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it came from my heart


Empower yourself by reading on.

After righting the covenant I decided to tell how I see things are with me and spirit, this is hard for me to live like this as I am human but I still try, sometimes I do fall by the way side, how will become more clear as you read through my text. I have lived on the earth plane more than once or twice, in fact I do believe I started as far back as Atlantis, I have been a native American, and a monk, time has past by and I have learnt a lot, but we learn with each life time and I do find it hard that we cant remember all our lives, so we would not have to go through hardships we may have already experience in another life.
Once we are here we go through life and can get hurt time and time again, we also hurt others, it so easy to do, sometime without knowing it. some carry the hurt through their lives and never let it go, this is one thing we should learn at the start, to let the hurt go, if we don’t we become a victim. The victim finds themselves going through life, moaning and groaning when they are the one that can change the way they live, not the person they are moaning to, yes it can help to have a moan but it does not change anything, it took me a long time to learn this and yes I have been the victim, even turned other into victims with out even knowing it or that we are doing it, so be careful. By telling you about the hurt and about being a victim I would hope I can stop other from hurting so much, I am still a victim, I am addicted to cigarettes this is one I can sort out when I am ready.


Thoughts are the most powerful thing on the planet, how does that work ? I hear some people say. Well lets say someone upset you and you start ranting and raving to all your friends, family even work colleagues about how bad that person is, it doesn’t take long before you start to build hate and resentment toward the other person, you find it awkward when in the other person presence and they feel the same, this can lead to hostility even violence and building a negative cloud over you and all you come into contact with, it can even allow anger to build ending in violence or if your working in the same place one of you losing your job, ha we seem to be back at the victim. It works with neighbours to, my mum had a neighbour and all this neighbour did was complain about my mum, she would ring the council and complain about the least little thing, the day my family moved in she stood at her window counting the bed being brought into the house, this lead to the man from the council coming out to check on how many people where living at the house. The family did try to be friendly towards her and the rest of her family, but to no avail. It lead to her son becoming very hostile towards all our family, it even lead to me wanting to turn violent towards him over the smallest of things, in the end I was sending so many negative thoughts towards him I am sure one of us would end up getting hurt, then one day I woke up to what I was doing in my mind and I stopped, sending love and light to a person can be more rewarding then sending hate, we didn’t come to blows and never became friends but saying that we didn’t remain enemies either.


My next example and this may seem a bit far fetched to some but believe me it is true, if your in a relationship or not and you see someone, you may think he or she’s a bit of all right, (depending on what your into) then you start letting your mind play tricks on you, you may even start fantasising about that person, thinking what it would be like to live with that person, sleep with that person anything your mind can imagine. On saying that you may even have a real attraction to that person, (I would hate to be responsible for some people not getting together.) This is where it can start to go wrong, we all no about the principle of telepathy where people can read other peoples mind, well suppose the person you are having these thoughts about starts picking up on your thoughts, this can lead you both down a road you may not really want to go down, it can lead to people having affairs when they are quite happy with their lot. I do sometimes wonder how famous people mange to cope with all the thoughts that are directed at them good or bad. Well before you know it you can find peoples feelings being hurt and they haven’t even seen it coming, even leading to marriages breaking up, or the affair ending and people throwing crap at each other that should not have even happened.


