The Summer of Water is here. For some people it will be the summer of love. For some it’s the summer of flooding (already the case in Europe, alas). For all of us it’s the summer of flowing emotions and uncommonly nonrational actions, experiences and developments.

The pervading influence of the season is the ongoing round robin of free-flowing energy  connecting the early degrees of the water signs. Holding down the static points in the trine are Saturn (structure, rules and responsibilities) and Neptune (illusion, escapism and transcendence). This week, the Sun completes the circuit when it moves into Cancer on Friday, the solstice and first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere (and winter in the Southern).

This shift locks the water energy into the entire summer season. Even though the grand trine won’t be in the sky any longer as we go into August and September, the configuration’s influence will be with us, because it is imprinted onto the chart that launches the season.

Look at the next three months as time in the ocean.  Coming to terms with the water is essential. Push it and blowback is likely. Fight it and you’ll exhaust yourself, get water up your nose (remember how that hurts?) and possibly go under. Ride it, swim, surf, float, canoe. Experiment with metaphors; some will fit certain days, others...others. Let the current carry you, and some days going with the flow will also mean full speed ahead.

Two reminders:  First, your brain isn’t the ideal navigator. Instead, follow your emotions, hunches, intuition, guidance, whisperings in your ear, other nonrational impulses. (Basic guidelines:  Enthusiasm = yes. Dread or that sick feeling in your stomach = no. No reaction, mental chewing or running a situation by lots of people = not now.)

Second, periodically disengage. Water is a conduit. Water is also an amplifier that occasionally distorts. You will be hearing/picking up/reacting to the thoughts, emotions, dramas and energies of many, many other people, including strangers in your environment (including whatever you encounter online).  Some transmissions -- from other people or from you -- will broadcast more loudly than they were sent out. Some will be garbled. And all are affecting you, whether you’re conscious of them or not. Did you ever try to talk underwater in the pool when you were a kid? Have you noticed how conversations in a hot tub or on a lake are loud and clear yards away?  That’s happening all summer, metaphorically.

It’s critical to monitor and clear your energy periodically, so the flow will pull you along -- and not under. If you haven’t listened to it yet, head over to my Embracing the Shift With Ease talk for simple disengaging tools. Pay attention, too, to your own shifts in mood and energy. When you note a change, ask “Does this belong to me?” If it doesn’t, drain or return it.

Two influences to note that are specific to this week:  Jupiter is in the last full week of his tour of Gemini, where he’s been broadening our thinking and options since last June. Think of this as a mental mop-up of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle of the last two and a half years. (That technically ended in May, but will continue playing out into the fall.) As you take one last long look around the Gemini areas of your life, watch for messages affecting or improving them, escalating their role in your life or generally bettering your outlook. In addition to what’s in your birth chart, look for expansive (or expanding) developments in your thinking, your information and communication sources, flow and technology,  how you get around, your community, relationships with siblings and neighbors.

Next week, he moves his bigger-is-better bent to Cancer and joins the gang in the grand water trine.  Sales of jelly doughnuts and ice cream soar.

The week ends with the Moon full in Capricorn, in a degree that is being watered by the grand trine. It’s a status report on the remodeling and rebuilding of your foundation and long term goals and security. National security issues should be all over the news, with additional info probable. Read more about the personal ramifications in my mooncast, which will be posted later this week.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to the five-minute Astro-Insigh podcast and follow the daily conscious living astrology tips  in the OMTimes & Gaiam TV 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge. Read the tips and post questions and commentary on the Challenge page here.

Monday: Get cracking! Today is meant for action that breaks the norm. When a doorway catches you by surprise or opens to an unexpected arena, walk through it. The noise-to-signal ratio is high, though, so be sure to sit with and sift through thoughts and messages before accepting them as truth. More slicing and dicing is in store as your psyche makes emotional sense of the ongoing turmoil, upheaval and evolution. Significant progress is likely.

Tuesday:  The air is so thick with edginess you can almost touch it. Living in it is a choice, and it’s hardly the only option. You could just as easily escape into fantasy, or your own personal metaphysical reality, or a tête à tête with a special person. Heading for the movies is fine, too, but company would make that more enjoyable.

Wednesday: Good, good, good, good vibrations rock the day, all grounded in the here and now as well as the ethers. In a way, you are living in heaven on earth. Consciously adopt that perspective and watch it come true. If any “this is too good to be true” doubts pop up, crank up the music and dance.

Thursday: This may be the loveliest day of the month. The water’s fine and warm and inviting, and you may be in it before you know it! It’s comforting, soothing and nourishing, like a well-worn blankie or favorite stuffed animal from childhood. It’s filled with pleasant company (pool party!) and congenial conversation. The water is so soothing and safe and cushy that it loosens tongues and causes loving, caring sentiments to flow. The Moon goes void of course at 3:17 PM EDT until 4:31 AM tomorrow. There’s no reason to get out of the water when the sun sets. There’s a heater, plenty of nourishment and lots of talk to make hanging out in it worthwhile.

Friday: Happy solstice! The Sun makes its annual move into Cancer today and joins the flow of the grand water trine. It’s an active day, with impulses running toward the escapist (Movies? A pool? The beach?) and sociable. Hearts and minds are aligned (know your heart and the motivation to go after it springs up). Lots of people are in harmony, too. Even couples. Could some of the attractions be fate? Maybe. Bedside writing materials could turn out to be useful.

Saturday: Overnight, your psyche grapples with a goal (or person) that is evading your grasp. Early morning mental meanderings shed light, so take some notes. Your daytime meanderings lead you to crossroads involving (a) messages, your thinking, vehicles and travel routes and (b) desires, relationships, money, belongings and systems of values. Wherever you think you’re going, whatever you think you’re doing, whoever you think you’re seeing, expect adjustments in all. Writing tools still at your bedside?

Sunday:  Dreams explore (and exaggerate) themes of safety, security, belonging and all the treasures of the deep -- from diamonds of desire to children memories of monsters under the bed and in the closet. While these scenarios are still reverberating, the Capricorn Full Moon locks in and delivers a status report about personal security that our waking mind can grasp. (Read more in my mooncast, which will be posted later this week.) Executive summary: You’re in pretty good shape. Likely you’re on track from both a worldly and a spiritual perspective (and if you don’t feel that, the opportunity is around to put them both right.) It’s a day to be gushy, soft, sentimental, romantic and caring. That doesn’t have to spell smothering or controlling; in fact, the playing out is likely to be very different from what you have associated with those qualities in the past. 

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Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit for her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also find her on Facebook, and at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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