Editor's Note September

Note from the Editors

Hello Ommies,

This is a quick note to let you all know what is going on and to clarify some questions and misconceptions about the publishing of Articles.
Currently, there is only One editor interfacing directly here, that would be me. I am the Editor in Chief of this community, and also the interface with the other business end of OMTimes Media.

When I select an article, I usually notify the writer when their material will be published, the month, the edition, and when I know, the date.

We are currently publishing two editions a month, which gives me 15 days between the publishing dates to release the articles to our social media.

So, for those that have no idea what is going on, since 1026 the internet changed big time. We are not able to publish all the new articles we published before, and not as frequent. Now we need to space the new articles along 15 days to have the proper exposure. Presently, we have a social media outreach of 2.5 Million people among all our different pages and other accounts.

So, when I say your article will be published such and such day, it will be, but you may need to wait as I do follow my Calendar of publishing that consists on several spreadsheets organized by keywords and also verticals ( category of articles). If you have a time-sensitive article, please post it on the time-sensitive group. That is the best way to meet your deadline. If you wish, send me a nudge too.

Your articles are and will be published on the website after the publishing of the digital edition within the 15 days. No need to stress, or to create the impression that you are not being heard, or that you were overlooked. We are adapting to the constant changes in the publishing industry.

Unfortunately, we can’t make the digital edition free for all our audience anymore, because we do have employees to pay, designers, social media, & concierge service, etc.

I may not be here all days, every day, but I can be reached directly, every day at editor@omtimes.com. We can also interact with the Facebook group OMTIMES Lounge.

Liane Buck
Editor In Chief
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    Nicola Lucie

    Thank you so much Liane for addressing this, I really appreciate it!

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    Michelle Alberigi McKenzie

    Hey, Liane, let me know if there's something I can help you with. I have a bit of free time here and there! 



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    Omtimes Media

    I may have my head finally organized this next week.I intend to come and dive here soon

    enough. I will let you know, thank you.

    Michelle Alberigi McKenzie said:

    Hey, Liane, let me know if there's something I can help you with. I have a bit of free time here and there!