How Meditation Can Make Your Team More Productive

Business competition is accelerating exceedingly. Being innovative and productive is the best choice for employees if they want to keep their jobs. For office workers, it means that they have to accomplish more tasks in less time. Eventually, it leads to stress and fatigue, and stressful minds will never be productive.

We all know that productivity can be optimally raised when your mind is peaceful. But how can an employee get a peaceful mind? This is possible with simple tools like meditation and yoga. So, if you want to know how you can make your team more productive and help them feel good at work, then this article is exactly what you need. 

What is meditation?

Meditation is a state of mind when you empty your head of thoughts and think of nobody and nothing else. It is more like a trip that brings you unforgettable experiences. The results are clear thoughts as well as a tension-free and blissful life. Meditation helps your mind to operate more efficiently.

What are the benefits of meditation for your team?

Better focus - The mind will be trained to focus totally on whatever is happening in the present moment. A person that practices regular meditation will find it easier to fully dedicate to the job assignment and better concentrate during presentations and meetings. Thus, a direct result of practicing meditation can be translated into a rise in productivity.

Reduced stress – This is a benefit which becomes visible in our relations with various people in the workplace. The stress has an enormous negative impact on productivity. So, by practicing meditation, employees will become more relaxed and at peace with themselves which will have a dramatic reduction of stress as a result.

Greater creativity - Relaxed employees come up with better task approaching. By allowing them to take moments just for themselves and concentrate in a quiet environment, your employees may discover some ideas, concepts, and designs that will raise their productivity.

Better teamwork - Regular meditation encourages feelings of empathy and acceptance. Your team members can become better team players. All they need is some sessions of meditation and the working environment will improve substantially.

Sharpened intuition - Meditation helps sharpen the innate capabilities of intuition. Thus, your employees will think twice before acting and consider all the consequences of their actions.

Efficient prioritization – We already agreed that meditation drives to better focus. Consequently, better focus implies an efficient prioritization of the tasks that need to be done.

The benefits of meditation in the workplace are cumulative. They build one on the other have a final positive impact on business performance. An increasing number of people practice meditation in their business activity because it helps them become more aware of its benefits. However, the advantages of meditation are visible over a period of time and not immediately. It is a long-time investment in the company’s future. If a business values its employees, office meditation is a good option. Just don’t expect an immediate result.

But will the practice of meditation really make a person more productive at work? The evidence seems to suggest that it might. A recent study initiated and developed by the University of Washington discovered that job performance is positively impacted by meditation in various ways. The Harvard Business School along with INSEAD—Europe’s leading business school—have established that the two most effective business tools for the twenty-first-century executives are meditation and intuition

These results are supported by many real-life examples. We talked to a few managers and entrepreneurs to provide you with some real-world examples. Check out how you can use office meditation to improve your business’ effectiveness.
Lionel Gartner, the team lead and blogger, shares positive changes in his team's productivity thanks to meditation: “First, we had doubts on introducing the meditation. Today, I consider myself a ‘stress survivor,’ due to my meditation practice. I am certain that it can bring benefits to any individual or business in limitless ways.”
Gregory Hunter, the content editor, states that “the passion for bringing meditation to the workplace comes from the time I spent in the workplace and from the suffered negative effects. I was very unproductive and a difficult person to cope with. I felt tired and nervous all the time. Regular meditation gave me a much-anticipated relief. Now, we’re making it our regular activity in the office.”

In fact, many content authors and writing service editors agree that meditation frees us from a large source of stress and allows us to view our coworkers in a more positive, empathetic light. Furthermore, it helps to become a lot more productive and creative in accomplishing your day-to-day tasks.

On the other hand, the right side of our brain, responsible for creating new ideas, will function firmly when you do meditation regularly. As a result, we are able to produce new design concepts and ideas for our business.
What is more, meditation has considerable calming and relaxing effects. It represents the pillar of a peaceful life. 30 minutes of meditation might seem too much when you think of your team’s busy schedule. However, you will see what a positive impact meditation can have on their productivity as it helps them to quiet out any distractions from their mind. Your team will understand what are the things that really matter as well as which is their inner peace and appreciation. You also offer them a time for themselves where they can rediscover what they really like. Such a moment of relaxation will help them come up with new ideas on various projects and become more relaxed while at work. So, you can’t go wrong with meditation when you want to increase your team’s productivity.

In conclusion

It might be counterintuitive at first how spending time on the meditation in the office can benefit you and your business? However, researches and the provided examples show that introducing meditation in your office is an effective way to make employees more productive and creative. Thus, it can increase the business’ revenues in the long-time perspective.