How are you liking the water? Some people are having a blast. Others are taking to bed. Whatever your reaction -- and it’s likely fluctuating -- the water is only beginning to move us.

This week brings the potential for the pace to quicken. Some of the ramifications of all this water are likely to surface, maybe with some stabilizing. Important heart-based developments on are the schedule, too.

A circuit is completing between spirit and matter as Saturn and Neptune link in the easy flow of a trine. Their contact merges the intangible with the tangible, gives concrete form to inspiration with concrete form, and puts heaven-sent love into real-world structures and commitment. It will create containers for some of the energy that’s been rushing you along, or causing such discomfort, or threatening to pull you under.

Some of what is solidifying has been in the works since early in the year, when Saturn and Neptune flirted with a trine but did not complete it. You may also detect a resonance to developments tied to each or any of the Uranus/Pluto squares (last June, September and May). That’s because Saturn and Pluto are in cahoots for the foreseeable future, with each occupying the other’s sign, a condition called mutual reception.

See if you can trace a story from June to September to May to now. Even if you can’t, watch for situations to sink in, to make sense, to to become real in ways they haven’t before, to take on sparkle and magic and make you suspect some higher force has engineered them. (Hmmmm.)

Our feminine side is also feeling the force of the Uranus/Pluto squares, which have been fomenting relentless upheaval and primal shape-shifting. Venus, the ruler of all we desire and value (each other, money, possessions, creativity), is meeting both of the change agents midweek in harsh aspects that knock situations -- and us -- off dead center.

Her showdown with Pluto escalates temptations, cravings, obsessions and stakes, financial as well as power-driven. Triangles, forbidden fruit and back room activity abound when Venus and Pluto hang out; the contact they’re making now could put an object of desire just out of reach, or could force a compromise that produces action.

And action there will be. It’s demanded by the square Venus is making to Uranus, the awakener, the advocate of alternate viewpoints, the lobber of monkey wrenches and lightning bolts. This pair is doing a dance of breakthroughs and bold, impulsive moves and risks. The dance affects a matter close to your heart -- a relationship, a financial arrangement, your possessions or system of values. Likely you will do something you haven’t dared before, or that hasn’t occurred to you before, and that allows you to be more freely yourself.

Even as we act and react impulsively, we have choices. Mars, the planet that rules our drive and actions, is making an adjustment aspect to Pluto.  Mortal will and primal will come together at a crossroads. We won’t continue ahead in a straight line (as if anything is proceeding in a straight line these days). We face the choice of barreling ahead or aligning our will and actions with a deeper, more potent power. Either road from the fork will streamline and focus our actions. The first alternative could erupt into a power game; the second alternative will proceed more efficiently and effectively.

Watch how these influences play out in the collective.  One area will involve the disclosures (Mercury meeting Neptune) about secret (Neptune/Pluto) government (Saturn) surveillance (Saturn/Pluto). Venus’ opposition to Pluto will up the tension and furor about what we value, while her square to Uranus will dislodge a shock that changes the way we look at those values, and perhaps is a call to arms. Mars’ inconjunct to Pluto will invite us to look at fear and the role that we allow it to play.

Back to your own life: Ride the waves this week. Work with the Saturn/Neptune flow. Ask to be shown the route, reactions and choices that are most beneficial. Ask to be guided by love, not hate, not racism, not fear, and not terror. Watch what takes form, settles down, firms up, without your having to steer. Remarkable relationship developments are probable. Have fun with it.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my five-minute podcast.

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Monday:  You know your heart; you know your mind. Hold tight to that knowledge as today puts you through another round of emotionally processing the upheaval of the past few months. (Everyone’s going through this, remember.)  At the end, certain obligations or commitments are going to feel uncomfortably limiting. Now, what might you do about that....You’ve got time aplenty to ponder that. The Moon is void of course from 5:16 PM till 12:9 AM EDT Wednesday.

Tuesday:  The Moon is void of course all day (till 12:59 AM tomorrow). This void is dreamier than most. The cycle that began in 1983 has now fully ended. In some way the stakes are higher for you now; in some way your life is more focused. It may be taking on magic, too. The Saturn/Neptune trine is exact today, opening a free-flowing channel between physical reality and dreams.  A development you’ve been working toward is becoming real, substantive and reliable. It’s so enticing, compelling and possibly overwhelming, with Venus opposing Pluto. Take heart if what you’re seeing isn’t as glorious as your vision. As a dream comes down to earth, it can lose a little of its sparkle. But then, it’s where you can touch it instead of off in the clouds.

Wednesday:  Whatever rolled out yesterday, you’re basking in the aftermath. A happy link between the Sun and Jupiter is encouraging confidence, optimism and good will toward men (and women). That’s the sunny backdrop for Venus’ dust-up with Uranus, which promises to increase the reasons for smiling. Break out; break free; break through; break up if you must. The phrase “strike while the iron is hot” comes to mind. So do all manner of songs about love at first sight.

Thursday:  Your experience and expression of emotions has gone through several generations of evolution since spring began. Watch for evidence today of how you have grown -- of how much more open, comfortable and confident you are, and more inclined to speak your heart and mind. Put writing materials by your bed.

Friday:  Dreams took you on quite the amusement park ride overnight. Though much of the ride was uncomfortable to the point of unnerving, the final stop was a happy place. Write down the story lines, the snippets and how you feel. Communication is going to fly today. Pick up the phone (does anyone else still use that?); text; chat; email; talk face to face. Be receptive to all kinds of information, messages and people coming to you, too. Speak openly and freely. Transmissions and receivers alike are operating with a generous heart. The Moon is void of course for a five-hour stretch, from 7:15 AM - 12:26 AM EDT.

Saturday:  Unlike yesterday, generous hearts may be hard to spy today. Frustrations and resentments are mounting. People are pushing their own agendas and are not inclined to entertain others. Many an interaction will simulate King of the Hill (the game, not the animated show). Remember that you have choices. Think about your stance on power. Not acting when you know you’re right can be a demonstration of power. So can acting gently when you hold all the cards. That approach pays off come evening, with its luscious link between the Moon and Venus. What good is sitting alone in your room? None tonight, unless you’re a creative sort. Reach out! Hang out with someone special! Put writing materials by your bed again.

Sunday: The predawn hours deliver messages, some of which threaten your status quo. You might awaken feeling as if you held an actual conversation overnight, and who’s to say you didn’t? Lolling about isn’t likely. Something in you is just enough out of synch to spur you to action -- though you may not be sure what it is you should be doing. Your mind and drive line up as the day goes on. It’s a time to walk your talk, as they say. Communication grows animated and spirited and perhaps crosses from assertive to forceful. Let matters hang in the air while the Moon is void of course for another short stretch, from 5:26 PM  to 9:19 PM EDT.

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Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit for her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also find her on Facebook, and at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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