January 2020 Newsletter and Roadmap

Hello Dear Ommies,

Happy New year to all of you. I hope everyone is having a fabulous time.

I want to take a moment and say welcome to our new writers here; please make yourself at home, but don’t forget to check the Guidelines submissions.

There are a couple of things I wanted to touch base with you all. Soon enough, I will be having to be migrating this platform to a new NING Platform and again, I will have to evaluate the levels of participation inside this platform.

In other words, I will be removing people that have not participated or published in the past year. I don’t see the need to have a considerable task to recode and rebuild the platform, bringing everyone that frankly doesn’t want to be active any longer. The removal will not be a personal vendetta, it is just a necessary trimming and a pre-spring cleaning. If you still want to keep in contact with all your Ommies, please join us on Facebook.

If Omtimes is no longer for you, please, take a minute and evaluate with care the alternative.

 In a good note, the Animal Magazine is alive and well and will have the first edition coming next week.

Ministry Earth will be a quarterly magazine, so the next issue will be live in April. If you want to be part of that Publication as well, I will be sending an invitation for submissions exclusively for our writers. Check our website https://ministryearth.com/

I am also re-dimensioning the Poetry section of the magazine. As the Animal Magazine, I will be sending an invitation to our writers that had shown interest in participating.

As It is right now, I am working on April B edition, so If you want to be part of that edition, please submit your articles sooner than later.

As soon as I come out for air, I will start the bi-monthly conference calls to help everyone be informed of the new Writing trends and how to be improving your professional visibility.

 If you have any question that you would like to ask, please write to  editor@Omtimes.com


To infinity and Beyond

Liane Buck

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    Kay Reynolds

    Hi Liane, Looking forward to hearing about the new writing trends. 

    Thank you for the update!


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    Crystal Presence

    Always good to hear from you Liane! Thanks for all that you are doing!

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    Anu Dayal-Gulati

    Hi Liane

    I've just been accepted to be part of the Writer's Community and I'm really excited about it. I really enjoy the breadth of focus of the articles you have. So grateful for this valuable work that you're doing. I've read through the guidelines and I think I understand them!! Do we just post or would someone look at it before we post to make sure it follows the guidelines? 

    Thanks so much! 

    Looking forward to being part of this!