• How Many Types of Meditation are There?

    Years ago I had a boyfriend that would say things like "I don't need to go see the sunset I've seen it a ton of times". He definitely had a "been there done that" attitude about life can you tell? Today, I'm fairly certain that same guy would comment "I don't do meditation, I tried it and…

    By Maria Humphreys

  • Dear Me: It's Time to Heal Your Heart

    I’m a divorced 43 year old woman and every morning I wake up, I hold my hand on my heart and give thanks for the fact that it’s still beating.  After realizing the amount of…

    By Jenn Maronek

  • Growing Old is All About Maintenance

                We’ve all heard our parents say that growing old is the worst as they trek themselves to another doctor appointment to pick up yet another prescription.  We are conditioned to believe that our health care costs will increase substantially as we age; for general health care, prescription…

    By Carrie Rutledge

  • What is Limitless Living?

    It is an alternative way of life.A lifestyle commitment.Limitless Living is possible and accessible to everyone who wishes to exist without fear and pain. It is the moment, when we realise that we can teach ourselves a new way to live.A life without fear, pain, shame or judgement. Imagine that for…

    By Sri Swami Purohit

  • Signs From Heaven

    Have you ever wondered if you are getting signs from Heaven? It’s not unusual for our loved ones who have passed to give us signs they are with us.Sitting at home all alone, Shannon suddenly hears a knocking noise in the distance. This isn’t a knocking sound like one might hear if someone was at…

    By Kay Reynolds

  • The Trick to Actually Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

    The New Year is here again and it brings to mind a former patient – let’s call her Jody. Every year, toward the end of December, Jody would read me her list of New Year’s resolutions and then a week or two later she’d show up at my office with a downcast look and her shoulders hunched over in…

    By Marcia Sirota

  • The Transformations of 2020

    Every 30-odd years, a total change in the overall story and power structures of the world, arrives and begins a new chapter in human history.2020 is that year, when Saturn (structure) and Pluto (transformation) merge.Not only will the external structures be challenged by the people—but within each…

    By Richard Geer

  • The Path of the Aspirant & the Search for Esoteric Knowledge

    Finding the Path of Esoteric knowledge is not easy.  Many aspirants assume that if they read a book about esoteric knowledge, they will find it.  Esoteric knowledge is never easily available, and is not given out in a simple logical format like a textbook at a university or college.  Yet there are…

    By Cyrus Ryan

  • Seven Ways to Bring More Peace into our Lives

    Seven Ways to Bring More Peace into our LivesBy Judi LynchWord count – 735Bio word count - 60In a time when everything seems to be in constant transition and confusion out in the world it becomes necessary for us to seek more peace in our lives. Finding peace within helps us with stress, anxiety…

    By Judi Lynch

  • Have Knots Even Yoga Can't Crack? 4 Methods to Fix Your Spine

    Practically everyone will have to deal with back pain at some point over the years, and that discomfort can bring your life to a grinding halt. While some back issues will…

    By Meghan Belnap