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Free Will—I’ll do what I please

In essence free will is our “I’ll do what I please” compass. The dial will point in one direction of our internal compass, but free will comes along (not only for ourselves but others whom will be involved) to close the compass and change direction on a whim. There is no sense to be made from free will, only that we are AWARE we are utilizing free will choices.…


Added by Renee Christine Martine on February 15, 2016 at 6:07pm — 3 Comments

Dosha Balance: Pitta

The Pitta dosha governs metabolism and all things heat-related — it is the dosha of transformation. Think flow and fire! Our digestion — our digestive fire — known in ayurveda as agni, is what we use to transform food. Named for the Rigvedic element of fire, agni is responsible for the transformation of food into fuel for our bodies. Pitta is responsible for this “fire” in our bellies,…


Added by vpk Maharishi Ayurveda on February 15, 2016 at 3:00pm — No Comments

Dosha Balance: Vata

Vata dosha governs flow and motion in the mind and body — the movement of thoughts across our minds; memory; food moving through our digestive tract; elimination of wastes; the flow of our blood; and our breath. For the movement of all three doshas — Vata makes it happen; it’s the leader! Since the other doshas, Pitta and Kapha, cannot move without it, it is important to keep Vata in…


Added by vpk Maharishi Ayurveda on February 15, 2016 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Dosha Balance: Kapha

If I could just get up from this comfy couch and make my way over to my computer, I could tell you all about the Kapha dosha...

Kapha, made up of the properties of earth and water, embodies structure and stability. Earth and water… slow, stable, down to earth, slow to anger, and easygoing! The Kapha-dominant take their sweet time, too. If you’ve heard the expression, “Slow and…


Added by vpk Maharishi Ayurveda on February 15, 2016 at 3:00pm — No Comments

Aw Shucks! Finding Your Pearl


 Aw Shucks! How do you find your pearl in a world full of distractions? The world is your oyster, so where’s your pearl? There is a shift going on today. Some feel it energetically while others may find the views they once held can no longer be supported. People are searching for what feels authentic and in alignment with the higher values which are…


Added by Lynn Zambrano on February 15, 2016 at 12:30pm — No Comments

“What to Do When You Have the Flu”

People come down with the flu all year long but right now with the cold snap lots of people have come down with the flu. Here are a few things that can help heal the flu and shorten the duration of the flu. …


Added by Dr. Paul Haider on February 15, 2016 at 12:23pm — No Comments

“A Story About the Power of Love”

Love is the essence of all things, love can change everything if we allow love to take over our life and be the path that we follow no matter what happens. Love is like honey that makes milk a little sweeter. And love also makes life sweeter, and love brings about a feeling of contentment even when things are not that great. Here is a true story of a man and woman in love.…


Added by Dr. Paul Haider on February 15, 2016 at 12:21pm — No Comments

How to let our kids follow their life's path after high school

My step son is a senior in high school and 18 years old. We’ve lived together for the past eight years, and now he’s getting ready to take control of his own life and explore the world on his own. I catch myself just watching him as he moves around our house. Is this boy seen as a man to the rest of the world? Every now and then he sneaks out a burst of joy when he rides bikes with his younger sister, when he puts on a large inflatable bubble suit and…


Added by Adrianne Carnes on February 15, 2016 at 11:44am — No Comments

February 15, 2016 Totem Card of the Day - Orca So what Truth is it that you are not wanting to face and deal with ni order to move forward on your path? That is what the Orca shares with us today. Al…

February 15, 2016 Totem Card of the Day - Orca

So what Truth is it that you are not wanting to face and deal with ni order to move forward on your path? That is what the Orca shares with us today. Although it is true at times we need to be Guardians of our Emotional Self, that does not mean that we allow the stuff we do not want to look at and deal with to become the anchor that is keeping us in the same spot instead of moving ahead. Time to grow up "Buttercup" and face the demons of…


Added by bear Medicinewalker on February 15, 2016 at 8:00am — 1 Comment


Creativity has its root from our birth .It depends on individual in which practice he wants to make his life. Life can be made -Life can be achieved & Life can be created .

It depends on us in which way we want to traffic our life .We must have an inspiration -we must have an energy force of our mind & we must have a confidence to make our life in the manner in which we desire .

