in for a treat with kleftiko, banh mi, chermoula, and gremolata all featuring.

The new additions also include terms from the world of politics such as alternative vote, dog whistle), fashion (jeggings), food and drink (flat white, slow food) and much more ...

...but my favourite new word has to be 'Silent-disco' which refers to people dancing in the street with headphones on. You have to guess the music because only they can hear it...

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Very Cool -- 

Thank you Dr Haider. I have to say when editing, one has to keep up with all these new words. When I see a new word popping up on articles I edit here I have to do a quick check in the latest Dictionary to see if it has 'arrived' in mainstream English. New words in English are a fast moving phenomena in the last couple of years in the English language because of the Internet, 'text speak' and fast converging languages, and one just has to keep up !!!

Enjoyed this one, thanks for posting!

How about having a "playdate"?  as children we used to "hang out" .... now kids have playdates....


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