• Embracing Community As Part Of Bringing Forth The Best In Ourselves And Our World

    Abstract:  Community as part of bringing forth the best in ourselves and our world. Community as a way to foster deep and meaningful relationships, enhancing our emotional states and overall happiness. Having new conversations and focusing on each other's strengths while learning how to strengthen…

    By Crystal Presence

  • How to Handle Spiritual Valleys and Stress During Quarantine

    The coronavirus has brought many changes to life as we know it. Before the virus came along, people eagerly hugged and gave each other handshakes, and you rarely had to worry about coming into close contact with people in your social circle. Now, quarantining requires you to spend more time alone,…

    By Brooke Chaplan

  • Artistic Impulse

    the impulse that drives artistic expression is irrational, unconditioned, and impersonal. it is beyond the grasp of reason and its constructions, which allows it to make the being resonate at frequencies that reason is not able to reach, and thus initiate it into experiences that are beyond his…

    By Christopher Stewart

  • The Power of the Phoenix

    The Power of the PhoenixBy Judi LynchWord count – 687Bio word count - 60The legend of the phoenix symbolizes transformation and rebirth. Like the sun, which dies in the evening and rises again in the morning, the phoenix is reborn anew from the ashes of its former self. The phoenix, like our souls,…

    By Judi Lynch

  • 4 Spiritual Rituals That Can Help You Understand Your Future

    There are many ways to utilize spiritual and metaphysical resources to determine your life’s path. Rituals can help ground us in the present, help us come to terms with our…

    By Brooke Chaplan

  • Subtle Matter: Where the physical and spiritual unite

    Dr. Klaus Volkamer’s new book, “Weighing Soul Substance”, builds bridges across the gulf that has separated science from spirituality, materialism from mysticism. It confirms the reality of auras, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychokinesis, telepathy, and precognition, and presents empirical…

    By William T. Hathaway

  • Appreciative intelligence

    Appreciative intelligence reveals the way to see the giant tree in a seed. It leads the pathway to assess a situation or read a person by appreciating its positive aspects and to find out how the future will unfurl by stepping with a new perspective, an appreciative intelligence. Weeding out the…

    By Jayita Bhattacharjee

  • What Kind of Partner Are You?

    In every relationship there is a power equation: someone has more control than the other person. The power in a relationship at any given moment resides in the hands of that one of the partners who has the least stake in the continuance of the relationship. Typically, therefore, the power equation…

    By Bob Makransky

  • Where Does Our Intuition Come From?

    Our intuition is an expression of our higher self. It flows freely through our psychic senses once we develop them. Without our breath, we would not exist. Then, consider that developing our intuitive abilities is equally as necessary.How do we integrate our psychic and physical senses? It is true…

    By Gail Serna

  • Pandemic and Higher Thought

    ABSTRACT:In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, spiritual knowledge is critical for coming to understand and heal body and mind.  It is critical now for Science to seriously look at presently taboo metaphysical sources and more thoroughly comprehend the nature of infectious disease, how it…

    By Arthur Telling