Freedom -    The energies and directions for the month of July are evolving around freedom, freeing yourself, your mind, your environment, your spiritual practices.  Yes, freedom…opportunities to exercise freedom from anxiety, worry, guilt, impatience, whatever it is that pulls your attention from the present moment…this is your focus this entire month – the energies are right, pay attention and…Read on…

So many times you feel there is never enough time, money, energy, people, support, whatever.  You may be constantly finding yourself very impatient with folks or maybe with yourself and/or your spiritual progress.  It is important when you are feeling like this to know it really is a myth that you only have a limited amount of time to do what you want to do. The Scientologists say: “It is never about time or money.”  And I work on that because I think it is true.  Time and Money are just excuses.

Now, certainly there is “clock time” “chronos” which gives you some direction within which to accomplish some things and to keep track of things; where would we be without our calendars, eh?  But with the new acceleration of “time” since the shift last December and with “time” as a concept collapsing in upon itself, it is important to acknowledge that you really have unlimited time spiritually. The new level of consciousness that has just begun brings with it timelessness and an opportunity to have no limiting thoughts.  This is an essential difference for you to contemplate when you step into your desire to be free from struggle and stress.

As has been said so often from this Oracle, the real focus which was brought to light back in the 1970s by Ram Dass in his book Be Here Now and further expounded and expanded upon by Eckhart Tolle in his 21st century book, The Power of Now, there is only the eternal present, everything else is an illusion, a mind construct.  The past is only in your mind, the future is only in your mind, neither of which exists.  To come to this level of understanding moves you forward on the spiritual path so that you can control your thoughts rather than the other way around.  This is true freedom, this is the most freeing concept and establishes freedom in your life because it gives you more understanding of the fact that you can make choices within the present moment.

Now I do not want to suggest by any means that you just flip the switch and you are free.  Now that would be wonderful, but unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there really is work to be done.  You can listen to all the fabulous spiritual lectures in the world, read all the fabulous self growth, personal development books in the world, and go to all the conferences and all the channelings in the world, but this Oracle is here to let you know something you really know in your heart, it is really about rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.  So many folks just don’t want to do the work and the ego loves that.  Oh Yes.  Listen to it all, but certainly don’t make the hard changes, don’t go deep inside and know you have to confront the scariest places within yourself and forgive yourself or have compassion for yourself or to tell the mind to just “Shut Up!” and sometimes you have to do this over and over and over. 

The New Age flow is wonderful and when you get in that groove of all those words and concepts just feel so good but in order to open up that channel within yourself, you have to free yourself and that is your work this month of July.  You have to put some energy into doing some work to take you along the fabulous path you have chosen.

So, part of that work is working on our humanness.  How do you relinquish impatience, anxiety, guilt, worry, whatever it is for you?  Here’s how, by telling yourself and knowing at the heart level, really, really knowing it not through the mind but through your heart, that everything, all of life, is moving at the perfect pace, that everything that is happening is suppose to happen, you are really and truly in the right place at the right place, even if it is not the most wonderful thing happening to you at that time. 

Even though there are stresses beyond imagination, the point is that freeing yourself to know that all of it is in harmony with the universe, and, if necessary, that “This too shall pass…” (That really gets me through a lot personally!)  And Always, always, always bringing yourself back to the present moment.  With this peace, with this awareness, with this understanding you are able to relax more and more into the freedom of being who you truly are and to savor all of life’s preciousness! 

So, July is truly about moving into a different frame of mind, a freer frame of mind, because of all the changes we have and will be going through you either handle it or you don’t and you have to decide if not handling it is an option for you.  Not handling it will lead to depression, listlessness, fear times forty and drama, drama and more drama in your life.  By practicing freeing yourself from your limitations, doing the work to look inside and scope out the wonderfulness of your Spirit, you can thereby relinquish impatience (“I AM in the right time/right place, even if I do not know or will ever know why I am here (stuck in traffic, at a death bed, waiting for someone who is late, on and on with real life…), anxiety (“All Is Well, even if I cannot feel it, see it, taste it, touch it ~ all really is well and so am I – Love and trust, love and trust”), guilt (useless ~ Wayne Dyer in Your Erroneous Zones), worry (useless ~ Wayne Dyer Your Erroneous Zones) stepping into the unknown (“I AM excited/scared and doing it anyway!!!”) and the list goes on, eh?

So, know that in reading this Oracle you are continuing to open pathways within yourself for greater learning and freedom in your life.  It is really only you who can decide what that freedom means to you and how it can impact and change you.  But remember, we all have to do the work, you are truly not alone in that.  I do it every day, all day!  It takes practice to move yourself to a new level.  No one else can do that for you and if you can stay away from judging any of it as either good or bad, you will find you are taking back more and more control of your life.  You certainly can and are able to decide how to free yourself from whatever you feel is holding you back, if you feel you can indeed be more.  If you are on the spiritual path you will want to integrate and understand that all the work we are doing is a new way of life, a way of responding to the dance that goes on which is life itself.

As always, this Oracle’s guidance is here for the expansion of your Spirit to support the fulfillment of your purpose…which is what you came here to do and why you chose to be on the planet at this time. So remember, by changing yourself, by changing how you react, how you evaluate, how you discern  what is happening around you or how you exercise the freedom to be a more authentic, more true you, you have the opportunity of showing others how you can help and support them in stepping into their opportunity to be free.  Carry the message, live it, be it, feel it and expand it, Spirit will deepen your spiritual experience each and every step of the way and you will find yourself truly grounded in the bonds of Divine Love that hold it all together, all the time no matter what and remember…LOVE is all you need…it will propel you more and more into making the choices of whether you want to be free or oppressed or whether you take advantage of every opportunity to practice the truth that All Really Is Well!

Let your mantra for the month of July be:  There are no time limits on my spirit’s work.  I AM relaxing more and more into the freedom of who I AM doing what I do…And So It Is!!! 

Love from the Lotus World <333,



Note:  Darity Wesley is the Founder and Chief Spiritual Revivalist at ReviveYourSpirit™ based in San Diego, California. You can contact her at You can follow her on Twitter.  @SpiritReviver. If you wish to subscribe to Darity’s ~The Daily Oracle~™, just send an email to, simply put “Subscribe” in the subject line. To learn more about Darity see her Bio page here on OM-Times Magazine If you are on Facebook, help promote Darity by clicking the “Like” button at © 2013 The RYS Center All Rights Reserved. 

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