Breakthroughs - The over-riding, high level energies and directions for the year of 2014, which continues with wild, wild rides, is Breakthrough on…

The year 2013 began the consciousness of the Shift happening on this planet. The Oracle spoke to us telling us that Fearlessness was to be our focus for the entire year of 2013. As with all information from the Oracle, Fearlessness, as a practice, is something to be maintained yet it was required as the main focus for the entire year of 2013. So it is with 2014 and its Breakthroughs.

The fact that you are still here and reading this Oracle, when so many are transitioning off the planet from the shifting energies, says you have now moved into the next era as we continue to birth the new paradigm and what that brings as an over-riding direction? Stay aware and alert during the first half of this momentous year 2014 for the breakthroughs that will be coming to you and the Oracle says the second half of 2014, beginning in July, is all about integrating those breakthroughs as we move on to another year of solidification, 2015.

Let’s stay here for now and understand that as the new energies expand upon this planet and take hold of the hearts and minds of more and more people, there are still those others who continue to fight, resist and struggle to keep the status quo. It is part of the Law of Compassion, as we integrate the laws of the new dimension, to understand that not all will hear, understand or believe the changes coming and that is just fine, not all are needed and the sovereignty of each and every soul is to be honored. Look for or keep your eyes and ears, metaphorically, open for a particular breakthrough in “spiritual egotism.” This has been discussed before by this Oracle, those who have journeyed long and hard in breaking through the veils for a good part of their lives, those who have been teaching and sharing and believing in the righteousness of their positions is something to be on the lookout for and to be handled. Breakthroughs will surround this understanding throughout 2014 as you focus on deepening and expanding your spiritual perspective this year.

Generally speaking you know which patterns need to change, but again lots of times you do not. This is what is anticipated the first part of 2014; you will be shifting or breaking up patterns that no long assist you in your life. There are so many. You get into these patterns because for some period of time they served you well in defending yourself or protecting yourself or keeping you from being involved at a different level. Maybe it was the way to get what you wanted and it worked for a long time, but is not working so well any more.

The most important information about Breakthroughs for this year is the admonition that if you are not paying attention to the issues that you need to change, if you are ignoring those relationships which need changing, if you are just blowing it all off thinking you are fine or that nothing good will come from that change or even it is just, plain and simple, too hard, you will have to pay attention. Why? Because you know what and I bet you do know, as those of us who have been on the path a while and even if you are new to the path of living in an awakened state, the truth of the matter is that the Universe, in conjunction with your Soul energy, knows the changes necessary for you to grow, to not get stuck, to not get so comfortable that you forget growing in Spirit is the name of the game on this planet. The Universe will, indeed, hit you with some kind of two by four and really put your awareness to a subject that needs your attention. By then it has usually grown to epic proportions and, gads, you have to deal with it in a much bigger way, more challenging than if you checked it out early on. While it may be a difficult change, it truly does get better and better with time and practice. It is my understanding that these two by fours sent by the Universe can be a serious too: Accidents or major health issues. Do not wait for these to occur or if they do, get right on it, eh? It would be best to begin your exploration now and make the changes as quickly and easily as possible.

So, the Oracle advises not resisting the changes that are needed in your life. Begin reviewing them as the breakthrough cycles will continue and can afford you great a-ha moments and then the feeling of satisfaction that comes from the knowing that you are changing and therefore growing. If you release the resistance to these changes, the energies assist you in making the changes.

With your forethought and preparation for breakthroughs during the first part of the year, know that the second half of 2014 will be supportive in solidifying the work that you have done, whether you wanted to or not! The experiences during the first part of 2014 will be the basis upon which you add chapters to your brand new story you have started, without all the patterns that have been bogging you down: Playing the fool, not acknowledging your spiritual side, not acknowledging that you are smart, afraid to speak your mind, afraid of changing a relationship that is past its time (spouse, partner, friend, family, boss, minister, teacher), afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to be strong, feeling superior, feeling inferior, allowing others to direct your life, taking charge of yourself…the list can go on and on…make your own list.

Remember, you are self aware, authentic, a True One; You are being the change you want to see in the world, not being some else’s version of who you should be. There is change afoot for all of us. You are to breakthrough and then integrate those breakthroughs!

Your attention on the breakthroughs, aligning and adjusting your life to them and into a more efficient experience, will provide you with a deeper perspective from which to exercise the expression of yourself – bigger and bigger, ever more expansive. Staying open to the changes coming will truly ground you further within the bonds of Divine Love that hold it all together all the time no matter what and so remember…All You Need Is Love…it will truly sustain you on your journey through 2014.

Let your mantra for 2014 be: I AM breaking through situations and thoughts I have wanted to break through for years and I LOVE it!!!…And So It Is!!!

Love from the Lotus World <333,

Note: Darity Wesley is the Founder and Chief Spiritual Revivalist at ReviveYourSpirit™ based in San Diego, California. You can contact her at You can follow her on Twitter @SpiritReviver. If you wish to subscribe to Darity’s ~The Daily Oracle~™, just send an email to, simply put “Subscribe” in the subject line. To learn more about Darity see her Bio page here on OM-Times Magazine If you are on Facebook, help promote Darity by clicking the “Like” button at © 2013-2014 Darity Wesley All Rights Reserved.

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