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Tips to Make Fasting Easier

Fasting is often a difficult thing to do, especially if you need to get used to it. Whether preparing for a religious holiday, aiming to lose weight, or just wanting a break from food for a day, fasting can get messy and stressful without proper planning and preparation. But fret not; we've got your back with these helpful tips that will make fasting easier every time!

1. Keep Fasting Periods…


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Back Pain? Tips to a Quick Recovery

These days it seems like we are constantly trying to figure out ways to stay healthy, but the truth is that our bodies need special care just as much as they need exercise and nutrition. For example, most of us know back pain is a serious problem, but many people don’t know how quickly it can be healed. With these tips for quick recovery, you will find relief within a few days!

1. Physical…


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Find Creative Solutions by Emptying Your Mind

I’ve always been fascinated by how creative artists describe their process. Inevitably, they talk about being in a state of open mind where the download of core creativity can happen. I know painters who sit in front of a blank canvas staring at it and guitarists…


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Living a Uniquely Inspired Life

Living a Uniquely Inspired Life

By Judi Lynch

Word count - 678

Bio word count - 60

Seeking our own path in life can be a tremendous challenge if we have grown up feeling that we had to conform to certain ideals and accomplishments. Not only fidelity to society but to our families, friends and others who step on the path with us now and then. Many times we may feel we have to follow the crowd, keep in line, have things in the order they were always done. From fear…


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Resources for a More Beautiful Face

Everyone wants a more beautiful face. No matter your age, or where you come from we all want one that is symmetrical and exudes a youthful glow. In today's world the ability to have this special facial beauty may seem impossible, but with the right ingredients and guidance, you can not only enhance your natural features but make them even more flawless than they already are no matter the current condition of your facial features. Here are resources for a more…


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Dental Issues You Might Run Into as You Get Older

As you age, you are more likely to develop oral conditions. These might be due to aging, smoking or drinking problems, or bad dental hygiene. No matter what the cause, dental issues are no fun at all. With your teeth being one of the most prominent facial features you have, it's vital that you take care of them from an early age and maintain good oral health throughout your life. However, there are a range of different conditions and issues you might face as…


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Key Ingredients to Help With Immunity

Undoubtedly, getting a flu shot every year is the only way to keep your immunity and your health in check. However, flu shots may cause side effects, including headaches, muscle aches, pain, nausea or vomiting, sore throat, and fever. Many people have taken an alternative approach to help their immunity: taking certain food ingredients that can naturally boost their immune system. Here are key ingredients you can add to your diet to help with immunity…


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Tips to Boost Your Immunity

When you have good immunity, you can stay healthy as those around you get sick. There are ways to care for your body and boost your immunity.

Get Good Rest:

When you are not getting enough sleep, your body can become susceptible to illnesses that are going around. Getting quality sleep at night and making sure that you get enough time for rest each day can…


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Pioneer Jews of the West

Amazing but true: The first European settlers in what is now the USA weren’t English Puritans or French fur trappers but Sephardic Jews. Before the Mayflower sailed to America, Jews had fled the Spanish Inquisition and settled in what is now Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Although they were eventually absorbed into the mainstream culture, they built a real Jewish life here.…


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Patriarchy in India is beginning to crumble

In the Vedic tradition of India the feminine side of creation is given equal importance to the masculine. The Divine Mother, Mahashakti, is revered as the primal creative energy who manifests the deities and the physical universe and then sustains all dynamic activity. When portrayed together, the deity pairs – Brahma and Sarasvati, Vishnu and Lakshmi, Shiva and Parvati…


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Six Activities to Increase Spiritual Connection

Whether you're Baptist or Buddhist, it's a proven fact that having a spiritual practice can boost your happiness and give you a sense of peace. No matter which religion you practice, there are activities you can engage in to increase your spiritual connection. If you want to deepen your connection to the divine, here are a few things you can do to…


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How To Help A Child Cope After A Traumatic Event

Going through a traumatic event is difficult for anyone, but it's particularly difficult for children. Going through any traumatic event can shake their sense of stability, and make them feel as though their lives aren't as secure as they believed them to be.

As they go through this event and the aftermath, you can work with the…


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Build Your Visionary Skills with Mindful Patience

As a creativity coach, I know that many of the great visionary leaders of business, innovation, and the arts had the patience and dedication to successfully envision their creative endeavors. For those who find patience challenging, a mindfulness practice can…


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An Exploration of Different Marijuana Strains and Their Effects

Not all cannabis is created the same, and that's okay. In fact, different strains have their own unique effects that can meet your physical and mental needs. You can walk into a dispensary and find a huge variety of aromas, flavors, and potency levels. “Strain” isn't exactly a valid term today due to how marijuana has changed,…


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6 Natural Mood Boosters That Really Work

Everyone has off days where no matter what you do, you just can't seem to shake the funk. If you're feeling a bit down and out, try one of these six natural mood boosters to help you turn that frown upside down.


Get Some Sunlight

One of the most effective natural mood boosters is also one of the simplest: get some…


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-- By Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E., Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Scientific evidence suggests the health benefits of meditation include improved memory, increased ability to focus, improve health, and more.



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How I Meditate While Talking, Driving, and Doing Email


Meditation is a great tool. It has a major downside, though: Typically, you have to take time away from your daily activities to do it. Since most people don't think they have an abundance of time, very few people spend much time meditating each day. But what if you could meditate while you write emails, clean your house, or talk on the phone?

If you could meditate during your daily activities, you'd be able to meditate a lot—without taking time out of your…


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The more you give of yourself, the more you find of yourself

-- By Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E., Pittsburgh, PA, USA



Added by Darshan Goswami on September 24, 2022 at 10:00pm — 2 Comments

The Guru – Live in Your Living Room!

You can learn to meditate from one of the great spiritual teachers of India, then meditate with him live online and ask him questions – all for free. The first step is to…


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How to End Your Unseen Habit of Self-Sabotage to Live Better

It's time for a change. No more self-sabotage. It's time to live better. How many times have you said you'll start living healthier tomorrow? How many times have you told yourself you'll start eating better, exercising more, or drinking less after this week? We're all guilty of…


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