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Sun light & sun rays are a nature gift & the action of our creator though his grace we all are receiving the fruits of our sun light & sun rays. It also a science as for the entire rotation of the SUN for rotating entire universe in a day it has to pass 30 degrees of the movement & so the SUN LIGHT & its beautiful rays entire human beings receive the benefit every day .

We are aware that morning time is very convenient with environment of grace ,beauty…


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The Most Amazing Way to Experience Magick in your Life

The Most Amazing Way to Experience Magick in your Life

By Diane Wing, M.A., all rights reserved

Word count: 733

Title character count with spaces: 54

Category:  Personal Growth

You are the Canvas of Magick, your own Great Work. It is the act of transcending the self and evolving through understanding our role in the physical realm while connecting with the divine. Magick deals with manifest reality and deals with the very nature of reality…


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“Organic Blue Corn Pizza - With Garlicky Kale and Spicy Potatoes”

Here is a wonderful blue corn pizza crust that’s to die for. And the pizza is very tasty with lots of garlic, kale, and spicy oven roasted potatoes. This pizza is easy to make and will make everyone want more, and it’s naturally gluten free and dairy free. And this pizza is full of great nutrition for the whole family. …


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“How to Be at Peace with Contradictions”

The world is full of contradictions, whatever we focus on sooner or later some one will say it’s false. That is the nature of the world, and those who seek enlightenment are pushed here and there with endless contradictions until they find what they are looking for, and then nothing shakes them from their foundation. …


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The Power of Prana

The Power of Prana

by Daniel Mitel

One of my friends asked me once what it means to worship God. The worship experience consists of the communication between you and your Higher Self; then your Higher Self attempts to communicate with the divine Father the inexpressible longings of your human soul — the combining creation of the God-seeking mortal mind and the God-revealing immortal Self. Worship is, therefore, the act of the material mind’s assenting to…


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The road less travelled.

“We all face death. Few face life”

Its easy to see once you are beginning to awaken the futile efforts of the many who run their lives in unconscious delusion and keep getting the same results over and over again. Equally its also easy to…


Added by Brett Jones spiritual teacher on March 9, 2016 at 11:00pm — 3 Comments

Shining a Light on your Subconscious, by Regina Chouza

As well as giving insight into the future, a good tarot reading can help us prepare for ups and downs by shining a light on any obstacles in our path. While those stumbling blocks may be external, the greatest source of resistance often comes from within. This is where the symbolic language of the Tarot can help the most, by speaking to our hidden motivations and our fears. By shining a light on our subconscious, we dissolve its power over us.

In the words of the renowned…


Added by Regina Chouza on March 9, 2016 at 9:00pm — 2 Comments

“Organic Onions are a Powerful Healing Food”

Organic onions are a powerful healing because they are full of amazing nutrients which prevent osteoporosis and cancer, have lots of antioxidants for healing our DNA, and they help to prevent heart attacks. Onions also help to prevent excessive clotting, boost our immunity, they contain relaxing agents for stress, and sulfur compounds for preventing cancer. Onions are also anti-inflammatory thus helping with arthritis,…


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“There is Beauty All Around Us—If We Look Close”

Even in the most desolate of locations there is beauty. Beauty is all around us if we are willing to get down on our hands and knees and see what Mother Nature has to offer. And many times it’s just our perspective that changes everything. And perspective has to do with a lot more than just seeing the beauty in nature. …


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Why "Hello" is simply enough. Mindful salutations

“Hi, how are you?” The young man at the grocery store asks.

“I’m fine, thank you.” I respond without even thinking about what I’m saying. It was a rehearsed answer that moved us both closer towards completing my grocery purchase.


“Eric, how are you?” I ask…


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“Make Your Own - Sleep Well Bars”

“With Calming Valerian for a Great Nights Rest”

Tired of taking capsules in order to fall asleep, have a hard time swallowing any kind of capsule or pill, then try making these great tasting “sleep well bars” which make it easy to fall asleep and wake up refreshed… plus they are very tasty. …


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“When You Said ‘I AM YOURS’ Everything Changed”

“A Conversation Between a Man and his Creator”

When you said ‘I AM YOURS’ everything changed, and from that…


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How to Keep Hold of Your Health After 60

Being 60 in the 21st century is completely different than what elders of the past may have experienced. The list of individuals living well into their 80s and even 90s continues to grow. In fact, there is even an expanding demographic of centenarians. This is a result of breakthroughs in medicine and naturopathy offering a longer lease on life. Here are six tips for keeping your health well after the age of 60 and how to feel your best well into old age.…


Added by Brooke Chaplan on March 7, 2016 at 2:19pm — 1 Comment

“16 Health Benefits of Loquat Fruit”

We are moving into spring and loquat fruits are starting to appear at the markets. Loquats have been around for 1000 years and originated from Asia and have disseminated all over the globe. Loquat fruits are very healthy and sweet, and have a wonderful flavor which works well for all kinds of culinary dishes and for making wine. …


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“4 Simple Ways to Cultivate Peace Daily”

We can cultivate peace and heal the world if we take the time to cultivate peace in our daily activities. Here is a short story about Buddha and cultivating peace in his followers. And also 4 powerful ways that everyone can cultivate peace in their daily lives. 

Once Buddha was talking to his followers about the Four Noble…


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Make the most of your life without feeling overwhelmed

Are you ready to find balance and give room to more happiness in your life? Today is a great day to start!

We are currently living in an era that highlights the importance of all areas in our lives. Career and paychecks are still important focuses, but today we are also increasingly encouraged to follow our inner passion. It is no longer just about making paychecks that cover our wants and needs. Our work should be in accordance to our inner desires and dreams. There is more to life…


Added by Anne Mari Ramsdal on March 7, 2016 at 5:30am — 8 Comments

Aries Zodiac Sign and Essential Oils

Well Spring time must be around the corner since Aries, the Ram is here, falling approximately between March 21 – April 20.  Remember the entry of the sun in various signs differs from year to year.  Aries is often associated with initiation, new beginnings, personal goals, creativity , leadership and being number 1.   Symbolized by the Ram an animal known for its will and force.   Energetically an Arian is self centered and self directed but that’s no surprise after all they are the first…


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Pisces Zodiac Sign and Essential Oils

Painfully shy Pisces is the 12th Zodiac sign, falling approximately between Feb 20- March 22.  Symbolized by two fish tied together, each facing in opposite direction from the other. Some describe as one fish facing upstream representing the soul, the other facing downstream representing the personality.   Pisces have the tendency to either serve or suffer, it’s one way or the other and nothing else.

Emotions run deep and strong within the Piscean, they are indeed the most…


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“How Do We Find Great Abiding Peace”

Here are a few ways to connect to that which drives our life,

And creates a deep feeling of peace which allows us to sleep

at night and wake up refreshed. …


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