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Sitting in the darkness of my mind

“Sitting in the darkness of my mind”

Sitting in the darkness of my mind- I feel alone and helpless at times.

I breathe in and out trying to spit them all out. I want to fall asleep oh please just let me be.

I have plenty of time to think but not at night when I need my sleep.

Thoughts using up my time, hush I say, go away, find another to keep awake.

I am at peace, I am quite, I have no time to quarrel and fight.

I think of a garden of endless divine.… Continue

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~He was only a man~

He was only a man, so some say;

And those who followed him were fools, so some say.

As he hung on the cross rejected and scorned,

His God would forsake Him, so some say.

But the one called Jesus had a plan

To prove to the world he was not "just a man."

He died on the cross that you and I might live,

His life for our life--what more cold He give?

Forsake Him, you say? God made Him a King.

He arose from the grave and now walks… Continue

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Timeless glitter

Timeless Glitter

(no such thing)

Have you ever sit and pondered about the world around you so much, it just became one big blur? There is such an enormous amount of strife surrounding you and the things you hold dear to you. The important things yet at times I have come to the conclusion that none of it is real. And at other times it hits me with such force it can’t be anything but reality. Every day there are people I see, hear, and read about that have lost so much, but… Continue

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By Swami Chetanananda (from a talk given November 10, 2007, in Portland)

Last month I spent a good deal of time sitting in airports in Europe, watching people come and go, and go and come. It was interesting to watch because what it was about, for the most part, was people’s imaginary lives. An imaginary life is what our life is about most of the time. It’s about our hopes and fears, our desires and our attractions, as well as our aversions. It’s also about our attitudes. That’s our… Continue

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The Icarus Syndrome (or Don't Forget What Your Wings Are For)

Do you remember the story of Icarus in Greek mythology?

Daedalus was the great engineer who had designed the Labyrinth for King Minos of Crete to house the Minotaur. He was moved by the love of the Princess Ariadne for Theseus and gave her the secret of the Labyrinth so that Theseus could survive. Enraged, King Minos had Daedalus and his son Icarus imprisoned in a tower. In secret, Daedalus fashioned wings by attaching bird feathers to a frame with wax. They donned the… Continue

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Spiritual Networking

Spiritual Networking


Christopher Buck

Spiritual Networking is a cutting edge concept that transcends the usual networking notion. Spiritual Networking in itself embraces many aspects and manifestations that pertain to human connections. It is a Holistic and Organic approach, and a way to use a new outlook to translate connections.

Being part of a growing multifaceted community can enrich our lives, and at the same time create a myriad of new…

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full moon

something to share with you about full moon

Lately here my curcomstances are so noisy and stressy that I admit that I hardly come into real spirituality...I wish I could do more to change this but I just do not find the turn and I must say I feel overwelmed,and overstressed,bit overburdonned and am not always in aceptance of situation...between all this the full moon this times seems to draw evey time again and again my attention so I wondered which tree is ruling....when I read that I… Continue

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Is Our Compassion Part of The Resolution or Part of the Problem?

Abstract: In a world with so much suffering we do our best to be compassionate as part of the resolution. While doing our best we sometimes take on the suffering inside ourselves and lose our ability to be fully present with whatever the situation. It makes us wonder if we are being part of the resolution or part of the problem? Tips on what we can do if we find ourselves slipping out of being present and part of the…


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Embracing the Impossible

Abstract: Acknowledging the exploration of what we know is possible. Embracing what we think is impossible and bringing forth a new experience of what it means to be human.

“Our hearts know that a more beautiful world is possible, but our minds do not know how it's possible.” Charles Eisenstein

As pioneering spirits we love to enhance our…


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Grounding and Time Out (10/8/11)

While with another parent recently, we chatted about methods used when children have behaviors that we consider problematic, difficult, ignorant, or just plain old disrespectful.

I relayed that the forms of corporal punishment were very evident when I was growing up. One adult neighbor across the street used a “cat o’ nine tails” to give her children a lashing when…


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The Healing Power of Pets and Dreams (Part 3)

I reflected on my dream from the previous night as the veterinarian’s gentle voice cut into my heart like a knife.  My arms instinctively crossed over my chest to stop all the love pouring out from making me dizzy.…


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