October Newsletter_2019 Editorial Calendar is closed

 Hello, dear Ommies.

 It is this time of the year when we are finally closing the editorial Calendar for good. Articles posted beyond this point are going to be selected for the 2020 editions.

I would like to use this opportunity and welcome the new writers and also to emphasize that you need to take a look at our submission guidelines, as I am seeing so many people having issues with their submissions. If you have any questions pending, please send me an email editor@omtimes.com

 I am going to point out some problems:

  1. Articles must have 500-1200 words, no less than 500. Less than 500 words make the article an excerpt, and it gets penalized in search engines. You want to be seen and found, then write at least 500 words articles.


  1. Articles can’t be more than 1200 words, and the reason being is that our readers are 96% using mobile devices, and they read our articles while commuting. So long articles are usually forgotten. Information nowadays is organized differently according to time. Interviews can be long but even those we have a magic number. Do yourself a favor and be concise.


  1. Please include a bio at the end of your article, 60-70 words, or 400 characters, containing two links, One for your personal website and another for one social media. The reason we ask this is that you have the opportunity to give your information to a client or to a reader that may want to talk to you.


  1. We usually also ask for an abstract that is nothing more than a brief introduction to your article, where you may say what the reader may find while reading your article.


  1. On January edition, I would like to have some suggestions from you all, on the best Conscious Media Personalities of 2019, we can select some personalities and put it to vote. It will be a fun thing.


Next week I will be filling the buckets for 2020. We have “magazine covers” already organized to April, so it will be easier to work out and send the editions to formatting.  Thank you all for being patient with me during these trying times.

To infinity and beyond.


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