‘Tis the week of Thanksgiving and all through the house, minds are firmly taking charge of their mouths. That’s advisable for any holiday week, and fortunately it’s exactly what the skies are encouraging now.  

The extended outlook is favorable for that tactic staying in place and relationships flowing smoothly, except, no surprise, on the afternoon and evening of Thanksgiving Day itself. Well, after all, we are only human. Whatever disruptions and discomfort surface, they’ll be history (or rocket fuel) by Sunday, when personal prisons fly open and we give ourselves freer rein.

Compared to the beginning of the month, the planetary activity is minimal and relatively gentle. Mercury, ruler of communication and getting around, meets with structure-loving Saturn on Monday. Minds calm. Thoughts, messages and conversations turn serious, practical and realistic.

That sureness smooths the way to a cooperative link on Wednesday between Mercury and Venus, ruler of our hearts and desires.  Openings pop up to connect, to converse and generally convey your heart and mind, to audiences that are more than amenable.

Chatter and sociability ramp up on Thanksgiving morning, when Mercury and Venus make contacts to cosmic party guy Jupiter. Everyone has something to say, and how. The connecting and general running around spirals up and up and up until internal rumblings start.  You’re getting a long-distance view of dynamics that are stuck in the past, and those rumblings are indicators of what your soul longs -- needs -- to change.

You’re on the way. The seismic activity is part of your personal journey of evolution. Next stop: Sunday, when the Sun opens a channel to the liberating genius of Uranus. Stuck? No way. You may be startled by what opens up, but stuck is one thing you will not be.

Monday:  Serious issues begin to work themselves out in your mind overnight. More of the same follows in the daytime, which brings certainty, containment and mature, responsible communication.  Use this groundedness to navigate any wooziness that arises in relationship and money matters, whether from confusion, or romanticizing/fantasizing, or being anxious about trusting that a development is real. The Moon in Virgo puts discernment at your disposal, so run information by your intellect; just take care not to fall into chewing, mulling or worrying. Entitlement genes will be making their presence known, including yours. Keep in mind that some of the shenanigans will stem from insecurity, overcompensation and guilt. Consider the source.

Tuesday:  Emotional gears churn and turn during the overnight hours and deposit you in a new and improved relationship to the ongoing turmoil and upheaval. Admit it; you like the new you.  Motivation is high and clear for direct, concrete, efficient action; the more you take a new (to you) path or approach, the better.  Opportunities are on offer to firm up information and plans, to hold discussions that get down to business. Entitlement genes are rearing their heads again. Give them free rein. Communication’s enjoying a golden flow, and most everything will be expressed and received with good intentions.

Wednesday:   And we’re off! Or are we? The day erupts with energy and then propels us into an atmosphere that feels like floating in mid-air. The Moon meets action hero Mars at 6:44 AM EST and goes void of course (what that means) until 5 PM this evening. It’s a recipe for highly effective cleaning, organizing, filing and other tasks that will by their nature require redoing. (Preparing for a holiday gathering, perhaps?) There’s much to talk about come evening, and plenty of opportunity for it. 

Thursday:  Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating in the US and elsewhere! Minds race before the dawn. Once people get moving, the auspices are good for open hearts, happy interacting and lots of tasting food before it hits the table. All too soon, though, rumblings enter the picture -- the desire (but likely not the ability) to get away from companions (try going outdoors), awareness of a paradigm or two that have very definitely not changed. As much as patterns and people around you may be living in another decade, you, however, are not.  Decide to act with maturity, responsibility and integrity, even with old behaviors crooking an enticing finger at you. That approach will leave less of a mess when you’re compelled to put old situations to rest.

Friday:  You could wake up feeling as if socializing has been underway (and testing you a bit) for hours.  You have permission to simply be for the entire day, because the Moon is void of course (what that means) from 6:14 AM until 11:04 PM EST.  As the day unfolds, notice how your mode of communicating and relating has changed from previous years. You don’t have to fall into old, aggravating or unhelpful patterns. Be who you are know and let whatever happens, happen. Guardian angels will handle the rest (or it will feel as if they do).  When the Moon slips into Scorpio just after 11 EST, be prepared to go deep. Put writing materials by the bedside. Ask for a dream about any question, and be sure to specify that (a) it use symbolism you understand and (b) you remember it.

Saturday:  Dreamland lives up to its name overnight. At minimum it treated you to a sweet escape. It’s probable, though, that the storylines were laced with inspiration and guidance, especially if you asked for them. Major personal breakthrough is the order of the day. Maybe you’re making like a chick emerging from a shell. Maybe you’re pushing open a door. Maybe sudden plot twists are ushering you into nigh-on unbelievable situations tailor-made for you. You can make last and profound shifts, if you accept them. A verbal barb or two might come your way; don’t let any embed.

Sunday:  The last month of the year begins today. (Insert obligatory disbelief that the year is already coming to an end.) We go into it with a grounding, calm, certainty and optimism that belies the turmoil that has rocked most of the year. Use the morning for making connections and sharing simple pleasures. Edginess creeps in all too soon, with people either dreading or hankering for more big changes. Conversations are a spawning ground for these reactions. It’ll be easy to dance around big questions, and to interpret messages in a way that fuels dread. The later hours fuel second winds. When you were a child, did you experience restlessness on Sunday evenings, just from knowing that school was on the other side of bedtime? Tonight’s like that.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to Kathy’sfive-minute podcast.
About Kathy Biehl

Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit EmpowermentUnlimited.netfor her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also find her on Facebook, and at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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