The weather has been forcing much of the world to a standstill lately. Now the skies encourage that energetically as well. Remember last February’s floating, suspended-in-time atmosphere? We’re in for a lite version of that now.

Moan if you like. Scream, even. Sitting and soaking for a while does benefit you though, in several important ways.

First, it offers ample opportunity to explore the cost of many situations in your life, and whether you are getting sufficient value in return. Issues of responsibility and commitment weigh heavily in this mix.  Saturn, the planet of structure, consequences and ramifications, is paused on the degree where he will turn retrograde at the beginning of March. There’s little need (or ability) to take action. Just sit with it all.

Second, this floaty stretch has the healing and soothing properties of soaking in a bath filled with Epsom salts. Pluto, one of the hosts of the long-term restructuring we are undergoing inside and out, is in a protracted opportunity aspect with Chiron, the wounded healer, who challenges us to master physicality. This influence is ongoing, whether we are suspended or not. This week, it is possible to detect what immersion in that water is unraveling in you.

Another way of viewing this influence is as water seeping through recently formed cracks in caverns and tectonic plates that have shifted. The water is reaching ever-deeper places and drenching them with peace, soothing, and healing. Visualize this as you soak in the bath, and see how differently you feel.

Third, we’re all suspended in the sea of life and soaking in each other’s signals, emotions and energies, whether we realize it or not. The Sun is moving into formless, we-are-all-one Pisces on Tuesday and meeting with its ruler, mystical Neptune, in a super-conjunction from Friday through Sunday. 

This combination is hardly conducive to either brisk forward movement or logical thought, especially not with Mercury still retrograde. It is, however, ideal for telepathy, empathy and giving the helm over to something greater than your conscious mind --  reverie, great art, a muse, guidance, compassion, magic, even bliss. 

Work this. When a situation turns weird, when confusion crops up, when developments simply stop, hand the reins over. Be still. Get in an actual tub, if possible. Soak and simply be, and see what bubbles up. Life will turn hectic again soon enough. Think of now as spa time.

Monday:   The early hours stir thoughts that are less than comfortable or comforting. The issues associated with them linger throughout the day. Figuring out what to do with other people is involved. Default approaches won’t work. New ones are necessary...hence the absence of comfort.

Tuesday:  The morning has echoes of the drama, breakthrough and paradigm-exploding changes that surfaced around the beginning of the year. You are still emotionally processing, and your best response involves indulging in some nurturing, preferably of yourself. As the Sun begins its yearly, month-long stay in Pisces, the universal sea of life is rumbling with the inevitability of change. Resistance is futile. So are attempts to control. Still, the dis-ease has a motivating impact, making your agenda more certain -- and probably spurring you to action, futile or not. Put writing materials by your bed; dreams are heading off the charts overnight. Don’t hesitate to ask for insight into any situation, and be sure to specify that (a) the answer come in imagery you understand and (b) you remember it.

Wednesday:  Hump Day! Also one of the two most astrologically active days of the week. The hubbub starts in the dreamworld, which spins scenarios fit for an indie film festival, or a fantasy novel, or channeled teachings, or the whispers of angels. The action leaves you mildly bruised and miffed, yet determined, especially concerning a matter dear to your heart (or net worth). The day brings a flurry of outpourings, messages, hunches, negotiations, outreaches, team-building, pairing up and just plain action -- until 4:53 PM EST, when the Moon goes void of course (what that means) until 10:33 PM. This void messes with relationships -- distorts them, blurs their contours, sprinkles them with romance (not necessarily bad), or fills us with wishful thinking. When the Moon leaves the void to dive into Scorpio, fantasy and trivializing evaporate; immersion and intensity take over. Dreams are hopping again tonight; keep those writing materials nearby.

Thursday:  The overnight hours leave you feeling solid and confident. (You like yourself! You really, really like yourself!) Dreams deliver clarifying messages, your brain works out a major matter, and you wake up with a new level of self-knowledge. Let your mind take a back seat for the remainder of the day. Intuition is flowing unimpeded. Use it as your guidance system. You’ll like where you land late evening. Ask for more, please.

Friday:  Relationships hit a new level of communication. Today’s proof likely has an element of backtracking and picking up a thread that was dropped or inadequately addressed. It’s time for a certain conversation to occur, even if someone has to make it happen. Even if that means confrontation -- which does not, for a change, mean conflict. In fact, relationship and/or financial issues are solidifying, especially inside your heart. Let the glue dry when the Moon goes void of course (what that means) for 12 hours at 5:10 PM EST. You’re getting the hang of this business of living on/as the bridge between the spiritual and physical. It’s feeling more natural and organic. This is a night to acknowledge the divine within yourself.

Saturday:  Today’s outlook: lively confusion. The Moon clears her void (what that means) when most of us are still sleeping and enters adventuresome Sagittarius at 5:12 AM EST. Her active, mentally questing, dogmatic mode quickly collides with both the Sun and Neptune, sending ripples through the waters of our being, shooting off steam  and whipping up some cosmic fog. This is not a conducive atmosphere for doing bookkeeping or taxes. Movies are more appropriate. Monkey wrenches fly in the evening. Let them knock your plans happily out of whack, and enjoy yourself.

Sunday: Today feels like church -- holy, sacred, special, divinely guided, a protracted moment outside mundane reality. Or you could be off in a dream all day, but likely it’ll be a blissful one. No matter which route you take, information is within reach. A growth spurt arrives in a relationship (yay!) and in the stability of the form it’s taking.

For another take on this week, listen to Kathy's five-minute podcast.

About the Author
Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit for her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also follow her daily insights and whimsical photos on Facebook, and find her at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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