Hello! I am new here!

Hi everyone,

I am new to the OM Times Community.  I just submitted an article on my blog this morning and I'm not sure how the process works.  I can see that certain editors (?, I couldn't find a list identifying the community editors) comment on posts, such as Leigh Burton, pretty quickly.  So, if I haven't received a comment within 24 hours just assume that the community editors aren't interested in forwarding your article for various reasons?  Is there someone in particular to reach out to regarding questions and feedback?

Thanks so much,


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    Omtimes Media

    Hi  Jennifer,

     I am sorry for the delay answering. We have three editors here and myself. I am also responsible to work with covers and Interviews. I am here today to catch up. Anything you need help with please feel free to send me an email  editor@omtimes.com

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    Jennifer Heflin

    • Thanks so much for your reply.  I appreciate it!  
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    Jennifer Heflin

    Thanks so much, Crystal. I truly appreciate your reply.  I’ve had an article sent to publishing at the end of September and I’m wondering how you know if something is actually published.  If I don’t hear back from you here, then I will give you a call. Thanks again. My Best, Jennifer 

    Crystal Presence said:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I understand your experience, and if someone does not comment on your article right away, it does not mean they are not interested. I've had articles when many weeks go by without any comments and all of a sudden I get message saying they really liked it and plan to publish it in an up and coming edition. Feel free to call me any time if you need some help finding your way around. I'm still learning new things how it all works! My number is (520) 907-6864. Best to yo, Crystal

    (I see you posted this in August...I just saw it)