June 2020 Community Newsletter

Hello, Dear Ommies,


It has been a while since we sent the last newsletter. Many things have changed around us, with the pandemic, riots, and giant hornets, but we are still here.


I hope and pray that you are doing ok and coping with grace. We are doing the same.


I will be working exclusively on this community this week and the next, and I intend to fill up the monthly buckets of articles through the end of the year.


I am taking the opportunity to remind you and to inform the new writers of the guidelines for submission. They need to be followed to be considered for selection. All article submissions need to have a perfect format, so they are optimized, and can reach peak performance and excellent visibility. At the same time, you present yourself in a more professional light before the audience.


Here are some recommendations:


  • An article should not be less than 500 words.
  • All articles must be on 3rdperson. Texts written in the first person do not classify as an article but a personal blog.
  • Attach a suggestion for at least 4 keywords on your text and make sure they are on present in your writing.
  • Present an abstract: This is a brief description of your article, as an introduction or summary. It should contain at least one of your keywords.
  • Every article must be sent with a bio. We suggest a bio with 60-70 words and with no more than two links.  One should be your website and the other one social media. This is how people connect with you.
  • It would be great if you also have a photo of yourself. As we post your photo inside the magazine, this is an opportunity to market yourself and be “out there.” It is not obligatory, but it would be cool.


All further details about submission and questions referring to article submissions may be found on the Submission Guidelines tab.


 We wish you all a gratifying, if unusual, Summer

 To Infinity and Beyond,

Liane Buck