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“An honest man upon discovering he is mistaken will either cease being mistaken or cease being honest.” Taken from the movie “Thrive”


Choices, it always comes back to our making choices. Every decision we make, whether it is major or minor is all centered on what we view to be of importance at that particular moment in our life.  We can choose to do and say things that are out of a place of love and compassion or through selfishness…


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Many times we continue to blame, and complain about our circumstances, yet when we


live in the black and white world and bitch about everything. How does that work for


you? What are you really doing for your circumstances, are you making them better, or


are they the same or do they continue to haunt and taunt you?


For me I have to step away…


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Great Herbs for Athletes Foot

If you’ve ever had Athletes Foot you know how terrible it can be, here are some of the best herbs to cure Athletes Foot.


One of the best ways to cure Athletes Foot is to, and I know this is going to sound weird… but cut up some garlic cloves and…


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The Relaxed Soul on Healing the Fearful Child

To acknowledge our fears is important. And when we understand our fears and become aware of them, we can do something with our fear, acknowledgement is the first step.

Every child has fears... and it says, "Come unto me as a child" in spiritual texts.…


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Do You Need a Bigger Hammer?

Sometimes we are so busy being the hammer or the anvil, that we forget who really needs the shaping.- Neal Maxwell

The question most associated with a hammer is whether you are the hammer or the nail. That question is a good one in many circumstances. It is often a metaphor for whether you are making conscious choices or allowing yourself to being acted upon in your life. Both ways of being are fine, as long as you have decided that this time you are just going to relax and…


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Why would you want clear chakras? What are the positive results of a chakra clearing? Cleared chakras can bring a variety of benefits including the release of stress or trauma, calming of the emotions, improved physical health, increased spiritual focus and mental clarity.

The reason that the clearing of the chakras can affect so many aspects of life is that the chakra system is in coordinating and functioning control of the entire personal energy system. If the…


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FIre of Source


From innocence to wisdom

Her aqueous eyes transform

At one time innocent pools of aqua liquid light

Turning golden brown as wisdom accumulates

Transforming her soul

Filling and fulfilling her to the depths

Infusing every atom

...a master is being borne




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Jewel of Love

The rose glow emanates from the jewel of your heart

Embracing me, entrancing me

Beckoning me forth

Deep into the sublime chambers of love

Mystical, magical – a power to behold

Leading me gently

To a new threshold


Pulsating flow of love

Timeless in its essence…


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I AM Divine Oneness

             I AM Divine Oneness


I am divine synergy

Divine Reality

Creating synergistically

My reality

Of love

Of light

Swirling masses of light energy

Sparkle through my lightbody

Radiating from my soul

An everlasting light

These pages are my prayer to humankind

From source, from my higher…


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Entering the Metatronic Universes

If you would like to take a deep breath now.  Close your eyes.  As we call in mother/father God, Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Lady Sarah, the angels and the archangels, the office of the Christ and the ascension team of light, mother Gaia, we call in our personal guides that are for the highest good to help us hold space, in the energies and the transformation of that which will come through today. We now create a beautiful pastel coning around each lightworker present, or later reading…


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Crystalline Stargate Activation

If you would like to close your eyes now, and take a deep breath now as we connect to the central universe of all that is, we connect to mother/father God, we connect to Lord Jesus, we connect to Mary Magdalene, we call forth and usher in the Christ Child energy, Lady Sarah, borne from the beloved union of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, we call forth now the archangels and the ascended masters, our personal guides, we call forth the beloved energy of mother Gaia, we call forth the energies of…


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Crystalline Inner Chalice Activation

Take a deep breath, we call forth mother/father God, we call in our personal guides, we call in the overlighting beings of the Chalice Well, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Sarah – the Christ Child, Lord Metatron, we call in Kuthumi, we call in the archangels and ascended masters, the office of ascension and the office of Christ, to come within, through and around our energy space, to create a ring pass not of Christic light, with the intention of anchoring the crystalline inner chalice within our…


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Entering into and living in the new reality of pure consciousness: - a reality of pure clarity

Anchoring your divine similitude, and how to integrate the multidimensional aspects of your God Self, as a divine spark of God, into your new physical reality.

Connecting to and embodying divine emanations, and what this means in your tangible reality.

As your God Spark calls forth to upon this day to realise what you travelled through time and space, and a myriad of realties to explore and discover, know it is the time to fully embrace yourself as perfection incarnate, the…


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Ultimate Alignment

What is The 2012 Mayan Prophecy all about? The meaning is that time will end, as the planetary magnetics move into zero point, allowing the perception of time as separate moments of past, present and future, to collapse, and move into the true state of unity, that our awareness will move deep into alignment with the central universe, the source of all that is. The planet earth is known as the only planet of free will, yet the only real choices are to choose our highest good or not to choose…


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Radiance of Life


A spiral of transformation

Within the light of life

Creation unfolding

The essence of life


Humanity imbues

Crystalized pure consciousness

Pure essence of the truth

Resplendent light emblazoning all


Accepting the perfection of beauty

Naked and pure

Yet containing all that is

A magnificent life to behold


An awakening to unity

Our inner spark acknowledged



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Aleph by Paulo Coelho Review

As Paulo Coelho shares his journey of experiencing a crisis of faith, you may feel it touches a part of your own being, as he candidly shares his inner thoughts and outer experiences regarding this critical passage of doubt in his life. I found it marvellous to read Aleph firstly for the fact that Paulo Coelho writes of this own journey, which he may have, in fact, also written from in past novels, but I found far more information is shared in Aleph, feeling you come far closer to knowing…


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Essence of Life

Rising higher

On the pulse of life

Beating within

Raw, vibrant, alive, thriving

You and I

Riding on the wings of…


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We are One


...are in my heart, in my mind

Intwined, merging deeper

Consciousness becoming one

Flowing like raging river rapids

As the two become one

Our spirits flow our love from above

...to below...

Our bodies, our beings opening to love

For what is above is below

...this we are…


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Symbiotic & Synergistic Opening to Life

My soul weaves through this realm

The poetry of my heart

The light of my spirit

The passion of my eternal self

Creativity flowing

Consciousness growing

This beautiful world is a grace to incarnate (in)

Nature’s symphony graces each day

Penetrating my soul with the grace of life

I’m here to live, laugh…


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Divine Unfoldment

You are every moment you ever were, until you transform it through the new present moment

Everything you are currently moving through in your life, becomes the foundation for what will come. Life is in perpetual movements of moments unfolding a beautiful harmonic tapestry of light infused into form – from the spiritual higher planes to the physical planes of denser form. All unfolds in orchestration to that which we wish to discover, and explore, in…


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