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OMTimes writer’s Pod is the largest community for Holistic-Conscious writers at every stage of their writing lives, representing every generation – and every place around the world. We are committed to supporting, encouraging, and educating writers, and  Radio broadcasters providing them with a place that is both inspirational, informational and practical.

We'd love to have you participate in our dynamic, growing community. Once you become a member, you will be able to set up a personal profile page you can use to connect with other Ommies and share your work, and you can customize your Ommie experience by following specific content topics and joining groups to help you on your writing journey.

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Once you've set up your free account, there are a four easy things you can do to get the most out our writer’s pod:

1. Complete your profile page. OMTimes members have their own personal page on the site where they can tell other members about themselves, share social media handles, share their writing (and links to books!), and upload a personal photo. Make your OMTimes page your online writing hub, and direct others interested in you and your work to check it out!

2. Post an article on your OMTimes page. You have your own blog ready to go on your OMTimes page-don’t miss the chance to use it!

Our community editors love to feature unique and intriguing member content on our Magazine website, our extensive social media and in newsletters.

3. Explore the groups/Columns. Groups are a great way to connect with other Ommies who share your interests. In groups, you can pose questions, start discussions, and leverage the power of the community to get the information and encouragement you need.

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