June 2019 Community Newsletter

 Hello Ommies,

 It seems incredible that we are already in the middle of the year!

I come with a couple of observations about the submissions. I know we have new writers inside the community and not everyone knows how to go around, despite the guidelines and the specific  tips described on http://community.omtimes.com/page/get-started


I come to announce some directives that are not necessarily new but necessary.

We will be accepting only articles that have a minimum of 500 words and the max of 1200 words. Articles that do not follow the prescription will not be considered.  The new guidelines for optimum Google index guidelines require some new practices.

When submitting your article, please include your Bio with 60-70 words and your website and One social media link. It is important because people reading your article may want to find a way to contact you.

 Please DO NOT include an image to your submission, unless you own the rights of the image. We have been subject of copyright complaints and some hefty fines due to images that were displayed inside our communities. Please don’t post a Google Image you plucked out of the internet here.

I am the only operative editor at the moment, so when I want to stress that, when I select an article, I usually post the month when it will be published, and also, I feature the article.

If your material is time sensitive, please post it here: http://community.omtimes.com/group/time-sensitive-material and give me a nudge.

I would advise you to join our channels over social media and the newsletter, so you can actually see your article be published to the public. It is also a way to support our efforts on promoting you.

If you still have a personal question, please write to me directly at editor@omtimes.com but place your question explicitly on the email subject, please. I receive a maddingly amount of correspondence every day, I mean, a lot, and I can’t read huge emails. If you need to speak directly, call me from 11:00-4:00 Monday-Friday 571-266 84-63.

I am still looking for a Volunteer editor to help me develop projects for the community. If interested, give me a buzz.

As I said, it is not a paid gig, but there are perks.

To infinity and Beyond,

Liane Buck