You can destroy peoples lives just by sending out negative thought, turning brother against brother, it is so easy to turn people against friends and family just with the word of mouth just because you think someone has a grudge against you, this is why I say mind what you think about someone they may pick up on your thought and turn against you bringing hurt to you and all your family. We have all been upset to the point of wishing someone dead but we don’t mean it.
Lets keep thing as positive as possible, I was told by someone years ago about negative thoughts travelling around the world putting a big black cloud over the earth, this may be true I don’t really know, what I do no is we always bring what we don’t want on ourselves. Let me explain what I mean, for years I said I didn’t want to commute to work, to much time is spent travelling this would lead to a loss in quality time spent on me, well I did end up commuting to work in London, 5 hours lost every day to travelling. I did have the added bonus of giving healing to the whole train this was done in meditation, if I got to be on this train for the next one and a half hours before my trek across London I may as well us the time on something worthwhile, it even works on buses trips. I always said marriage was for life and would never leave my wife, I ended up getting divorced, (twice), I always said I would never marry a widower, I married a widower so you see you can bring what you don’t want by not wanting it. Now the point of all this is if you go on the internet or read books claiming the end of the world is coming, or you believe the predictions made by this medium or that profit, is it not possible that we will set up so many negative thoughts that that’s what will happen. At the end of the day spirit is there to guide us and help us , but the person giving this advice is only like me human and like me can make mistakes. I myself would rather go through life one day at a time, yes the end of the world will come one day but not at the hands of me buying into what someone is saying will happen, they are the ones that are saying this is the end. Some say the end of the Mayan calendar is the end, o k so a race long gone didn’t write any dates past that point, it only means the people interpreting it as the end of the world at that point in time, it doesn’t mean the whole world has to believe the few.


O k the planet is in trouble, we have polluted it to the point of global warming becoming a hot topic, some saying this and other saying that its too late to save the planet, how did we reach this point?, What can we do?, try not to worry too much, I know it is greed that has brought us to this point, an engineer some years ago proved he could run a ship with water as a fuel, the oil company bought him out making him very rich, why because they wanted to sell oil, so we could drive around putting more money in their pockets. I did doubt this story was it true or not until I meet the engineers ex wife she did confirm the story. we could have cars running on water but just think of all the money the car manufactures would lose and all the taxes the government could not collect.


There is a chapter in the bible that say we should not live on borrowed money, this is a bit of a farces when you think the churches are the biggest money lenders in the world, they have the money which they must invest because of the way money works, if you got lots you want more, this doesn’t lead to a good quality in life just misery because you are always worried about not having money. The recession is good for the world more people are waking up to the fact that we don’t need a lot of the crap we have in our lives, just look around your houses and ask yourselves do I need all this material crap I have, why at Christmas do people go out and borrow money just to give there children lot of crap they don’t really need. Children can have a good Christmas with half the toys and games machines by just giving them less, if we all took this on board they would not say I want, so and so as one, it would lead to less stress which is better for the parents and every one ells.
Then there is a bad side to the recession for the people that have borrowed lots of money, they are getting stressed worrying about what they haven’t got so now is the time to have less, less is more, the people that have lost there job have to adjust, I have done just that and am very lucky to have a partner that supports me being out of work for a year and a half now, and no I don’t clammed job seekers allowance.
look at all the clothes people have, I have 9 coats, I can only wear one at a time, o k I change my coat with the seasons but there are only four of them, you only need two pairs of shoes at the most one pair to wear and if your in luck a spare pair in case you need them. If you can get away from the throw away habits we have got our selves into we would not have to work so hard and then spend more time with each other, even spend time with our children if you have any teaching them to play or how to grow there own food. Foods the most important thing we have to worry about it was the money of the past, if you had food going spare you could pay someone to mend your roof, or even trade for something you needed. We have lost a lot of knowledge about how to store food, it may pay us to learn the basic survival skills of the past, we may find we enjoy doing it, and it may make us all better people we could find we appreciate what we have instead of taking it for granted, we could even spend more time in our family units enjoying each other company.
I do grow my own vegetables and herbs, don’t use the herbs but will when I know how, something I am working on, vegetables are slow going this year but I no I got tomatoes to come straight from the garden, hopefully I will be sun drying some for use later in the year, it’s a small start but I will build on it.


Religions its good if you have a belief in a belief system, I say that this way because not all belief systems are classed as a religion, if you ask a druid what religion does he or she belong to the chances are they will tell you none I am a druid or they may even say they are a pagan or a witch. To me being a druid is to be part of a movement that live their lives a certain way. As the druids work with the ancestors I work with spirit, it the same thing just a different name. I do have more than one guide, they change with the years except my good friends, running water and swift, running water is a native American and swift is a wolf. They have been with me a long time. Names can be a bit off putting to some, like being a pagan people automatically believe if you’re a pagan you don’t believe in god, not at all pagans just look at it differently to some god does exist.