For above understanding we should start with the inspiring words of Napoleon…


Added by Rohit.M.Parikh on February 15, 2016 at 6:30am — No Comments

How can being Gracious be right for Health?

When we were growing up, we were taught 5 MAGIC words:-


Thank you


Excuse Me


As Children when we used to, use those words, adults would pull our cheek in an adorable fashion and grant our wishes. How I wish our world would be this simpler as we became adults.

Unfortunately, as we grew up; we continued showing our virtues to the public but, some people around us are in a hurry and would not express their acknowledgment of our words. That…


Added by Ruchira K on February 14, 2016 at 9:51pm — No Comments

Sexual Energy Isn’t What You Think It Is

The most powerful force in the world, perhaps in the Universe, is what impacts how you show up in everyday life.  It displays your confidence or lack there of.  It expresses your intelligence, your compassion, your excitement, your desire, and your passion and love for life…or again your lack…there…of.  This is your life force energy, which is ultimately your sexual energy.  

You see, sexual energy reaches far beyond your sexuality and your sex life.  It’s where your creativity stems…


Added by Janelle Alex on February 14, 2016 at 5:44pm — 2 Comments

Out of the Ordinary - by Mari Selby

as ordinary as a hot cup of tea

a big sigh taken without thought,

black woolen gloves for cold hands…


Added by Mari Selby on February 14, 2016 at 4:31pm — 1 Comment

How to have enough time to do what you want.

“How do you have time to do all of the things you do?” My friend, Terry, asked me this question today. It seems someone asks me this question every week. While I am busy with commitments, I also feel fulfilled and joyful. I’ll try to elaborate here.

Wake Up

I think my body has an intimate alignment with the sun as I wake up when the rotation of the earth sheds any…


Added by Adrianne Carnes on February 14, 2016 at 3:37pm — No Comments

Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiacs-The Natural Way to Feel the Heat!

Are you ready to rock your world with a healthy dose of fun? From fruits and veggies to herbal elixirs, there are ways to pump up the volume of feeling amorous, without drugs and artificial stimulators. These are nature’s way of giving us aphrodisiacs to experience the love connection to ourselves and others. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek…


Added by Marjorie Hope Rothstein on February 14, 2016 at 12:49pm — No Comments

7 Reasons Why the Perfect Time for Living Your Purpose is “Now”

By Patricia Young.

We’re going through a transformational time on the planet, and we’re being pushed – at a spiritual level - to align to our Life Purpose and share our gifts and talents with the world. That’s why so many of us feel a deep longing inside, an urge to do meaningful work – work that makes us feel alive and makes a difference.

There’s an epidemic use of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication that is just a band-aid for the underlying issue of being…


Added by Patricia Young on February 14, 2016 at 11:30am — 13 Comments

The Intuition Love Quiz

  Have you ever felt drawn, almost magnetized to another and are not sure why?  Has a certain someone ever walked into the room and your stomach churns and your palms sweat? Have you ever awakened in the middle of a disturbing dream about your partner?  Even though you have not yet spoken to one another, does your heart race and your body tremble when the new hire at work passes your desk? Have you ever felt that your boyfriend was being dishonest, but disregarded…


Added by Sherrie Dillard on February 14, 2016 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

“2 True Stories of Finding Truth and Love”

Whenever we illuminate 

what we have going on in our life 

Great things come to light. 

Dr. Paul Haider …


Added by Dr. Paul Haider on February 14, 2016 at 9:16am — No Comments

Revolution or Evolution?

When we stay stuck in the space of right or wrong, black or white, your truth or my truth, his-tory or her-story, you are constantly revolving. Going around in circles. These are just different ends of the same energy thread.When you let go of this energy thread, when you stop fighting everything and accept it all just as it is; you evolve into a space of ease and comfort.

Revolution is a fight — an angst — something you are against. Even if you are fighting for something 'good' and…


Added by Geetika Timmins on February 14, 2016 at 7:59am — No Comments

No Such Thing as Negativity

So many of those of us who are attempting to live a conscious life have heard, and/or tried to live out of the principles of negativity and positivity.  We have heard and believed what we have been taught regarding the negativity of a fear, for example, that says we might not succeed on a given project.  We have heard and believed what we have been taught regarding the power of the so-called negative thought or feeling to bring us equally negative experiences.  We have heard and believed the…


Added by Andrea Mathews on February 14, 2016 at 2:31am — No Comments

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