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My Name is Tori Johnson. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences with a focus in Special Education. Masters degree of Science in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on Cognitive Rehabilitation and Neuroscience.

During my clinical work I have spent the majority of my focus as an educator. I have been running brain injury and stroke groups in hospital settings, support groups, and with the VA, since 2009 in addition to having a private practice in Montrose CO as a Clinical Psychotherapist. In my years of clinical work I was able to contract with probation, social services, PACE, and other departments not only providing education and training but working with clients one on one to help them succeed. After educating the professionals on what a Brain Injury was and signs to look for I provide a guide for not only individuals with Brain Injuries but a guide for caregivers as well. *I was offered to be a presenter in the Meeting of The Minds on my work with caregivers.
In addition, in 2013 I also found a need in helping the community during transitions. This started as a leader in a mom group where I found mothers who went from careers to being a mommy were struggling- mostly with depression and anxiety. After I had created a tool box for this I found in my practice that people who were recently divorced, widowed, empty nesters, newly retired, and any other life changing experiences people were drawn to that tool box and so I designed a workshop called “Who Am I Now”; which further developed into the Soul Search Retreat incorporating Mindfulness-based therapy due to the fact I was realizing conscientiousness is the same as mindfulness where one has to be motivated and live purposely, which correlated to my teachings of emotional regulation through DBT.
At this point I took some time off and relocated. During this time I studied deeper into quantum physics and metaphysics; how these ideas could be incorporated within my field or with the work I do in the field relating to cognitive functioning with the dimensions of thought. The result is my new workshop called In Pursuit of my Ikigai
Things that inspired my new workshop In Pursuit of my Ikigai
The illusion of Reality followed by Quantum Physics Confirms: Consciousness creates reality.
Jesus Christ Heals from Fillmore
E Square by Pam Grout
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The Book of Thomas the Contender
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Practical Metaphysics by Eric Butterworth
Albert Eillis
BBC documentary Adam three
Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin
Abraham Hicks (many things along with the Law of Attraction written by Esther Hicks)

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