The ancients feared them. Should we?

Eclipses are regular events, happening four to six times a year. So why the media hubbub about August’s solar eclipse?

It’s a milestone event, both astronomically and astrologically. It promises a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle across the United States, the only continent from which it will be visible. It’s also a dramatic game-changer for lives across the planet -- including yours.

What happens in an eclipse?

An eclipse occurs when a celestial body moves and blocks light. A lunar eclipse happens at a full moon, when the earth comes between the sun and the moon and blots some or all of the moon. We get a partial lunar eclipse at the August 9 Aquarius Full Moon, which will be visible from most of the planet except North America.

A solar eclipse happens at a new moon, when the moon comes between the earth and the sun and blocks its light. The August 21 Leo New Moon is a total eclipse, visible in a swath heading southeast from Oregon to South Caroline.

n either case, the light dimming is a potent symbol with an energetic effect. We experience the world with refreshed eyes. Emotions change (especially at a lunar eclipse). People leave. Jobs go.

A lunar eclipse closes chapters. A solar eclipse hits the reset button and shoots us into refreshed direction, much like hitting a power-up in a video racing game.

What’s happening with the August solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids, and the August 21 event is a solar eclipse on steroids.

One reason is its position, in last degree of Leo. The end of a sign expresses the largest, grandest, most extreme form of its energy. Leo is by nature large, grand and attention-getting. It is, after all, the sign of self-expression, the showman, high drama, and royalty. Turn those traits up to maximum, and a spectacular impact is a given.

The other reason for its super-charged nature is its honor guard. Right next to the New Moon is Mars, planet of push. His presence is escalating the energies and their impact. This eclipse is hitting the reset button with phenomenal force, and kicking us into action when we come back online.

What does this eclipse mean for you?

A huge blast of revitalizing energy is coming wherever the end of Leo falls in your chart. The impact will be unmistakable for people with the Sun, Moon, ascendant or a personal planet at the end of any of the fixed signs -- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Not one? Don’t know? It doesn’t matter. Whether your chart is being directly hit (or whether you know your chart), expect the sensation of roaring back to life.

The August 21 solar eclipse is calling each of us to express ourselves boldly, grandly, passionately. It’s a high point in a process that will go on for another 18 months. As eclipses light up the paired signs of Leo and Aquarius, and the North Node of destiny moves through Leo, we will have nudge after nudge to let our truest selves come out an play.

What does the eclipse mean for the US?

The August 21 Leo New Moon is the first total solar eclipse visible only in the continental US since 1776. It is in an eclipse family that coincides with pivotal events in US history, from founding the first local government and instituting income tax, to Hiroshima, to presidential deaths, assassination attempts and impeachment.

Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA GSFC Emeritus

This partial eclipse has far-reaching impact on the country. It is hitting the US moon (in Aquarius, using any July 4, 1776 chart) and rebooting our collective vision of who we are as a people. This event will be critical as we reconsider that definition for the next year and a half or so

The nation will also be feeling the impact of the solar eclipse’s direct contacts to Donald Trump’s chart. It hits Mars (drive, how he uses his energy), Regulus (the fixed star of royalty) and, if the time on his birth certificate is correct, ascendant (public face).

Will he be angry? Under attack? Cosmically shoved into rebooting his identity? That remains to be seen. One thing’s for certain: the eclipse will have a dramatic impact on him, and the country.

to learn more join OMTimes Expert and professional astrologer Kathy Biehl for

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Kathy -- this article is for a regular August issue of the magazine, not for the astrology section -- Liane knows it is coming. I put it here so it wouldn't get lost.


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