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Reinvention in mid life

Word count----850



Reinvention calls for letting go of the life that we once had and welcoming ourselves to think in a new perspective, reexamine our lives, ourselves in the light of a new age. It may not be the age that we once had, yet it is the age we have now. And how do we live in the…


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Healing my kidneys


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Pure Love

Pure Love     

by Barbara Ann Briggs

Only pure love is capable of opening wide the windows of the heart so that one can see into the very soul of life. Pure love sees not with the physical eyes but with the eyes of the soul. It sees not just the body but the soul of the beloved. It appreciates the Higher Self of the beloved and is drawn to the kindred song that…


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The Value of Creating a Meditation and Relaxation Sanctuary in Your Backyard

After a stressful day at work, there’s hardly a better thing to do than meditate and relax. But why do it inside of your home when you can just as easily meditate and relax out on the fresh air? In fact, if you’re ready to make some changes in your backyard, you could turn it into a real zen space you can use whenever you need some rest. And here’s how to do it.…


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Love Our Neighbor--There Is No Choice!


One of the simplest, most familiar, and important messages we receive is to love our neighbor. Unfortunately, this is a difficult message for many to manifest consistently in their daily lives. A difficulty reflected in the lack of civility often seen between neighbors near and far. The roots of this difficulty begin with the notion that loving our neighbor is a choice. A choice built upon ego illusions of separation, inequality, and unworthiness with which we come to know…


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Love and Power....Are they mutually exclusive?

Word count.... 800


Abstract....The tale of love versus power has been passed down over the ages, to be told and retold, until mankind as a whole gets the message and understands it with their hearts—how easily wisdom and compassion can get totally blinded by the chasing after power, desire to dominate, and the distorted “us vs them” thinking.

But love is a…


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A Healers Journey

Never did I perceive these two experiences as sexual abuse since there was no penetration, simply just fondling, until I realized there is no such thing as just to a five-year-old little girl. It took years to comprehend how powerful these incidences were and the impact they had on my relationships going forward.

In our world today, the trauma of sexual assault and abuse has finally gained a platform in which both women and men are being heard and listened too, and…


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The Evolution of Our Self-Identity or Chrysalis of Change

The Evolution of Our Self-Identity or Chrysalis of Change

By Judi Lynch

Word count – 690

Bio word count - 60

We are often reminded to love ourselves before we can love others. This is not always so easy for those who might not remember how to define themselves beyond outside perceptions, judgments and opinions. In a society distracted by filter enhanced selfies, oversharing of personal information and public shaming we can lose the very heart of who we really are.…


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A life beyond loss

Word count...850


Abstract....Saying goodbye to someone we love is never easy. To wave the final farewell to the nearest and dearest, is life’s most difficult thing to do. Yet, it is life that pushes us sometimes, to do the most undoable thing. How to get through a hardest hit and still come out alive—the pathway…


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The Giving and Receiving That Connects Us All

Abstract: Holidays as a time to celebrate the constant flow of giving and receiving that connects us all. Addressing the addictive culture of consumerism, triggering feelings of separation and aloneness. Asking powerful questions on how to bring resolution. Ideas for giving and receiving from our hearts without spending money. Celebrating Jesus as a man who had a passion for knowing who he was and telling his story.

"Receiving and giving…


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The uninvited guests that growl and howl. They will get us where they want us if we don’t deal with them.

We all want happiness in life. There is no one on this…


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Releasing The Continuity of War

Abstract:  Releasing the condition and continuity of war. Letting go of holding war as part of the human condition. Asking new questions. Changing the habit of making choices at point crisis rather than at point easy. Taking full responsibility for releasing the continuity of our own internal battle and tug of war. A list of things we can do to be part of releasing war from our inside out.

As we stand in awe awe and appreciation for our…


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Aries 2019 Financial Horoscope:

Aries, 2019 seems a favorable year for your finances. There are chances of sudden and unexpected gains for you. Increasing expenses might hurt your savings & you should keep them in control. Certain periods of the year are favorable for investing in property and share market.…


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Fred's Mom was Right--Look for the Helpers!


Fred Rogers’ mom taught him to look for the helpers in times of great difficulty. A lesson for all of us as we face challenges in which soft targets such as schools, places of worship, stores, concerts, sporting events, and shopping malls can in an instant become scenes of unspeakable tragedy. Our helpers are to be found in many places and their love which promotes healing is much stronger than hatred, and the fear in which it is rooted.

Fred’s Mom was Right—Look for…


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Healing Crisis: 3 Steps on the Path to Spiritual Awakening

Faced with a painful set of unusual physical symptoms we land in our doctor’s office anxious and afraid. We feel our mind-body-spirit is not our own. Whether it is invasion by an environmental toxin, our Central Nervous System (CNS) menaced by an unknown source, or a…


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A Simple Daily Practice that Works The beauty of the simple practice is that there is no special, eyes-closed meditation; no yoga or other exotic body movements; no restrictive diet; and no chanting,…

A Simple Daily Practice that Works

The beauty of the simple practice is that there is no special, eyes-closed meditation; no yoga or other exotic body movements; no restrictive diet; and no chanting, sacred rituals, or esoteric rites.

It is just a matter of whenever we find ourselves lost in or getting distracted by a thought or “story,” or are having an emotional reaction to someone or something, we remember to come down out of our heads and back to the…


Added by Jim Dreaver on November 8, 2018 at 1:54pm — 1 Comment

Good vs. Evil vs. Wholeness

What is the playground of the mind?  Where does it dally?  What is the range of possibilities available to you within the scope of your mind?  No, I’m not going to talk to you, yet again, about the Law of Attraction.  I’m going to talk to you about the range of possibilities inherent within the Good/Evil spectrum. 

            You see, most of us grew up believing that there was a standardized definition of “good” and a standardized definition of “evil.”  The spectrum actually ranges…


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