Changes on the Third Trimester

Hello again, dear Ommies!


This year, despite it being a very problematic one, is going away amazingly fast.

As we are getting close to ending our third trimester, I would like to talk with you all a bit. I want to let you all know about some resolutions and future changes that will be happening inside this community. But before we get there, let me reiterate some of the rules and guidelines for submission.

1. Please, when submitting your article, post your Bio at the end of it. It should be 60-70 words and two links max. I would highly recommend you use a real photo of yourself as I tend to use it in your articles. In the magazine, this way, you receive the complete attribution for your work, and we help YOU to promote yourself even further. This is a favor we are doing to you as a contributing writer; you should accept the gift.

 2. Remember, we are a Magazine, not a link farm. I am not going to warn anyone anymore.  As of right now, I will be removing people at my own discretion. We have had a fantastic amount of people coming to this community just to place links for their clients, which is not what we are here for. This type of practice harms our rankings on Google as we are seen as spammers and second-class website. These black hat practices damage your articles, and they damage us, as they decrease our visibility in search engines.

 3. We will soon be migrating this platform to a new formatted NING 3.0, and bringing some new highlights and interactive features.  My idea is to restrict access to this community, to make it a private one, and by invitation only place to better serve this writer’s pod and to keep a level of quality and excellence, which has been an OMTimes Trademark. If you are here, you may stay. As it is right now, if you have not contributed for the past two years, you will be invited to leave the writer’s pod. Please note that this is not a personal issue. Still, on these COVID times, we need to prioritize time and resources, everything. I figure the ideal number of writers will be around 1000.

 4. We do not accept submissions that are only designed to promote yourself. This is a soul service-oriented community, we expect the articles to be somewhat informative and would bring value to the reader.  There is no space for personal blogs here, we publish only high-value Articles.

5. I would invite you all that may decide to stay, to please update your profile and be sure to reread our guidelines for submissions. If you prefer I have a primer of the submission guidelines here

6. Let me know if you have any questions. I would invite you to also join us on the OMTimes Authors Goodreads group,, and OMTimes Writers and Authors over on LinkedIn,

I am looking forward to working closer to you and building a cooperative new platform.

To Infinity and Beyond

 Liane Buck

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    Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

    Hi Liane, I know you and the editors are very busy with this wonderful GIFT to mankind, Om Times! Just a suggestion, that if an article is not being selected to be published is there a way to let the author know? Thanks so much and Bodhi is privileged to be a part of this community, and will be submitting soon! Love, Susan and Bodhi Baba! 

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    Omtimes Media

    Hi Susan, when did this ever happen with Baba's articles?  I publish every single one of them. I am alone selecting articles and editing. I seriously don't have the bandwidth to do this to all writers, I usually leave a comment so they know when their articles will be published. Did you have a different experience?