OMTIMES Writer's Community: February Updates

Dear Ommies.

I trust that everyone is doing well and dandy. We are a few weeks away from Spring, and we decided that we will start a Spring cleaning and Spring change on our Network. We are aware that we have tried to do this before, but Now it is more than necessary. We will be making some permanent changes that may or may not affect you. Here are the changes:


We are abolishing all the Spotlight writers as it is right now and starting again in new basis. As you know, to be a spotlight writer you need to produce at least One article a month. Many of our writers that were spotlight writers before, seem to take this for granted and no longer are interested in keeping the title, so we decided that we will give the change to others that are willing to co-create with us. Any writers that had not contributed to the magazine for at least 6 months to a year will be immediately removed from the network, here on the website and also over the Omtimes groups on facebook. It makes no sense to keep 2400 people that are not interested in invest on themselves energetically here with us.


All writers are welcome to participate in the Experts program, provided that they will provide OMTimes with at least 3 articles ahead of time as an enrollment exchange. Anyone participating will have the right to use the OMTIMES Social media through the OMTimes webinar page. If you are interested, please write to me at and specify an email where you would like to receive the MOU and the spreadsheet. -As an expert, you would be required to produce one paying course a month at least and mini videos in order to take part of the “Netflix of Spirituality” with OM &LIL


We will be implementing a new policy when referring to articles; If the writer would like to be spotlighted on the first pages of the digital edition, we would ask to please upload a high def picture of yourself and your real name. Exceptions can be discussed case by case. The editorial team will be asking for the writers to produce a summary of 50 -100 words about your article. This summary would help the editorial team to produce multimedia snippets to help promote your articles and your name. Anything produced by OMTimes with your article will continue bearing your copyright and attribution.

I am scheduling a new conference and planning webinar for the next week and will let everyone know the time and code of access.

I wish you all a good evening.

Liane Buck

Editor in Chief.

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    Julie Geigle

    Hi Liane,

    I am also interested in being a spotlight writer. Thank you for this opportunity.


    Julie Geigle

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    Crystal Presence

    Hi Liane I sent you an email at Thanks for all you are doing, Crystal

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    Kahshanna Evans


    I have an article on an artist who is an RYT who is deeply inspired by her Hatha journey.  Where might I share this prior to publishing it as an OM team blog so that I can get feedback on the tone?  Because so many wellness influencers are deprived of narratives that are specific to their journey, some content can be challenged as promotional.  However, my area of expertise and style of writing is actually intended to ensure we identify the human stories in any given industry, but especially wellness.

    I welcome your insight,