OMTimes Pod - Newsletter May 2019

Dear Ommies,

Welcome to the newsletter for the Month of May. Who would have known that we would be on our way to celebrate the 10-year Anniversary of OMTimes magazine? We are preparing a very special edition to celebrate this date with you all and our audience. To celebrate this great lifetime event in the history of our Magazine, we will be launching more projects that hopefully will give you all more exposure and promotional opportunities. We are programming a Conference Call to discuss the new projects and a road-map on next Tuesday, May 7th. We will send the details soon.

Bring your questions, and also your suggestions, and let's have a heart to heart.

We are all witnessing the deep transformations we are all facing in our world. More than ever, we must continue to weave information, motivation, and inspiration to the consciousness of all Beings of this planet. We need to be the change we want to see and we must assist others by giving guidance and example.

For that we made some decisions:

1. We created and opened three more Verticals (Categories) to enhance our Magazine, they are:

a. Animal Spirituality/ Health/Rights

b. Women Spirituality/ Health/ Entrepreneur

c.  News updates with the journalistic approach: Ecological, Earth Activism, Events, news commentary with an emphasis on the spiritual, metaphysical and transcendent aspects.

 To launch the new feature and launch new projects we will need all the help and cooperation we can get. We are looking for team players, and creative people with a vision to add to ours. No competition, just cooperation.

We are currently working on the July editions of OMTimes. If you wish to send your contributions, this is the time. Editorial coverage is also closed.

Which means we can be very creative in the second half of 2019.

To Infinity and beyond,

 Liane Buck

Editor in Chief

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    Kathy Custren

    Ooh! Exciting times! Ten years of OMTimes! BIG CONGRATULATIONS Liane and Chris, to you and the collaborative team that continues to bring such light to the world. Will look forward to all the goodness ahead ~ Best wishes for even more insightful and enlightening publications ~ Blessings! <3