10 Spots Left This Year!

Hey there OM Times superstars and fellow writers!

We have seen some great writing throughout the year, and I am encouraging you to keep up the great work.  I want to share with you that as we do work ahead, there are only 10 spots left for articles this year in the OM Times Magazine.  Let's get our message out there!

A friendly reminder that submissions that are considered for publication are asked to be submitted or posted with the following criteria.

1) Please keep article to 3rd person as much as possible.

2) Ensure the length of article is between 600 and 1000 words. (Some of you have submitted some great pieces that can be broken down into part 1 and 2.)

3) Please provide a bio at the end of your submission that is approximately 60 words long with any of the social media or webpage links that you would like published.

4) Add an abstract and a word count to the beginning of your submission. It makes it easier for the editorial team to peruse submissions.

There are so many fantastic writers in this community, and we are looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

All the best, and happy writing.

Leigh Burton

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    Crystal Presence

    Thanks for all your encouragement and all you are doing for OM!

    It's an honor to be writing for this magazine.

    Best to you,