Being a spiritualist to me is about giving with the help of spirit or ancestors if you like, I ask spirit for healing with gods love and light, this they give freely and without question, they will not judge the person you are asking healing for, good or bad they all receive gods love.
Now that to me would be good a religion based on love, I do think that’s what we all ready have it just that most people have not found it yet. I am following channelled messages from St Michal and kryon of magnetic service, they are making a lot of sense with what they are saying, and love is the main point they are bringing forth. It did bother me because I would write on every thing, sending love and light meaning gods love and light, then someone said to me that love and light that I was using belonged to a Neo Wikken group aligned to the black arts, first off I would like to point out religions have taken from each other, the Christian church have placed the green man as decoration on the Ceilings of their churches, the druids would tell you that charismas is a take of off the pagan celebration of the winter equinox, the half way point in the winter letting people know spring was around the corner. There is so much taken from one religion to another that I would say does it matter as long as the intention it good, I will use love and light when I like as I send it as love and light from god, not the love and light used by the neo Wikken group aligned to the black arts, it did cross my mind that the person that did tell me this did have an alterative motive, perhaps they were already aligned to the black arts and dint like me to use love and light in the context I am using it.


Healing is another thing brought from the spirit realm, it takes many forms from reiki, crystal therapys, hands on you just have to ask spirit for there help and they will oblige. One thing I will add is don’t put of what you can do today till to morrow, when you keep putting off things that you what to do it leads to dis-ease, you end up worrying about not doing what you were going to do because you have not done it. This is why so many people suffer with depression, and other stress related disease, they have the power to enpower themselves, turning negative thoughts into posative thoughts. Now how do I see other religions?, well first of we should all respect other religions even if we don’t agree with all they preach, I do like to go to church sometimes and I will take part in druid ceromonys when I can, I have not been in a mosque yet but have been in gavara, it was enjoyable.
Now we come to that one thing I try not to mention about GOD, I found my god the creator, he is in me, YES I DID SAY THAT I AM A GOD. God is in us all, we are all god. Now I have told you you’re a god what do you do, you are god, spirit is there for you, do you ask them for a new washing machine or a new car, well you could and the chances are you will get it, but to me it is more an important job then that. I can only tell you how I view the job. I am looking at healing the world, yes healing the world of hate, this must start at home , we must stop hating are neighbour just because they live different or believe in a different religion. Love we must love are self’s first, so many people don’t love themselves, once we have learnt this we can love everybody ells. We need to stop being greedy and share more, I share all the time, I share my food with the birds that come into my garden, I share my time with the homeless man sat on the pavement, I am sharing this message with you the reader, it as now taken me about two weeks to get right, there are so many ways we can share. Love comes from god its always there and as a god we must share our love. My world is a beautiful place because as a god I am making it a better place, one step at a time.


we create the world we live in, there for we are a god of our little world, we are the ones who chose to be the victim, you can stop being a victim you our god, we are the ones that allow our world to be full of hate, stop hating we are all god, if you see someone that needs help, you can help them it may be an homeless person that needs help, it may cost you nothing but lending an ear, god does listen, so listen you are a god also. Learn to give a little, it doesn’t have to be all the time but just now and again, learn to forgive it dose help settle karma, god forgives all, we are god so we must also forgive. You can give healing to people you are a god. Learn to love unconditional, isn’t that another thing gods known for.
Well I think I have given you the reader a little to think about so I will stop there.
Sending love and light


You can now find me at I hope to add my life story to this site in the blogs starting sometime next week, in the mean time I have add other stuff I have wrote. Please feel free to join me there as it time for children of the earth to come together and hopefully we can make the world a better place.

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