New to Community - Help with Magazine & Course publishing process

Hi everyone,

I am new to the OM Times Community and still figuring out how it all works.

Wondering if anyone can help with two questions .... I managed to post 1 blog into the writers community which I received a comment saying it would be sent to publishing for the magazine.  How do I know which edition of the Magazine it was published it so I can then share it with my network as well as through social media?  I also received an email saying the Article post was featured on OMTimes Writer's Community, is this the link that can be shared with the public?

I have also been approved as an OMTimes Expert to organise courses through LearnItLive - If anyone can help with the processes for this as well it would be amazing.  I am pretty good with technology and am finding the FAQ's for this to be very light on ... I have a pre-recorded course uploaded and for purchase but when I search the public OMTimes courses it is not showing and nor is my expert profile.  If anyone can help or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it :-)

Wishing you all a very blessed 2019


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    Omtimes Media

    Hi again Leanne,

    I am sorry you were not communicated of the date, it is supposed to be how it works.  It is your prerogative not to post.  I have no idea how you were not able to access your article, if it was published, but It was not. 

    I think it is odd, because it seemed it was selected, but I don't have it on my spreadsheets, not on my publishing calendar. I Can tell you, I looked inside the OMTimes official website and I didn't find it at all.

     I will correct this and publish it this week. Again, I apologize. In the future, any questions like that, please contact me directly. editor@omtimes,  Liane

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    Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

    Thanks Liane

    Appreciate your help with this - I also found it odd and had been keeping an eye out for it.

    I am happy to post new articles in the future now that I am aware of what ha s happened.
    Love & hugs
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    Omtimes Media

    This is all so heartbreaking.   When you trust ...