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Your Light Is Needed Now

Your Light Is Needed Now

Your Light Is Needed Now

by Patrical Rota-Coble

Every person on the planet has the opportunity to assist in fulfilling a very important part of the unfolding Divine Plan.

Our Earthmother groans under the weight of abuse~

and weather patterns all over the world are shifting~

We are beginning to experience the floods, the fires, the…

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Cherokee Morning Song

Cherokee Morning Song…



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He/She... Union

She has seen into society

knows it for the sham it has forever been.

Drifting apart from her community

Setting on rocks at the edge of the deep,

Gazing off into the haze cloaked sea;

She wonders what life looks like ... afar.

He comes to conclude

Having been a history student these many years,

That Homo sapiens is a failed experiment.

Ascends often to mountain tops; lofty peaks.

Spends days looking up into the sky

Wishing he might… Continue

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This is an excerpt from my book, The Story: A Song of Silver Crow" that will be released in late July of 2009. For more info please go to:

As a teenager I often roamed throughout the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and sought out places along the Arkansas River that I imagined to be “sacred”. I revealed one of these hallowed areas to my grandfather and he asked me what it was that I thought made this particular spot unique. I was at a… Continue

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Well all the reports are in all about the new earth energise, people complaining about aching feet and the like, well where as this new energy left me, up until now on the side lines and not a lot to say, as I have said I have read a lot of messages coming over the phone lines to my computer, some I have taken on board others have left me board. If you are in tune with the energise that are out there you will have noticed the change and already made up your own minds. I… Continue

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Well there’s one for you, what’s it all about ?, well we have been told its all to do with being one with god, in Christ case he ascended into heaven. Now I have been told that we all go to heaven, even the bad people go to heaven so why so much fuss about ascension to my way of thinking it should be a walk in the park. I have been involved in the spiritualist movement for a good many years now so I have taken on some off the teachings to come from the movement. One… Continue

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Empower yourself by reading on.

After righting the covenant I decided to tell how I see things are with me and spirit, this is hard for me to live like this as I am human but I still try, sometimes I do fall by the way side, how will become more clear as you read through my text. I have lived on the earth plane more than once or twice, in fact I do believe I started as far back as Atlantis, I have been a native American, and a monk, time… Continue

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Michael Jackson

- When the wind blows in the same directions as everything else in the creation, then deep thoughts kept ignorant off the same…

- When the mind kept on flowing in the spools of thoughts, then no feelings took upon itself to slow down to break…

- When the consciousness travel through the emotion, none of the awareness took upon itself to awake…

- When in the environment of L.A.’s speed of life, gazed at Silence, being separated and saw the disbursement of realization;

-… Continue

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Galactic Activation. Channeled visionary artwork by Deb Graves.


June 24th 2009

Original artwork by Visionary artist Deb Graves. Title Galactic Activation.

This image speaks of building strong foundations, and that all is possible

with patience.…


Added by Deb-Aurah Araznu on June 27, 2009 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

How can we get rest....

I sensed that:-

“The seed of understanding ever awaits the advent of spring or appropriate time to sprout, when it will sprout, when its aromatic feelings and perceptions will make life fragrant; “for seeds and spring season have a close relationship. Shall we celebrate our living together when on the soil of our ego are growing thorny shrubs of wishes and desires, which do not let the mutual compromise between the seed and spring to fructify? When the fever of egotism has already dried up… Continue

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"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God."

~A Course in Miracles~

Evil exists only in the physical mind. This is in reality, is the last place anyone would want to find evil, but truth be told, it is here in the fertile soil of the physical mind, is where it was born and flourishes. Sad, but true.

Evil is a belief rooted in fear. Fear is an illusion born in the moment of the ego's…

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This was my affirmation today:

I had all kinds of beautiful miracles today; from joyous emails, calls, experiences, laughter and divine grace.

Each day is filled with miracles. Once we see that every moment contains a miracle, affirm it, breathe it in and know…that every moment is new.

Om Shanti beloveds

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My Life

The skiff of my life is passing through the unfathomable ocean of quietude with the oar of prayer. In this pilgrimage, there are also the rainbows of experience, but they carry little significance for me, why? My being does not like any experience which cause disturbance in my silence. I wish to be lost in quietness. Quietness that quietness which is my existence, that is my life...

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Iran and the need for international election monitors

Dear Friends,

Since the protests concerning the contested elections in Iran continue and have become 'front page news', the call of citizens of the world for permanent UN election monitors is timely. Thus I would be glad if you could share it with others. With best wishes, Rene Wadlow

International Election Monitors:

Agents of Free Elections

Rene Wadlow*

The post-election demonstrations in Iran which have led to deaths and… Continue

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“Detachment”, is the state of that way-farer who is sitting in a skiff in the open sea but has been caught in a sea storm, who neither knows how to swim, nor has any control over the skiff.

In this dreadful spectacle of death the critical state of the tremulous being is like the living of a detached mind which is just in the plight of the drowning person.

The stage of detachment is just like the state of one lost in a dense wilderness. Who walks with sense, no doubt, but finds… Continue

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Happy Fathers Day!!!

; Happy Fathers Day!!!

I want to wish all our fathers here at our OM family magazine a Happy Fathers day!!!
May your day be filled with lot of surprises, love, presents, peace and lots of blessings!!!
Enjoy your day!!
Love allways, Ms. Gypsy

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But I thought I was the cloud!

I've seen several energy workers in action, and with

one in particular, I thought--doesn't she seem a bit

callous about this other person's pain and issues?

Callous is far too strong a word--just a little impatient,

listening in a "get to the point" sort of way.

Being the sensitive person I am, I wondered at this.

Doesn't she see their pain?

But in time I've realized, she does indeed--and sees it

much better than most of us. She sees it… Continue

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This Thirst Recongized Thirsty Being...

Who shall I say,' What I am or Who am I ?'

Today JOY, because at one time i was at the bottom of bitterpet...

Today SILENCE, because at one point in life i was lost in the crowd of words...

Today FREEDOM, because at once i was mingled in the web of mind...

Today LOVE, because i was once suffering in hate...

What is this JOY?

= Ultimate satisfaction...

What is this SILENCE?

= Totality...

What is this FREEDOM?

= Carefreeness...

Then what is… Continue

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The Gift

The Gift...

Yesterday, I made the run/walk (as I often do) over a bridge and along a forested

trail to a clearing where there is a waterfall that flows down a stone riverbed

into a green and quiet pool. I have gotten into the habit of taking my shoes off

so I can feel the earth beneath me as I meditate, and the quiet seclusion of the

place and the sound of waterfall is very soothing.

Yesterday, as I entered the clearing, a gentle breeze blew and the air… Continue

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