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"Enjoying the celebration of light, which is celebrated all over the world around the winter solstice and which we call christmas."
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As the feet of the universe, the hands of mother earth, the voice of the field, the love in your heart and the light in your eyes; I AM U.
I listen to the name Marja Nieuwveld since I was born in Rotterdam. After twenty years of solesearching and cleaning my mind and body of all chemicles I found what I had been looking for. Universal love that nourishes me on every level. Since 2018 I live from Light, which means I do not need food to live. Now my passion and mission coincide in BEING the heart of the world.
Are there additional websites where you can be found?

Living on light – what is prana?

Are you willing to let go of your current world view and be open to the intangible quantum world, where miracles happen and incredible things exist? Like the fact that since September 2018 I have been living on prana, universal life energy or light who I call it. I don’t need food to live and my strength, energy and clarity amaze me every day.


Will you join me on my journey of discovering a life without food?

At this bifurcation point, the crossroads in the development of humanity, it is useful if you already detach yourself from what was once reality to you, but actually turns out to be an illusion. Trust your inner voice and have the courage to continue reading.

What do I think Prana is?

Prana comes from Sanskrit (oldest living Indo-European language) and means vital life energy. It is universal life energy that everything and everyone consists of and needs to live. It is called differently depending on the culture, scientific background or religion. Some common other names are the Chinese chi, the Japanese ki, the Greek pneuma, the Latin spiritus vitalis or spiritus mundi, logos, arché, obaia, kundalini, primordial dust, light quark, (bio) photons, higgs particle, morphogenetic field, zero point energy / zero point field, vril, od, orgone energy, universal consciousness, akasha, ether, soul, holy spirit, atman, manna, god, the god particle and allah.

Here is a small fact to avoid misunderstandings regarding the last name; “Did you know that God in Arabic means Allah? Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians used the word Allah before Islam existed. In my eyes they all speak of the same intangible miracle.

There seem to be more than 100 names for it and since human history, this phenomenon has fascinated the mind. Where the name, quintessence appeals to me because of its meaning as being "the core of something", I give it a creative twist and translate it as "the source of everything". For me, the nicest words used for it are light and love. But for the sake of convenience, I write here about prana, as a collective name.

As a creative philosopher and yoga teacher I have been fascinitated by prana for years. For me it is an information-bearing vibration with which everything in nature is connected and animated, from the banana, the monkey, the tree, the weeds, the grain of sand, the rock and of course us, the human race. The difference in perception has to do with the different frequencies with which it vibrates. The higher the frequency, the more connected to the so-called universal consciousness. I personally call it universal love. When I experience how it flows, pulses and dances within my body, my heart literally overflows and tears of reverence arise in my eyes. I always say, «my heart overflows.»

We absorb it through the eyes, the breath, our digestive tract and our skin. In fact, it is the energy that we consist of, drawing a line is a bit tricky and also completely unnecessary. Above all, let's not make it too difficult. It is too small to see with the naked eye, but it seems to look like tiny balls of light. There are people who can see it and I think that as we become more aware, humanity can all see it. Those unexploited areas of the brain must be good for something, right?

In my eyes it is light and feels like universal love when it flows freely. The kind of love I have been looking for all my life, beyond time and space. The light that connects everything and everyone. In my opinion as a modest creative philosopher, it is all tangible and intangible, part of one connecting, information-bearing field. Where does it come from, that is the big question. Maybe from the sun or the stars. This would at least explain the working of life, heat and energy-spilling miracle. Every word, name or label that you put on it is too little and meaningless to contain the intangible miracle. Every word would be irreverent to the infinitely intelligent and fascinating that shapes and infuses us and everything.

While I am writing this, the thought also arises that it cannot be captured in one word either. It is a sound and that is where the mantra AOM appears, also called OM or OHM. Yes it could be good, the sound from which everything originated. Millions of people worldwide chant (sing) this mantra regardless of culture or religion. The corresponding Omkar symbol has always fascinated me and I have had it around my neck for years in the form of a medallion.

Omkar (Sanskrit) is a symbol that has different versions, of which the Hindu variant is the best known. Most people know the symbol as Om, which is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Dharmic religions.


What is prana according to others?


Within Hinduism, prana is equivalent to the all-pervading vital life energy. As one of the five vital lifestreams, with a reference to the gods of Hindu mythology. Prana is also used as equation of the wind god Vayu, representing all five streams together. These streams are believed to be generated by the vitality body (pranamaya kosha) and to control all biological processes. It would be responsible for the heartbeat and breathing. It would enter the body through respiration and be transported to all body cells through the blood vessel system.

With prana energy would be inhaled and it would be the life force that everyone would need to function on a mental, emotional and physical level. These lifestreams would be in contact with each other through the various chakras (energy centers) that in turn are connected through a system of energy channels, called nadis. The prana could be sent to the different parts of the body or moved again, increasing vitality.


Buddhism takes a completely different view of the concept of prana. Gautama Buddha achieved his enlightenment by realizing that there is no "I". According to him there is no individual identity and there is only prana. According to his vision (dharma) everything is a manifestation of prana and prana is the connection between everything. Prana is the bound energy where chi is the free energy. Chi is present in air and ether and when chi is bound he named it prana. As long as man believes in an individual "me", chi will be bound and thus remain prana, according to his vision. Understanding that the "I" does not exist will bring the prana back into chi, which implies the ultimate enlightenment.

The breathing exercises are also associated with spiritual enlightenment. This teaching comes from Buddhism. You fill your body on an emotional, body level and spiritual level with prana and you slowly come to the realization that there is no "me". There is only love, prana (energy).

This vision is entirely assigned to me, although as a creative philosopher I would like to add one comment. His vision about switching chi and prana is a bit complicated, it's the same for me.

My personal experience has taught me that indeed there is no ‘I’ anymore, just love.

As the feet of the universe, the hands of mother earth, the voice of the field,

the love in your heart and the light in your eyes; I AM U.


It’s time to unite

The knowledge about prana and the quantum world is still in its infancy at the moment and I hope that this lost wisdom will soon come to light again. This will be a major step for all of humanity to remember where we come from, who we are and what we have to do. Especially the understanding of the unity consciousness will be the key to peace on earth. Fortunately, we are on the eve of the shift from the dual consciousness to the unity consciousness.

"It is love that holds the world together," Goethe once said, and he certainly did not refer to romantic love. I personally experience it just like he does. What kind of name we give it is not important, in our hearts we all know the truth. That is why the Maya greeting, In lak'ech, appeals to me so much, it means 'I am a different you'. The Maya wanted to say with this greeting that we are all one and live in connection. Lets follow their example.


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