Rules Reminders for Article Writing 2020

Hello, again Ommies, This is a note to remind everyone about the ground rules for the submission of articles. It seems that the guidelines that were already established since the conception of this magazine have been forgotten. So, here are some reminders:


1. Business Promotions will not be published. Instead, reveal what inspires and challenges you at work or in your business. Write to encourage and enlighten—not to sell your product. This is a conscious Lifestyle magazine, not a link farm.

2. Philosophical Wanderings will not be published. Everyone has philosophical positions, but nobody cares about yours. Instead, tell the story about what led you to that view—but don’t preach.

3. Political and other Controversial Topics will not be published. Our purpose is to inspire and guide—not offend.

4. The correct use of the Voice Articles written in the first person are blogs, not articles, and they are not engaging, they will not be published. The right Voice is a must.

5. Previously Published Articles or Excerpts will not be published. Articles must be original work submitted exclusively for OM publication. Writers may include brief quotes, but poorly written or inaccurate quotations will result in rejection. Submissions that include excerpts from your own work will be rejected since we cannot edit published language.

6. Poorly written pieces will not be published. ALL submissions should be engaging and pertinent, well organized, free of redundancy, and meticulously edited for structural and punctuation errors. Use the “Control F” function to locate and remove excessive word repetition. We highly recommend that if you want to improve your writing, you must use programs such as Grammarly, which is a good help, and best, it is free.


1. the article should be approximately 600-1200 words, with an ideal format of around 800 words. If it is less than 500, it will not be selected.

2. The article must not be previously published. Unless you have posted the article on Your own website.

3. Include a bio of approximately 60-70 words or around 400 characters based on the following suggestions: Education level, career path, passions, talents, hobbies, goals, accomplishments; Promotional information—if you have a book out or a relevant product, contact information—if you wish to provide your website + 1 more link such as FB or Twitter or Instagram, or email.

4. Also, if desired, attach a headshot picture (directly from a camera or cell phone—not from Facebook). That would help us to spotlight you on the Digital Edition of the magazine and make you easy to be recognized by the public.

5. DO NOT include pictures or illustrations on your submission, especially if you collected them from the internet search. OMTimes can be penalized and sued for copyright violations. We must buy all the images we publish. So, please don’t.

I will be opening groups for special submissions such as the new Poetry group, and the Animal Magazine as well. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or anything else about OMTimes, please let me know.

Write to me:

To Infinity and Beyond

 Liane Buck

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    Omtimes Media

    I don't know if I understand.

    Robin Coventry said:

    I took a look at a number of articles and found they are not in the third person. I saw we, your, and our throughout the articles I read. I have been working on gutting an article I wrote that did the same thing but is it necessary?

    Omtimes Media said:

     Yes, when you are writing to any magazine, you write articles. When you write in the first person on your website, you are writing blogs. Usually, when you are writing in the first person you are doing to share your won thoughts, but the audience doesn't necessarily relate to it if it is not in the 3rd person. It gives the impartial idea and allows who is reading to be relating to the narrative.

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    Gail Serna

    I have been researching the first, second and third person and wrote a post for social meida and I am turning it into a blog. I have know problem turning it into a blog since a blog is from the first person but I was trying to turn it into an article in from the perspective of the third person and this is really not easy to do. Any suggestions on turning a blog post into an article? Also I am thinking of purchasing

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    Gail Serna

    I wrote a post on social media and I am turning it into a blog. Writing in the first person is easy. Once I write the blog, I plan on turning the same piece into an article and want to write it in the third person. I was already trying to write the article and having trouble with the third person since it is not natural for me. Any suggestions? Also I am thinking of purchasing does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.